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Aelfred (King of England)
Aelfred (re dei Sassoni)
Aelfred (roi de Wessex)
Aelfred (the Great, roi d'Angleterre)
Alfred Daio
Alfred (de Grote)
Alfred (den Store)
Alfred den store (kung av England)
Alfred der Grosse
Alfred der Grosse (roi d'Angleterre)
Alfred (Ingurandoou)
Alfred (King of England)
Alfred, King of England (English king, 849-899)
Alfred (koning van Engeland)
Alfred (kung av England)
Alfred (kung av Wessex)
Alfred le Grand
Alfred le Grand (roi d'Angleterre)
Alfred le Grand (roi de Wessex)
Alfred (re d'Inghilterra)
Alfred re di Wessex
Alfred (roi de Wessex)
Alfred (saint)
Alfred The Great
Alfred the Great (King of England)
Alfred (the Great,; koning van Engeland,)
Alfred the Great (kung av England)
Alfred (the Great; re d'Inghilterra)
Alfred (the Great; re di Wessex)
Alfred (the Great, roi d'Angleterre)
Alfred the great (roi de Wessex)
Alfred (the Wise)
Alfréd Veliký
Alfréd (wessexský král)
Alfred Wielki ((król Wessexu ;)
Alfred (イングランドオウ)
Alfred (イングランド王)
Alfred ダイオウ
Alfredo (il Grande)
Alfredo (il Grande; re di Wessex)
Alfredo il Grande (roi d'Angleterre)
Alfredus Magnus
Alfredus Magnus (rex Anglorum)
Alfredus (rex Saxonum)
Arufureddo Daio
アルフレッド ダイオウ
ca 848-ca 899
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Augustinus, Aurelius (helgon, 354-430.)
Boèce (0480?-0524))
Boethius, -524
Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus (480-524)
England Sovereign (871-899 : Alfred) (see also from)
Fox, Samuel (1801-1870)
Grégoire I (pape ; (0540?-0604))
Gregorius I, påve ca 540-604.
Krapp, George Philip (1872-1934)
Orosius, Paulus (ca 390-ca 423))
Proefschrift Leipzig
Sedgefield, Walter John
Sweet, Henry (1845-1912)
Turk, Milton Haight
Alfred le Grand ou l'Angleterre sous les Anglo-Saxons
Alfred's Metres of Boethius
Alfred the Great, containing chapters of his life and times by Frederic Harrison ... and W.J.Loftie; also containing an introduction by Walter Besant and a poem by the poet laureate. : Ed., with preface, by Alfred Bowker.
Anglo-Saxon version, from the historian Orosius., The
Augustine in England.
Biblical quotations in old English prose writers
Bibliothek der angelsächsischen Prosa.
Consolationis philosophiae libri V.. - [1698]
Danmarks Geografi : En undersogelse af fire afsnit i Den gamle engelske Orosius ; ved Ove Jorgensen
description of Europe, and the voyages of Ohthera and Wulfstan, A
English belles-lettres, from A.D. 901 to 1834
Histoire du roi Alfred
Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum.
Historiarum adversus paganos libri VII.
King Alfred's Old English translation of the first fifty Psalms
King Alfred's Old English version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies
King Alfred's Orosius.
King Alfred's West-Saxon version of Gregory's Pastoral care
König Ælfred's Angelsächsische Übertragung der Psalmen I-LI excl.
König Alfreds des Grossen Bearbeitung der Soliloquien des Augustinus
König Alfreds übersetzung von Bedas Kirchengeschichte.
legal code of Ælfred the Great, The
Lieder aus König Alfreds Trostbuch die Stabreimverse der altenglischen Boethius-Übertragung
life of Alfred, or, Alvred: the first institutor of subordinate government in this kingdome, and refounder of the Vniversity of Oxford Together with a parallell of our soveraigne lord, K. Charles untill this yeare, 1634. By Robert Povvell of Wels, one of the Society of New-Inne, The
Life of Alfred the Great to wich is appended Alfred's Anglo-saxon version, The
Memorials of King Alfred, being essays on the history and antiquities of England during the ninth century, the age of King Alfred, by various authors.
Old English Boethius, The : with verse prologues and epilogues associated with King Alfred
Old English version of Boethius De consolatione philosophiae
Paris Psalter and the Meters of Boethius, The
pastoral care edited from British Library MS. Cotton Otho B.ii, The
Proverbs of Alfred, The
rebus gestis Aelfredi., De
Regula pastoralis
Selections from the Old English Bede, with text and vocabulary on an early West Saxon basis, and a skeleton outline of Old English accidence
versione in inglese antico dei Soliloqui di Agostino, La
whole works of King Alfred the Great, with preliminary essays, illustrative of the history, arts, and manners, of the ninth century., The
will of King Alfred, The : repr. from the Oxford edition of 1788
will of king Alfred., The : [With transl. by Owen Manning.].
Proefschrift Leipzig