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Philotheos Physiologus
Phylotheus Physiologus
Physiologus, Philotheus
T, T.
T. T ([a])
T. T, Thomas Tryon
T, Thomas Tryon
Tryon, Thomas
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Language material
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DePorte, Michael V. (1939-2003))
DePorte, Michael Vitál
Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collection (Library of Congress)
Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy (Library of Congress)
country-man's companion;, The
Dialogue between an east indian brackmanny, or heathen philosopher and a french man, on war. war inconsistent with the doctrine and example of jesus christ in a letter to a friend
discourse of the causes, natures and cure of phrensie, madness or distraction, A : from a treatise of dreams & visions
Modest observations on the present extraordinary frost ... 1684:
Monthly observations for the preserving of health, with a long and comfortable life, in this our pilgrimage on earth; but more particularly for the spring and summer seasons.
Planter's speech to his neighbours & country-men of pennsylvania, east & west jersey and to all such as have transported themselves into new-colonies for the sake of a quiet retired life : to which is added the complaints of our supra-inferior inhabitants
Some memoirs of the life of Mr. Tho. Tryon, late of London, merchant Written by himself: together with some rules, and orders, proper to be observed by all such as would train up and govern, either familes, or societies, in cleanness, temperance, and innocency.
treatise of cleanness in meats and drinks, of the preparation of food, the excellency of good airs, and the benefits of clean sweet beds. Also of the generation of bugs, and their cure. To which is added, a short discourse of the pain in the teeth, shewing what cause it does chiefly proceed, and also how to prevent it., A
way to get wealth., The
way to health, long life and happiness, or, A discourse of temperance and the particular nature of all things requisit for the life of man..., The
Way to make all people rich
Wisdom's dictates, 1691:
Wisdom's dictates, or, Aphorisms & rules, physical, moral, and divine, for preserving the health of the body, and the peace of the mind, fit to be regarded and practised by all that would enjoy the blessings of the present and future world : to which is added, a bill of fare of seventy five noble dishes of excellent food, far exceeding those made of fish or flesh, which banquet I present to the sons of wisdom, or such as shall decline that depraved custom of eating flesh and blood
Wisdoms call to temperanae [sic] and frugality