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Churchman, Theophilus
Churchman, Theophilus (pseudonym)
Hall, Robert
Hall, Robert (Pseudonym)
Heylen, Peter
Heylin, Peter
Heylin, Peter (Dr)
Heylin, Petrus
Heylyn, Pet
Heylyn, Peter
Heylyn, Petrus
Learned and impartial hand
Meylyn, Dr
Meylyn, Dr (pseudonym)
Meylyn, Peter
Meylyn, Peter (Dr)
Officer in his Majesties army
Officer in His Majesty Army
P. H (pseudonym)
Treleinie, Peter
Treleinie (Ph)
Treleinie, Ph (pseudonym)
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Bos, Barent (Rotterdam)
Brandt, Geeraert de Jonge (1657-1683)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Fawcett, Thomas (active 1621-1643)
Heylyn, Peter (1600-1662))
Michaelis, Johann Heinrich (1668-1738)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Seile, Henry (1595-1660)
Turner, William (d. 1643)
Wright, Paul -1785
Abregé de la vie et du regne de Charles I. second monarque de la Grande-Bretagne, depuis sa naissance jusques a sa mort, traduit de l'anglois
Aerius redivivus; or, The history of the Presbyterians, containing the beginnings, progress and successes of that active sect, their oppositions to monarchical and episcopal government, their innovations in the Church, and their imbroylments of the kingdoms and estates of Christendom in the pursuit of their designes, from the year 1536 to the year 1647
Affairs of church and state. -
Antidotum Lincolniense, or An answer to a book entituled, The Holy Table, name and thing, etc., said to be written long agoe by a Minister in Lincolnshire, and printed for the Diocese of Lincolne, Ao. 1637; written and inscribed to the grave, learned, and religious Clergie of the Diocese of Lincoln
Augustus: or, an essay of those means and counsels whereby the commonwealth of Rome was alter'd and reduc'd unto a monarchy
briefe and moderate answer, to the seditious and scandalous challenges of Henry Burton
Britannische waersegger, ofte een sendbrief, aen seecker edelman van Licester-shire. : Waer in, uyt de publicke geschriften, van 't ghene tusschen sijne majesteyt, ende de twee Huysen des parlements, gepasseert is, bewesen wordt. Dat, alle de openinghen, die tot vrede ende accommodatie zijn gemaeckt, alleen van sijne majesteyt ghekomen zijn: Ende dat de oorsaeck, wegens de laetste handelingh, vruchteloos zy af geloopen, niet aen sijn majesteyt, maer 't parlement alleen te wijten zy ..
Cosmography in four books
Cyprianus anglicus: or, The history of the life and death of the most reverend and renowned prelate William by divine providence, lord archbishop of Canterbury. Containing also the ecclesiastical history of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, from his first rising till his death
Ecclesia restaurata or the history of the reformation of the Church of England
Examen historicum, or, A discovery and examination of the mistakes, falsities and defects in some modern histories occasioned by the partiality and inadvertencies of their severall authours
extraneus vapulans; or, the observator rescued from the violent but vaine assaults of [[hamon l'estrange]]
France painted to the life
Full relation of two journeys
Help to english history, containing a succession of all the kings of england, the english saxons, and the britains; the kings and princes of wales, the kings and lords of man, the isle of wight as also of all the dukes, marquesses, earls and bishops thereof, with the description of the places from whence they had their titles; together with the names and ranks of the viscounts, barons and baronets of england
Herōologia Anglorum
Historical and Miscellaneous Tracts of Peter Heylyn. -, The
Historie of the most famous saint and souldier of christ iesvs; st. george of cappadocia; asserted from the fictions, of the middle ages of the chvrch, and opposition of the present. the institution of the most noble order of s. george, named the garter. a catalogue of all the knights thereof, from the first institution, to this present: as also of the principall officers thereunto belonging
Historie van de Vyf Artikelen: of, een verklaring van 't gevoelen der Westersche Kerken, en in 't bysonder van de Kerk van Engelant, in de vijf verschilpunten, heedendaegs overgehaelt onder de naem van Arminianerye
History of the sabbath. in two bookes
jure paritatis episcoporum ..., De
Keimēlia ekklēsiastikā.
Life of the most learned and reverend Dr. Peter Heylyn
Memorial of Bishop Waynflete founder of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford
Mercurius aulicus
Mercvrivs avlicvs, communicating the intelligence and affaires of the court to the rest of the kingdome
Mikrokosmos : A little description of the great world
Peter Heylyn autographs
Plaine discourse declaring that the plague of warre which now wasts this nation tooke its beginning in and from the citie of London.
Short vievv of the life and reign of king charles (the second monarch of great britain) from his birth to his burial
Sonderbarer Lebens-Lauff Herrn Peter Heylings, aus Lübec, und dessen Reise nach Ethiopien : nebst zulänglichem Berichte Von der in selbigem Reiche zu Anfange des nächst-verwichenen Sæculi entstandenen Religions-Unruhe
stumbling-block of disobedience and rebellion ...
Theologia veterum, or, The summe of Christian theologie, positive, polemical, and philological contained in the Apostles creed, or reducible to it, according to the tendries of the antients both Greeks and Latines, in three books
Three short treatises viz, I. A modest plea for the clergy, &c., II. A sermon of the sacerdotal benediction, &c. III. A discourse published to undeceive the people in point of tithes, &c.
Undeceiving of the people in the point of tithes wherein is shewed, I. That never any clergy in the Church of God hath been, or is maintained with lesse charge to the subject, then the established clergy of the Church of England. II. That there is no subject in the realme of England, who giveth any thing of his own, towards the maintenance of his parish-minister, but his Easter-offering. III. That the change of tithes into stipends, will bring greater trouble to the clergy, then is yet considered; and far lesse profit to the countrey, then is now pretended