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Markesinis, B.
Markesinis, B. S.
Markesinis, Basil,
Markesinis, Basil S.
Markesinis, Basil (seras)
Markesinis, Basil Spyridonos
Markezínīs, Vasíleios
Markezínīs, Vasíleios Sp
Μαρκεζίνης, Βασίλειος
Μαρκεζίνης, Βασίλειος Σπ
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Deakin, S. F.
Deakin, Simon
Deakin, Simon F.
Dias, Reginald Walter Michael
Fedtke, Jörg
Johnston, Angus
Johnston, Angus Charles
Munday, R. J. C.
Unberath, Hannes (1973-)
University of Cambridge
Viney, Geneviève
Bridging the channel
British contribution to the europe of the twenty-first century the british academy centenary lectures
Cambridge-Tilburg law lectures, The
Cérémonie de remise des prix internationaux de la fondation d'intérêt public Alexandre S. Onassi pour le Droit et les Belles-Lettres lundi 14 décembre 2009
Clifford Chance millennium lectures the coming together of the common law and the civil law, The
Comparative Law in the Courtroom and Classroom The Story of the Last Thirty-Five Years
Compensation for personal injury in English, German and Italian law : a comparative outline
Curriculum vitae, via WWW, June 17, 2013
Des paradoxes dans le droit
duality of genius shades, blemishes and vices in the lives of great achievers, The
Enduring (Double) Legacy of the Code Napoléon, The
Engaging with foreign law
Five days in the House of lords : some comparative reflections on White v. Jones
Foreign law and comparative methodology : a subject and a thesis
Foreign law and foreign ideas in the English courts the contemporary English contribution to the use of foreign law and contemporary methodology
Foreign Law Inspiring National Law : Lessons from Greatorex v. Greatorex
General theory of unlawful acts
German law of contract a comparative treatise
German law of obligations, The
Giudici e diritto straniero la pratica del diritto comparato
Goethe, Bingham and the Gift of an Open Mind : Weltliteratur and Global Law Lessons from Goethe
Good and evil in art and law : an extended essay
Gradual convergence, The : foreign ideas, foreign influences, and English law on the eve of the 21st century
impact of the Human Rights Bill on English law, The
Judicial recourse to foreign law : a new source of inspiration?
Judicial Style and Judicial Reasoning in England and Germany
Juges et universitaires face au droit comparé histoire des trente-cinq dernières années
Law making, law finding, and law shaping : the diverse influences
Lleis, etc.
National Self-Sufficiency or Intellectual Arrogance? : the Current Attitude of American Courts towards Foreign Law
outline of the law of agency, An
patterns of federalism and regionalism
Political Thought in Legal Judgments
Protecting privacy
Rechtsvergleichung in Theorie und Praxis : ein Beitrag zur rechtswissenschaftlichen Methodenlehre
réparation du dommage corporel, La : essai de comparaison des droits anglais et français
Richterliche Rechtspolitik im Haftungsrecht : eine methodenvergleichende Untersuchung
right to dissolve parliament, The ; United Kingdom and Greek theory and practice
Some comparative reflections on Junior Books v. Veitchi and The Aliakmon : an inaugural lecture delivered in the University of Leiden on April 3rd 1987
theory and practice of dissolution of parliament; a comparative study with special reference to the United Kingdom and Greek experience, The
Tom Bingham and the transformation of the law : a liber amicorum
Tort law
Tortious liability for unintentional harm in the common law and the civil law, 1982- :
Tortious liability of statutory bodies : a comparative and economic analysis of five English cases
Understanding American Law by Looking at it Through Foreign Eyes : towards a Wider Theory for the Study and Use of Foreign Law
Windows to an author's soul : nations, peoples, customs and habits through each other's eyes
επικοινωνιακή διπλωματία και διπλωματία βάθους
σκιές απο την αμερική. άρθρα και δοκίμια πάνω στον σύγχρονο αμερικανικό επεκτατισμό
σκοτεινό μεγαλείο
το καλό και το κακό στην τέχνη και το δίκαιο. ενα εκτενές δοκίμιο
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Thesis--University of Cambridge