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Lampe, I. F.
Lampe, J. F.
Lampe, Johann Frederick
Lampe, Johann Freidrich
Lampe, Johann Friedrich
Lampe, John F.
Lampe, John Frederick
Lampe, John Frederik
ca. 1702-1751
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Carey, Henry (1687?-1743)
Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759)
Holman, Peter (1946-)
Lampe, John Frederick (ca. 1702-1751)
Opera Restor'd London
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Terradellas, Domènec (1711-1751)
Vinci, Leonardo (1690?-1730)
Wesley, Charles (1707-1788)
Wesley, Samuel (1766-1837)
Amelia. A new English opera, as it is perfom'd at the New theatre in the Hay-market, after the Italian manner.
Amelia. Ah traitress wicked and impure. [from old catalog]
art of musick. - 1740., The
art of musick. By John Frederick Lampe, The
[Bright Cinthia's pow'r]
British Melody; or, The Musical Magazine.
But to hear the children mutter (1 s., 2 htbs, 2 v.ons, 1 alt & b. c.)
By the beer as bronn as berry (1 T., 1 v.on et b. c.)
complete hymns & chorales, The : including complete source materials for the Handel-Wesley hymns
cuckoo concerto, The
Dear Collin prevent my warm blushes
declaring lover., The
Dragon dragon thus I dare thee (1 T., 3 instr. et b. c.)
dragon of Wantley, 1760:, The
dragon of Wantley; a rendition in Regency dress of a burlesque opera in three acts. Founded on the old Yorkshire ballad of a most dreadful combat., The
dragon of Wantley, The : a burlesque opera. The musick ["sic"] by Mr. John Frederick Lampe, and performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Moderniz'd from the Old Ballad after the Italian manner, by Sig. Carini. The 2nd edition
écrivains et la musique, Les
Fatal falsehood. Whilst endless tears. [from old catalog]
Flute concerto in G "The cuckoo"
free gift., The
Gentle knight all knights exceeding pink of prowess (1 S., 1 htb, 2 v.ons, 1 alt. & b. c.)
He's a man ev'ry inch. I assure you (1 s. et b. c.)
Hymns on the great festivals, and other occasions.
If that's all you ask (1 S., 3 instr. et b. c.)
Insulting Gipsey you're surely tipsey (2 S., 2 instr. et b. c.)
leggero tenor in opera an aria anthology in three volumes, The
Léno, Plato, Aristotle all were lover of the bottle (1 T., 3 instr. v. b. c.)
Let my dearest be near me (1 S., 1 T., 3 instr. et b. c.)
modest concealment., The
My sweet Honey suckle (1 S., 1 T., 2 instr. et b. c.)
new flown birds, or, The shepherd's invitation, The
O give me not up to the Lan (1 S. et b. c.)
Oh I would not for any money (1 S., 1 v.on et b. c.)
Oh, oh, Master Moore (1 B., 2 instr. et b. c.)
Oroonoko. A lass there lives upon the green. [from old catalog]
Oroonoko. Bright Cinthia's pow'r. [from old catalog]
parent bird. [from old catalog], The
Paternal love; a new song.
Pigs shall not be so fond as we (1 S., 1 T., 3 instr. et b. c.)
plain and compendious method of teaching thorough bass a facsimile of the 1737 London edition, A
plain and compendious method of teaching thorough bass ... With proper rules for practice. The examples and lessons curiously engraved on copper plates., A
Pyramus and Thisbe a mock opera adapted from William Shakespeare originally published by John Walsh London 1745
Pyramus and Thisbe : a Mock - Opera. The Words taken from Shakespeare as it is Perform' d at the Theatre. Royal in Covent - Garden. Set to musick, by Mr I. F. Lampe
Pyramus and Thisbe [Musique imprimée] : a mock opera adapted from William Shakespeare
shepherd's invitation., The
Song in Oroonoko sung by Mrs. Lampe.
song in the new tragedy of Fatal falshood, A
song in the opera of Amelia., A
Songs and duetto's in the Burlesque opera, call'd the Dragon of Wantley as perform'd at the theatre royal in Covent-Garden...
Songs and Duetto's in the burlesque opera, call'd the Dragon of Wantley. As performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Composed and carefully corrected by Mr John Frederik Lampe...
spring wish., The
Sure my stap will burst n. th sobbing (1 S., 2 htbs, 2 v.ons, 1 alt. et b. c.)
Upon the taking of Chagre Castle by Adm. Vernon.
Vernon's fresh garland; a new ballad on the great and happy success at Carthagena.
wish., The