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Harding, T.
Harding, Tho
Harding, Thomas
Harding, Thomas ((1516–1572))
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Language material
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Bémont, Charles (1848-1939)
Benettus, Robert (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Bullinger, Johann Heinrich (1504-1575)
Calvin, Jean (1509-1564; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Day, John (fl. 1546-1584)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Harpsfield, Nicholas (1519-1575)
Humphrey, Laurence (1525?-1590)
Humphrey, Laurence (1525/6-1590; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
I.M (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Jewel, John (1522-1571; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Jewel, John (1522-1571)
Osório, Jerónimo (1506-1580)
Pontac, Arnauld de
Preston, Th. (1563-1640)
Preston, Thomas (1563-1640)
Rainolds, John (1549-1607; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Westfaling, Herbart (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Whitacker, William (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Wilson, Thomas (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Yeldardus, Arthurus (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Annual report of The Parker Society, 11 (for the year 1851)
Annual report of The Parker Society, 8 (for the year 1848)
answere to Maister Iuelles chalenge, 1565, An
answere to Maister Iuelles challenge, An
answere to maister Juelles chalenge. -, An
Apologia Cardinalis Bellarmini pro iure principum, 1611
briefe answere, A : 1565
briefe answere of Thomas Harding touching certaine untruthes, with w*. - [1565], A
Bullinger's decades
confutation of a book [by Bishop Jewel] intituled An apologie of the*. -, A
confutation of a booke intituled 'An apologie of the Church of England', A
decades of Henry Bullinger, minister of the Church of Zurich, The
detection of sundrie foule errours uttered by M. Jewel. -, A
detection of sundrie foules errours, lies, sclauders, corruptions, and other false dealings touchig doctrine, and other matters, uttered and practized by M. Jewel, in a booke lately by him set foorth entituled "A defense of the apologie" &c., A
Ioannis Iuelli angli, Episcopi Sarisburiensis Vita & mors, eiusq[ue] verae doctrinae defensio cum refutatione quorundam obiectorum, Thomae Hardingi, Nicol. Sanderi, Alani Copi, Hieronymi Osorij Lusitani, Pontaci Burdegalensis
Operum thelogicorum tomi duo. 1600. (VD16 ZV 8676)
premier divorce de Henri VIII et le schisme d'Angleterre; fragment d'une chronique anonyme en latin, Le
reioindre to M. Iewels replie against the sacrifice of the Masse, 1567, A
reioindre to M. Iewels replie against the sacrifice of the masse, A : in which the doctrine of the answere to the xvii article of his chalenge is defended, and further proued, and al that his replie conteineth against the sacrifice, is clearely confuted, and disproued
reioindre to M. Jewel's replie against the sacrifice of the Masse. -, A
reioindre to M. Jewels Replie. -, A
reiondre to M. Iewels replie, 1566, A
Rejoindre to M. Jewels replie, by perusing whereof the discrete... reeder may easily see the answer to parte of his insolent chalenge justified, and his objections against the masse... by Thomas Harding,..., [A
Rejoiner to M. Jewel's reply against the sacrifice of the mass