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Galanṣ, Ḥayim
Gallanṣ, Ḥayim
Golanṣ, Ḥayimn
Golants, Ḥayim
Gollancz, Herman
Gollancz, Hermann
Gollancz, Hermann (Sir)
Gollanṣ, Ḥayim
Gollants, Ḥayim Herman
Gollantz, Ḥayim
Gollanẕ, Ḥayim
Gollanẕ, Herman
גאללאנץ, הערמן
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Agathangelus a Sancta Teresia, -1686
Berechiah ben Natronai ha-Naḳdan, 12 (13e eeuw)
Berechiah ben Natronai, ha-Nakdan (active 12th century-13th century.)
Bereḳyah ben Natrōnay han-Naqdan (12e-13e siècles)
Carmelites, Basra
Gollancz, Samuel Marcus (1820-1900)
Hai ben Sherira, 939 (1038)
Hai Gaon ben Sherira, 939 (1038)
Kimḥi, Joseph (1105?-1170?)
Schleiden, M.J. (1804-1881)
Schleiden, Matthias Jacob (1804-1881)
Biographical sketches and selected verses
book of protection, being a collection of charms, now ed. for the first time from Syriac mss., The
book of protection, being a collection of charms, The : Syriac magic texts, edited in three different versions from the manuscripts with an English translation, accompanied by reproductions of the magical manuscript drawings, an introduction, notes, and an appendix with other extracts
Book of protection. English & Syriac.
Book of the apple
Book of the Key of Solomon.
Canticum Canticorum, anglice
Children's service book for the New Year and Day of Atonement
Chronicle of events between the years 1623 and 1733 relating to the settlement of the Order of Carmelites in Mesopotamia (Bassora) : a contribution to the history of christian missions in the east, written by Agathangelus of St. Theresa and others
Clavicula Salomonis : a Hebrew manuscript
Dodi ve-nechdi : (Uncle and nephew) : the work of Berachya Hanakdan
ethical treatises of Berachya ben Natronai ha-Naḳdan : being the compendium and the Maṣref ed.
ethical treatises of Berachya son of Rabbi Natronai ha-Nakdan, being the Compendium and the Maṣref;, The
foundation of religious fear, The
Hebrew glosses and notes
Heʿarot we-hagahot
Holy Shekel
importance of the Jews for the preservation and revival of learning during the Middle Ages, The
Jew's College then and now : address delivered at Queen Square House, London, by the chairman, the Rev. Prof. Hermann Gollancz on the occasion of the distribution of prizes, Sunday, October 31, 1915.
Julian the Apostate
Liber de pomo
Mafteaḥ Šelomoh
Mafteah Shelomoh.
Maphteaḥ Shelomoh
Midrash Elle ezkera.
mission of Israel and the Whitehall conference of 1655, The : sermon
Musar haskel. English
new and critical version of Rhymes on moral instruction attributed to Rabbi Hai ben Sherira gaon based on three mss. in the British museum, A
new and critical version of rhymes on moral instruction, attributed to Rabbi Hai ben Sherira Gaon (died 1038), A : based on three Mss. in the British Museum
Pedagogics of the Talmud and that of modern times, a comparative study
Personalia; the story of a professional man's career told in certificates, testimonials, congratulatory messages, letters and addresses, reports and presentations, &c., relating to Sir Hermann Gollancz ...
Questiones naturales
Sefer dodi we-neḵdi : šeʾelot u-tešuvot be-ḥoḵmat ha-ṭevaʿ
Sefer ha-Hibbur
Sefer ha-ḥibur we-sefer ha-maẕref : sifre madaʿ u-musar
Sefer mafteaḥ Šelomoh : an exact facsimile of an original book of magic in Hebrew
Sefer Mafteaḥ Shelomoh. Sepher Maphteaḥ Shelomo (Book of the Key of Solomon) An exact facsimile of an original book of magic in Hebrew. With illustrations now produced for the first time by Hermann Gollancz.
Sefer šeqel ha-qodeš
Seper haḥiybwr wseper hamaṣrep
Sepher ha-tapuah
Sepher Maphteah Shelomo (book of the Key of Solomon) An exact facsimile of an original book of magic in Hebrew. With illustrations now produced for the first time by Hermann Gollancz.
Sepher Maphteaḥ Shelomoh
Sermons and addresses setting forth the teachings and spirit of Judaism 2nd series
Shekel hakodes the holy shekel : the metrical work of Joseph Kimchi, now edited for the first time from mss. at the Bodleian, with an English translation, introduction, notes, etc. : to which is added Yesod Hyirah (the foundation of religious fear), from mss. in the British Museum, with English translation and notes
Shekel hakodesh (the holy shekel). The metrical work of Joseph Kimchi
Syriac book of protection
Targum to ’The Song of Songs,’ 1908:, The
Targum to "The Song of songs." The book of the apple. The ten Jewish martyrs. A dialogue on games of chance, The
"These things I remember", or, The story of the ten Jewish martyrs : from a Hebrew ms. in the translator's possession.
Tophet and Eden (Hell and paradise) in imitation of Dante's Inferno and Paradiso, from the Hebrew of Immanuel ben Solomon Romi, Dante's contemporary.
Uncle and nephew
Yesod ha-yirah.
מפתח שלמה
ספר החיבור וספר המצרף
ספר מפתח שלמה : an exact facsimile of an original book of magic in Hebrew ; with an introduction and an essay, Mafteaḥ Shelomoh ; and a foreword by Stephen Skinner.
ספר שקל הקדש