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Green, Lawrence G.
Green, Lawrence George
Grin, Lourenc
Grin, Lourens
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Barnes, Maureen
Birkby, Carel
Grišečkin, K.
Haigh, Scott
Kartuzov, Stanislav Petrovič
Nazarkin, Ûrij Konstantinovič
Rešetov, Ûrij Georgievič
ahol megallt az ido (islands time forgot)
Almost forgotten, never told : a book of people and places, dramas and adventures along the South African coast, with a few voyages into deeper waters
At daybreak for the isles
'author’s post-war guide
best of Lawrence Green., The
beyond the city lights
'bottle messages from the sea
captain flynn’s chart
coast of diamonds, the
coast of treasure, 1933., The
decent fellow doesn't work, a
diamond camp, the passing show
drums of time, being the life and memories, travels and encounters of a South African writer., The
eight bells at salamander
fishing for cable
flaw in the system
Full many a glorious morning
ghost drink, the
giant in hiding; the life story of Frank Armstrong Wightman - cable operator, sailor, naturalist, author, archaeologist and hermit, A
Great African mysteries
Great North Road; a journey by land and water, on and off the highway, in search of lonely places and cities, strange tales and the odd characters of tropical Africa.
Grow lovely, growing old : the story of Cape Town's three centuries - the streets, the houses, the characters, the legends, traditions and folklore, the laughter and tears
growing lovely, growing old
Harbours of memory
heard the old men say; secrets of the Cape that has vanished, and little-known dramas on the fringe of living memory, I
in the fog
in the land of the afternoon
inland fleets of africa
Islands time forgot : memories of Africa's busy islands and Robinson Crusoe outposts, of strange and remote people, on the liner tracks and in the solitudes of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
Karoo, land van weerbegin
Karoo : the story of the karoos of South Africa--the Great Karoo, the Little Karoo and the far corners of the North West Cape and Namaqualand
Like diamond blazing: the story of the diamonds of South Africa and the men who sought and found and stole diamonds in strange places
Lords of the last frontier : the story of South West Africa and its people of all races
'min mense is vry (so few are free)
monkey folk of africa
'non-fiction - articles for magazines
'non-fiction – original titles
'non-fiction – republished in uk under different titles
'non-fiction – translated into foreign languages
off ascension, sea stories
Old Africa's last secrets : adventures and discoveries of an author in search of the grain of truth in Africa's strangest tales, and views on certain deep mysteries of Africa, solved and unsolved, or never to be solved
Old Africa untamed
On wings of fire: a narrative of odd and unusual characters and queer, remote places along the flamingo coast from Swakopmund to the Cape
over the horizon, sea stories
panther head
Poslednie taĭny staroĭ Afriki
Poslednie tajny staroj Afriki
schooner’s secret, the
sea mecca, sea stories
Secret Africa
secret of the desert, a
smelling danger
So few are free
Something rich and strange; the story of South Africa's treasures, famous and unknown, sunken and buried, and some personal experiences in the search for lost hoards.
South African beachcomber; memories of the people of the shore and the stories they told; sand and dunes and treasure, seabirds and creatures of the sea; and personal impressions of certain islands in African waters.
Strange Africa
taste of south-easter: memories of unusual Cape Town characters, queer shops and shows, old bars, hotels and cafés and the panorama of the streets, A
taste of the south- easter, a
Tavern of the seas
There's a secret hid away : memories of unusual experiences and mysteries in Southern Africa and African isles, strange tales, and legends, and unrecorded adventures, and people who crossed the author's path and left him wondering
These wonders to behold; experiences and discoveries of the author in search of the grain of truth in Africa's strangest tales; and views on certain deep mysteries of Africa, solved and unsolved or never to be solved.
thunder on the blaauwberg
To the river's end
Under a sky like flame; the story of West Africa, the "White Man's Grave"--cities and seaports and islands, white exiles and black magic.
virgin peak
When the journey's over: an incorrigible old wanderer's memories of travel in the Cape and far beyond the Cape; life in cities and solitudes; rare, strange and curious experiences
when the journeys over
Where men still dream : the life and memories, travels and encounters of a South African writer
White man's grave : the story of the West African Coast - the cities, seaports and castles, white exiles and black magic
Zulu journey
Последние тайны старой Африки