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Bercuson, D. J.
Bercuson, David
Bercuson, David J.
Bercuson, David Jay,
バーカソン, デイヴィッド・J
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Bothwell, Robert
Cooper, Barry (1943-)
Granatstein, J. L. (1939-)
Granatstein, Jack Lawrence (1939-...)
Herwig, Holger H.
Herwig, Holger H. (1941-)
Herwig, Holger Heinrich (1941-)
King, William Lyon Mackenzie (1874-1950))
McNaught, Kenneth William Kirkpatrick (1918-1997))
Nelson, Sheila
University of Calgary. Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
University of Toronto
Wertheimer, Douglas
立川, 京一 (1966-)
Alberta's coal industry, 1919
Atlantycka ruletka : opowieść o St Croix, U305 i Bitwie o Atlantyk
Battalion of heroes : the Calgary Highlanders in World War II
battalion of heroes: the calgary highlanders in world war two
Before Canada : First Peoples and first contacts : prehistory-1523
Blood on the hills the Canadian Army in the Korean War
Britain's Canada, 1613-1770
Canada and the birth of Israel a study in Canadian foreign policy
Canada and the burden of unity
Canada and the Soviet experiment : essays on Canadian encounters with Russia and the Soviet Union, 1900-1991
Canada's changing society, 1984-the present
Canadian labour history : selected readings
Collins dictionary of Canadian history, The : 1867 to the present
Conflicts, changes, & confederation, 1770-1867
Confrontation at Winnipeg : labour, industrial relations, and the general strike
Crisis at home & abroad : the Great Depression, World War II, and beyond, 1929-1959
Crisis at home and abroad
Deadly seas : the duel between the St. Croix and the U305 in the Battle of the Atlantic
Deadly seas : the story of the St Croix, the U305 and the Battle of the Atlantic
Deconfederation : Canada without Quebec
Derailed : the betrayal of the national dream
Derailed : the betrayl of the national deam
destruction of the bismarck, the
Dictionary of Canadian military history
Eastern and western perspectives : papers from the Joint Atlantic Canada/Western Canadian Studies Conference
fighting canadians: our regimental history from new france to afghanistan, the
fighting Canadians, The : our regimental history from New France to Afghanistan
Fools and wise men
From the Atlantic to the Pacific : Canadian expansion, 1867-1909
Goodbye-- et bonne chance! : les adieux du Canada anglais au Québec
great brain robbery, The : Canada's universities on the road to ruin
Industry and humanity : a study in the principles underlying industrial reconstruction
Kanada no hata no moto de : Dai niji sekai taisen ni okeru kanadagun no tatakai
Kanada no hata no shita de : Dainiji Sekai Taisen ni okeru Kanadagun no tatakai
Labour in Winnipeg ; the Great War and the general strike
Law and society in Canada in historical perspective, 1979:
Long night of the tankers : Hitler's war against Caribbean oil
Long night of the tankers : Hitler's war against Carribean oil
maple leaf against the axis, canada's second world war
nation evolves, A : Canadian nationalism, World War I, & growing sovereighty, 1910-1929
One Christmas in Washington ..., 2005:
One Christmas in Washington : Churchill and Roosevelt forge the Grand Alliance
one christmas in washington: the secret meeting between roosevelt and churchill that changed the world
Operacja Arkadia : tajne spotkanie Roosevelta z Churchillem, które zmieniło losy świata
Patricias, The : a century of service
patricias: the proud history of a fighting regiment, the
Petrified campus : the crisis in Canada's universities
Pour assurer la sécurité d'une nation
Redefining Canada : a developing identity, 1960-1984
Sacred trust? : Brian Mulroney and the Conservative Party in power
secret army, 1984, c1983:, The
settlement of New France and Acadia, 1524-1701, The
Significant incident : Canada's army, the Airborne, and the murder in Somalia
Tajná schůzka mezi Rooseveltem a Churchillem, která změnila svět
Thesis. Vita. Canadian. Date.
To secure a nation : Canadian defence and security in the 21st century
To secure a nation : the case for a new Defence White Paper
True patriot : the life of Brooke Claxton, 1898-1960
trust betrayed, 1985:, A
trust betrayed, A : the Keegstra affair
valour and the horror revisited, The
Vánoce ve Washingtonu : tajná schůzka mezi Rooseveltem a Churchillem, která změnila svět
Vražedné moře : souboj mezi kanadským torpédoborcem St. Croix a německou ponorkou U305 v bitvě o Atlantik
War and peacekeeping from South Africa to the Gulf Canada's limited wars
Western perspectives 1 : papers of the Western Canadian Studies Conference, 1973
Winnipeg strike: 1919, The
world in Canada, cop. 2008:, The
world in Canada diaspora, demography, and domestic politics, The
カナダの旗の下で : 第二次世界大戦におけるカナダ軍の戦い
Thèse - University of Toronto