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Porter, S. E.
Porter, Stanley
Porter, Stanley E.,
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Bedard, Stephen J. (1968-)
Bedard, Stephen John (1968-)
ebrary, Inc
Evans, Craig A.
Evans, Craig Alan
Holmén, Tom
Olbricht, Thomas H.
Pitts, Andrew W.
Reed, Jeffrey T.
Robinson, Jason C.
Stamps, Dennis L.
Tombs, David (1965-)
University at Sheffield
University of Sheffield)
Weima, Jeffrey A. D.
Westfall, Cynthia Long
annotated bibliography of 1 and 2 Thessalonians, An
annotated bibliography of 1 and 2 Thessalonnians, An
Approaches to New Testament study
As it is written : studying Paul's use of Scripture
Baptism, the New Testament, and the church : historical and contemporary studies in honour of R.E.O. White
Beyond the Bible : moving from scripture to theology
Bible in three dimensions, The : essays in celebration of forty years of biblical studies in the University of Sheffield
Biblical Greek language and linguistics : open questions in current research
Biblical hermeneutics : five views
Christian-Jewish relations through the centuries
Christian mission : Old Testament foundations and New Testament developments
Christian origins and greco-roman culture : social and literary contexts for the New Testament
Christian origins and Hellenistic Judaism : social and literary context for the New Testament
Christian origins and Hellenistic Judaism : social and literary contexts for the New Testament
Classical rhetoric in the Hellenistic Period, 330 B.C.-A.D. 400
concept of the covenant in the Second Temple period, The
criteria for authenticity in historical-Jesus research, The : previous discussion and new proposals
Crossing the boundaries essays in biblical interpretation ; in honour of Michael D. Goulder
Dictionary of biblical criticism and interpretation
Dictionary of New Testament background
Diglossia and other topics in New Testament linguistics
Dimensions of baptism : biblical and theological studies
Discourse analysis and other topics in biblical Greek
Discourse analysis and the New Testament : approaches and results
Discourse analysis and the New Testament, c1999:
Early Christianity and its sacred literature
Early Christianity in its Hellenistic context
Empire in the New Testament
Epochs and styles : selected writings on the New Testament, Greek language and Greek culture in the post-classical era
Essays in biblical criticism and exegesis
Faith in the millenium
Fundamentals of New Testament Greek
future of biblical interpretation, The : responsible plurality in biblical hermeneutics
Handbook for the study of the historical Jesus.
Handbook of classical rhetoric in the Hellenistic period : 330 B.C.-A.D. 400
Handbook of classical rhetoric in the Hellenistic period (330 BC - AD 400)
Handbook to exegesis of the New Testament
Hearing the Old Testament in the New Testament
Hermeneutics : an introduction to interpretive theory
Holy word : the paradigm of New Testament formation
Horizons in hermeneutics : a festschrift in honor of Anthony C. Thiselton
How we got the New Testament : text, transmission, translation
Idioms of the Greek New Testament
Images of Christ : ancient and modern
impact of unit delimitation on exegesis, The
Inking the deal : a guide for successful academic publishing
Invitation to the New Testament : a guide to its main witnesses
jesus and the use of greek: a response to [[maurice casey]].
Johannine writings and apocalyptic : an annotated bibliography
Johannine writings, The
Katallasso in ancient Greek literature, with refence to the Pauline writings
language of the New Testament, The : classic essays
language of the New Testament, The : context, history, and development
linguist as pedagogue, The : trends in the teaching and linguistic analysis of the Greek New Testament
Linguistic and the New Testament : critical junctures
Linguistics and the New Testament : critical junctures
lost Gospel of Judas, The : separating fact from fiction
Messiah in the Old and New Testaments, The
Method in unit delimitation
Method in unit delimmitation
nature of religious language, The : a colloquium
New Testament among the writings of antiquity, The
New Testament Greek papyri and parchments new edition
New Testament Greek papyri and parchments new editions
New Testament interpretation and methods : a Sheffield reader
New Testament introduction
New Testament monographs
On the writing of New Testament commentaries : festschrift for Grant R. Osborne on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Paul and his opponents
Paul and his social relations
Paul and his theology
Paul and pseudepigraphy
Paul and the ancient letter form
Paul: Jew, Greek and Roman, 2008:
Paul of Acts, The : essays in literary criticism, rhetoric, and theology
Paul's world
Pauline canon, The
Pauline writings, The
Reading the Gospels today
Rhetoric and the New Testament : essays from the 1992 Heidelberg conference
Rhetoric, scripture, and theology : essays from the 1994 Pretoria Conference
rhetorical analysis of scripture, The : essays from the 1995 London conference
Rhetorical criticism and the Bible
rhetorical interpretation of Scripture, The : essays from the 1996 Malibu Conference
scrolls and the Scriptures, The : Qumran fifty years after
Studies in the Greek New Testament theory and practice
synoptic gospels, The
Translating the Bible : problems and prospects
Translating the New Testament : text, translation, theology
Unmasking the pagan Christ : an evangelical response to the cosmic Christ idea
Verbal aspect in the Greek ... 1989:
Verbal aspect in the Greek of the New Testament ; with reference to tense and mood
Zaginiona Ewangelia Judasza : fakty i fikcje
Includes index
First published in 1989
Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral--University of Sheffield)