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Clark, J. O. E.
Clark, Jerome
Clark, John
Clark, John (auteur d'ouvrages de références)
Clark, John O.
Clark, John O. E.
Clark, John Owen Edward
Clark, John ((słowniki))
Clark, O.E.
クラーク, ジョン・O. E
1937 November 13-
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Language material
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Black, Jeremy (1955-...)
Buck, Peter
Daintith, John (1943-...)
Darton, Mike
Facts on file, Inc
Financial World Publishing
Hemsley, William (1962-...)
Illingworth, Valerie
Morzac, Louis
Rosen publishing group
Schreiber, Ingrid
Steinbuch, Karl
Vladykov, Vadim D.
Wal, E.J.
Wal, Emiel van der
Würmli, Marcus
村尾, 美明
100 [one hundred] maps the science, art and politics of cartography throughout history
atmosphere, The
basics of heat, The
basics of light, The
basics of mechanics, The
Busshitsu to enerugī
Chemistry in action.
Computer und ihre Verwendung
Computers aan het werk
Computers at work
creatures of the goblin world
cryptozoology a to z: the encyclopedia of loch monsters, sasquatch, chupacabras, and other authentic mysteries of nature
Definition of haddock stocks of the North-western Atlantic
Dent dictionary of measurement, The
Des séismes aux volcans
Dictionary of astronomy.
Dictionary of English synonyms
Dictionary of international accounting terms
Dictionary of international banking and finance terms
Dictionary of international business terms
Dictionary of international economics terms.
Dictionary of international insurance and finance terms
Dictionary of international investment and finance terms
Dictionary of mathematics
Dictionary of physics
Diseño tipográfico
Earthquakes to volcanoes. -
Encyclopedia of physics
encyclopedia of strange and unexplained physical phenomena
Encyklopedia fizyki
English idioms
English synonyms
English usage
Épopée cartographique 100 exemples de cartes qui ont dessiné le monde, L'
essential dictionary of science, The
extraordinary encounters: an encyclopedia of extraterrestrials and otherworldly beings
Fact index
facts on file dictionary of astronomy, The
facts on file dictionary of earth science, The
Facts on File dictionary of mathematics, The
Facts on file dictionary of physics, The
faszinierende Welt der Kartografie wie Karten die Welt verändert haben, Die ; 100 Beispiele für die Gestaltung, den Einfluss und die Macht von Landkarten
Fizyka : słownik szkolny
Harrap's dictionary of English synonyms
Harrap's dictionary of English usage, 1990:
Harrap's English idioms
hidden realms, lost civilizations, and beings from other worlds
Human body, The : a comprehensive guide to the structure and functions of the human body
International dictionary of banking and finance
International dictionary of insurance and finance
Kagaku no sekai
l'eau aux océans, De
la mine aux minéraux, De
Macmillan dictionary of measurement, The
Man and machines
Matematyka : słownik szkolny
Matería y energía : la física en la vida cotidiana
Materie und Energie
Matter and energy. -
Matter and materials, 2006:
Mining to minerals
new encyclopedia of science., The
One hundred maps
Opmerkelijke kaarten : 100 voorbeelden van de manier waarop cartografie de wereld heeft bepaald, veranderd en ontvreemd
Ordinateurs, Les
Philip's science and technology
Philip's science & technology : people, dates & events
physique, La
Remarkable maps : 100 examples of how cartography defined, changed and stole the world
Rosen comprehensive dictionary of biology, The
Rosen comprehensive dictionary of chemistry, The
Rosen comprehensive dictionary of math, The
scale of perfection, The
Science and the universe
Science & technology
Seas and océans
Słownik szkolny - fizyka
Słownik szkolny - matematyka
spacemen, demons, and conspiracies
strange skies: pilot encounters with ufos
strange & unexplained happenings: when nature breaks the rules of science
ufo book: encyclopedia of the extraterrestrial, the
ufo encyclopedia: the phenomenon from the beginning, the
unidentified & creatures of the outer edge, the
unidentified: notes toward solving the ufo mystery, the
unnatural phenomena: a guide to the bizarre wonders of north america
Word for word : a dictionary of synonyms
Word perfect : a dictionary of current English usage
Word wise a dictionary of English idioms