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Hyndman, R. J.
Hyndman, Rob
Hyndman, Rob J.
born 1967-05-02
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Ahmed, Roman A.
Akram, Muhammad
Archibald, Blyth
Athanasopoulos, George
Bashtannyk, D.M.
Bashtannyk, David M.
Billah, B.
Billah, Baki
Billah, Md B.
Booth, Heather
Brockwell, P. J.
Brockwell, Peter J.
Cai, T.
Davis, Richard A. (1942- ))
De Gooijer, Jan G.
de Silva, Ashton
Erbas, B.
Erbas, Bircan
Fan, Shu
Fan, Yanan
Fraccaro, R.
Fraser, Iain
Gertig, Dorota M.
Gooijer, Jan G. De
Gould, Phillip
Gould, Phillip G.
Grunwald, G.K.
Grunwald, Gary K.
Hall, Peter
Hall, Peter G.
Hyndman, R.
Hyndman, R. J.
Hyndman, R.J.
Hyndman, Rob
Hyndman, Rob J
Hyndman, Rob J.
Hyndman, Rob L.
Khandakar, Yeasmin
Kim, Jae
Kim, Jae H
Kim, Jae H.
King, Maxwell L.
Koehler, A.B.
Koehler, Anne B
Koehler, Anne B.
Kok, Ton G. de
Kolassa, Stephan
Kostenko, Andrey V.
Li, Zinai
Livera, Alysha M De
Makridakis, Spyros G.
Maxwell L. King
Meyer, Denny
Monash University / Faculty of Business and Economics / Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics
Monash University Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics Affiliation (see also from)
Ord, J Keith
Ord, J. Keith
Ord, J.K.
Ouwehand, Pim
Pitrun, Ivet
Racine, J
Racine, Jeff
Shahid Ullah, Md
Shang, Han Lin
Shenstone, Lydia
Silva, Ashton de
Silvapulle, Param
Snyder, R.D.
Snyder, Ralph
Snyder, Ralph D
Snyder, Ralph D.
Song, Haiyan
Taieb, Souhaib Ben
Tickle, Leonie
Ullah, Md. Shahid
Vahid-Araghi, Farshid
Veevers, A.
Wand, M.P.
Wand, M.P. (1996))
Wheelwright, Steven C. (1943-....))
Wheelwright, Steven C. (1943-)
Wheelwright, Steven Charles (1943-)
Yao, Q.
Yasmeen, Farah
Ye, Azhong
Zhang, Xibin
25 Years of IIF Time Series Forecasting: A Selective Review
admissible parameter space for exponential smoothing models, The
Another Look at Forecast Accuracy Metrics for Intermittent Demand
Another look at measures of forecast accuracy
Automatic time series forecasting: the forecast package for R.
Bandwidth selection for kernel conditional density estimation
Bandwidth Selection for Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation Using MCMC
Bayesian approach to bandwidth selection for multivariate kernel density estimation, A
Call for Papers: Special issue of the International Journal of Forecasting on tourism forecasting
change of editors, A
Changing of the guard
Coherent mortality forecasting: the product-ratio method with functional time series models
comparison of ten principal component methods for forecasting mortality rates, A
Density forecasting for long-term peak electricity demand
Empirical Information Criteria for Time Series Forecasting Model Selection
Encouraging replication and reproducible research
Exponential smoothing and non-negative data
Exponential Smoothing for Inventory Control: Means and Variances of Lead-Time Demand
Exponential smoothing models: Means and variances for lead-time demand
Forecasting age-related changes in breast cancer mortality among white and black US women: A functional approach
Forecasting age-specific breast cancer mortality using functional data models
Forecasting methods and applications
Forecasting time series with complex seasonal patterns using exponential smoothing
Forecasting Time-Series with Correlated Seasonality
Forecasting time series with multiple seasonal patterns
Forecasting with Exponential Smoothing The State Space Approach
Free Open-Source Forecasting Using R
Generalized Additive Modelling of Mixed Distribution Markov Models with Application to Melbourne's Rainfall.
Half-life estimation based on the bias-corrected bootstrap: A highest density region approach
Hierarchical forecasts for Australian domestic tourism
[http://www.otexts.org/fpp forecasting: principles and practice]
Improved interval estimation of long run response from a dynamic linear model: A highest density region approach
Improved Method for Bandwidth Selection when Estimating ROC Curves, An
Improved methods for bandwidth selection when estimating ROC curves
interaction between trend and seasonality, The
Invertibility Conditions for Exponential Smoothing Models
ITSM : an interactive time series modelling package for the PC
ITSM for windows : a user's guide to time series modelling and forecasting ; written in collab. with Rob J. Hyndman, 1994
Lee-Carter mortality forecasting: a multi-country comparison of variants and extensions
Local Linear Forecasts Using Cubic Smoothing Splines
Local Linear Multivariate Regression with Variable Bandwidth in the Presence of Heteroscedasticity
Minimum Sample Size requirements for Seasonal Forecasting Models
Mixed Model-Based Hazard Estimation.
Modelling and forecasting Australian domestic tourism
Monitoring processes with changing variances
multivariate innovations state space Beveridge-Nelson decomposition, A
Non-linear exponential smoothing and positive data
Non Parametric Confidence Intervals for Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves
Nonparametric autocovariance function estimation
Nonparametric Estimation and Symmetry Tests for Conditional Density Functions.
Nonparametric time series forecasting with dynamic updating
On continuous-time threshold autoregression
Optimal combination forecasts for hierarchical time series
Point and interval forecasts of mortality rates and life expectancy: A comparison of ten principal component methods
Prediction intervals for exponential smoothing using two new classes of state space models
price elasticity of electricity demand in South Australia, The
Rainbow plots, Bagplots and Boxplots for Functional Data
Rating Forecasts for Television Programs
Recursive and direct multi-step forecasting: the best of both worlds
Residual Diagnostic Plots for Checking for model Mis-Specification in Time Series Regression.
Robust forecasting of mortality and fertility rates: a functional data approach
Short-term load forecasting based on a semi-parametric additive model
Smoothing non-Gaussian time series with autoregressive structure
Some Nonlinear Exponential Smoothing Models are Unstable
state space framework for automatic forecasting using exponential smoothing methods, A
state space model for exponential smoothing with group seasonality, A
Statistical Methodological Issues in Studies of Air Pollution and Respiratory Disease.
Stochastic models underlying Croston's method for intermittent demand forecasting
Stochastic population forecasts using functional data models for mortality, fertility and migration
Time Series Forecasting: The Case for the Single Source of Error State Space
Tourism forecasting: An introduction
tourism forecasting competition, The
Twenty-five years of forecasting
Unmasking the Theta method
Using R to teach econometrics
value of feedback in forecasting competitions, The
vector innovation structural time series framework: a simple approach to multivariate forecasting, The