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Vitányi, P. M. B.
Vitányi, Paul
Vitanyi, Paul M.
Vitányi, Paul M. B.
Vitányi, Paul Michael Béla
born 1944-07-21
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Language material
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Jiang, Tao (1963-)
Kirousis, Lefteris M.
Kranakis, E.
Kranakis, Evangelos
Leeuwen, Jan van (1946-)
Li, Ming
Ming, Li (1955-...)
Mullender, Sape J. (1953-)
Mullender, Sape Jurriën (1953-)
Seiferas, J.
Seiferas, Joel I.
Stichting Mathematisch Centrum (Amsterdam)
Tel, Gerard
Tromp, Johannes Theodorus (1966-)
Tromp, John (1966-)
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
Area penalty for sublinear signal propagation delay on chip
Atomic multireader register : (detailed abstract)
Atomic shared register access by asynchronous hardware (detailed abstract)
Average case complexity under the universal distribution equals worst case complexity
Big omega versus the wild functions
Circuit topology, signal propagation delay and the efficiency of VLSI circuits
Colloquium complexiteit en algoritmen
Combinatorial properties of finite sequences with high Kolmogorov complexity
Combinatorics and Kolmogorov complexity
Computational learning theory : proceedings of the second european conference, EuroCOLT'95, Barcelona, Spain, march 13-15, 1995
Computational learning theory second European conference, EuroCOLT '95, Barcelona, Spain, March 13-15, 1995 : proceedings
Counting is easy
Development, growth and time
Distributed algorithms : 8th international workshop, WDAG '94, Terschelling, The Netherlands, September 29 - October 1, 1994 : proceedings
Distributed control in computer networks and cross-sections of colored multidimensional bodies
Distributed elections in a ring of processors using Archimedean time
Distributed elections in an Archimedean ring of processors
Distributed match-making for processes in computer networks
DOL-languages and a feasible solution for a word problem
dynamic and quick intellect, A : Paul Vitányi, 25 years @CWI
Efficient implementations of multicounter machines on oblivious turing machines, acyclic ligis networks and VISI
Efficient simulations of multicounter machines (preliminary version)
EuroCOLT '95
Growth of strings in context dependent Lindenmayer systems
How to share concurrent wait-free variables
Inductive reasoning and Kolmogorov complexity (preliminary vision)
introd. to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications, 1993:, An
introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications, An
Kolmogorov complexity and its applications (revised version)
Kolmogorov complexity arguments in combinatorics
Lindenmayer systems, 1980:
Lindenmayer systems ; structure, languages, and growth functions
Locality, communication and interconnect length in multicomputers
Mathematical theory of thermodynamics of computation
Model selection for neural networks : comparing MDL and NIC
N1.618 lower bound on the time to simulate one queue or two pushdown stores by one tape, An
new approach to formal language theory by Kolmogorov complexity, A
Non-sequential computation and laws of nature
note on nonrecursive and deterministic Lindenmayer languages, A
On the power of real-time two-way multihead finite automata with jumps
On the size of DOL languages
On two-tape real-time computation and queues
One queue or two pushdown stores take square time on a one-head tape unit
optimal simulation of counter machines, An : the ACM case
Optimality of wait-free atomic multiwriter variables
power of the queue, The
randomized algorithm for two-process wait-free test-and-set, A
Real-time simulation of multicounters by oblivious one-tape turing machines (preliminary draft)
Sharpening Occam's razor : (extended abstract)
Signal propagation delay, wire length distribution and the efficiency of VLSI circuits
Simple multireader registers using time-stamp schemes (extended abstract)
simple roots of real-time computation hierarchies, The
Square time is optimal for simulation of one pushdown store by an oblivious one-head tape unit
Structure of growth in Lindenmayer systems
Tape versus queue and stacks: the lower bounds
Time-driven algorithms for distributed control
Two decades of applied Kolmogorov complexity : in memoriam Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov 1903-1987
Two heads are better than two tapes
very simple construction for atomic multiwriter register, A : (extended abstract)
Summary in Dutch
Thesis--Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam