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Svejnar, J.
Švejnar, Jan
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Basu, Swati
Center for Economic Policy Research Affiliation (see also from)
Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education and Economics Institute (CERGE-EI)
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Centrum pro Ekonomický Výzkum a Postgradualní Vzdělávání Affiliation (see also from)
Commander, Simon
Conte, Michael A.
Cornell University Affiliation (see also from)
Domadenik, Polona
Dyba, Karel
Estrin, Saul
Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit Affiliation (see also from)
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Affiliation (see also from)
Gorodnichenko, Yuriy
Gupta, Nandini
Ham, Jhon C.
Ham, John
Ham, John C
Ham, John C.
Hanousek, Jan
Jan, Svejnar
Jones, Derek C
Jones, Derek C.
Kanbur, S. M. Ravi
Klinedinst, Mark
Ko?enda, Evžen
Ko&ccaron, en
Kočenda, Evžen
Li, Xiaoyang
Lízal, Lubomír
Lízal, Lubomír (1969-)
Moore, Robert E
Münich, Daniel
Peter, Klara Sabirianova
Pissarides, Francesca
Prašnikar, Janez
Sabirianova Peter, Klara
Sabirianova, Klara
Saul, Estrin
School of International and Public Affairs Center for Global Economic Governance Affiliation (see also from)
Singer, Miroslav
Smith, Stephen C
Smith, Stephen C.
Spinnewyn, Frans
Švejnar, Jan
Svejnar, Jans
Swati Basu
Terrell, Katherine
Terrell, Katherine D.
Thorbecke, Erik (1929-....))
Tinn, Katrin
University Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
University of Michigan / Economics Department
University of Michigan / Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy / International Policy Center (IPC)
University of Michigan / Ross School of Business
Uvalic, Milica
Velenchik, Ann
William Davidson Institute Affiliation (see also from)
Zhou, Yue Maggie
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms
Bargaining power, fear of disagreement and wage settlements: theory and evidence from U.S. industry
Breakups, privatization and firms" performance
Česká republika a ekonomická transformace ve střední a východní Evropě
China in light of the performance of Central and East European economies
Czech Republic and economic transition in Eastern Europe, The
Czech Transition: The Importance of Microeconomic Fundamentals, The
Czechoslovakia: Recent Economic Developments and Prospects.
Defensive and Strategic Restructuring of Firms during the Transition to a Market Economy
determinants of industrial-sector earnings in Senegal, The
Distance to the efficiency frontier and FDI spillovers
Distance to the Efficiency Frontier and Foreign Direct Investment Spillovers
Divestitures, privatization and corporate performance in emerging markets
Do institutions, ownership, exporting and competition explain firm performance? evidence from 26 transition countries
Do Markets Favor Women’s Human Capital More than Planners?
Do markets favour women's human capital more than planners?
Does Wealth Inequality Matter for Growth? The Effect of Billionaire Wealth, Income Distribution, and Poverty
Economic policies and agricultural performance in Sri Lanka, 1960-1984
Economic transformation : the tasks still ahead : a symposium
economics of joint ventures in centrally planned and labor-managed economies, The
Economics of Joint Ventures in Less Developed Countries., The
Economics Ph.D. Education in Central and Eastern Europe
Effects of Ownership Forms and Concentration on Firm Performance after Large-Scale Privatization, The
Effects of Privatization and Ownership in Transition Economies, The
Emergence of Unemployment in the Czech and Slovak Republics*, The
Employee Participation in Management and Relative Wages in Germany
Employee participation in management, bargaining power and wages
Employment and wage behaviour of industrial enterprises in transition economies: The cases of Poland and Czechoslovakia
Employment and Wages in Enterprises Under Communism and in Transition: Evidence from Central Europe and Russia
Employment determination in enterprises under communism and in transition: Evidence from Central Europe
Enterprise Break-ups and Performance During the Transition
Enterprise Breakups And Performance During The Transition From Plan To Market
Enterprise Investment During the Transition: Evidence from Czech Panel Data
Enterprise Restructuring and Performance in the Transition
Enterprises and Workers in the Transition: Econometric Evidence.
Exceso de empleo en el sector transporte: el caso de Chile
Explaining the performance of firms and countries: What does the business environment play?
Financial Conditions and Investment during the Transition: Evidence from Czech Firms
Foreign investment, corporate ownership, and development are firms in emerging markets catching up to the world standard?
Globalization and innovation in emerging markets
How industry - labor relations and government policies affect Senegal's economic performance
How to Increase R&D in Transition Economies? Evidence from Slovenia
Incentive pay and performance : insider econometrics in a multi-unit firm
industrial labor market and economic performance in Senegal, The : a study in enterprise ownership, export orientation, and government regulation
industrial labor market & industrial performance in Senegal: A study in enterprise ownership, export orientation, and government regulation, The : Katherine Terrell and Jan Svejnar, (Westview Press, Boulder, CO, 1989), pp. 129
Introduction to Case Studies and Analysis of Bank Privatizations in Central Europe and Russia
Investment, Credit Rationing and the Soft Budget Constraint: Evidence from Czech Panel Data
Investment, Wages and Corporate Governance during the Transition: Evidence from Slovenian Firms
Investment, Wages and Ownership During the Transition to a Market Economy: Evidence from Slovenian Firms
Is women's human capital valued more by markets than by planners?
Jak inteligentně reformovat veřejné finance
Kam kráčíš, Česko? : rozhovor s Karlem Hvížďalou
Labor market adjustment in transitional economies
Labor Market Flexibility in Central and East Europe
Labor markets in the transitional Central and East European economies
Labour markets and economic development
Market Imperfections, Labor Management, and Earnings Differentials in a Developing Country: Theory and Evidence from Yugoslavia.
Microeconomic Issues in the Transition to a Market Economy
Models of modern-sector labor market institutions in developing countries
Objectives and constraints of entrepreneurs: evidence from small and medium-size enterprises in Russia and Bulgaria
Objectives and constraints of entrepreneurs: evidence from small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia and Bulgaria
On the empirical testing of the Nash-Zeuthen bargaining solution.
On the theory of a participatory firm
Optimal Membership, Employment, and Income Distribution in Unionized and Labor-Managed Firms.
Origin and Concentration: Corporate Ownership, Control and Performance
Ownership and firm performance after large-scale privatization
Ownership, Control and Corporate Performance after Large-Scale Privatization
Participation, Profit Sharing, Worker Ownership and Efficiency in Italian Producer Cooperative.
Participation, profit sharing, worker ownership and efficieny in Italian producer cooperatives
Pensions in the Former Soviet Bloc: Problems and Solutions
Politiques économiques et performances agricoles le cas du Népal 1960-1982
Priorities and sequencing in privatization: Evidence from Czech firm panel data
Priorities and Sequencing in Privatization: Theory and Evidence from the Czech Republic
Privatization in Central and Eastrn Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Productivity effects of worker participation in management, profit-sharing, worker ownership of assets and unionization in U.S. firms
productivity effects of worker participation: Producer cooperatives in western economies, The
Rapid and Multifaceted Privatization: Experience of the Czech and Slovak Republics
Reducing labor redundancy in state-owned enterprises
Relative Wage Effects of Unions, Dictatorship and Codetermination: Econometric Evidence from Germany.
Restructuring of firms in transition: ownership, institutions and openness to trade
Returns to human capital under the communist wage grid and during the transition to a market economy
Spinoffs, Privatization and Corporate Performance in Emerging Markets
Stabilization and Transition in Czechoslovakia
Strategie ekonomické přeměny Československa, 1990:
Strategies for growth : Central and Eastern Europe
Structural adjustment policies and productive efficiency of socialist enterprises
Structural Reforms and Competitiveness: Will Europe Overtake America?
Subsidiary divestiture and acquisition in a financial crisis: Operational focus, financial constraints, and ownership
Transition Economies: Performance and Challenges
Transition Economies: Performances and Challenges
Unemployment and the Social Safety Net During Transitions to a Market Economy: Evidence from the Czech and Slovak Republic
Unemployment and the social safety net during transitions to a market economy: evidence from the Czech and Slovak Republics
Unemployment and Worker-Firm Matching Theory and Evidence from East and West Europe
Unemployment in East and West Europe
Using Vouchers to Privatize an Econom: The Czech and Slovak Case
Using vouchers to privatize an economy: the Czech and Slovak case
Wage and non-wage labor cost in the Czech Republic : the impact of fringe benefits
Wage Determination in Labor-Managed Firms under Market-Oriented Reforms: Estimates of Static and Dynamic Models
Wage determination under communism and in transition evidence from Central Europe
Wage Determination under Labor-Management : Theory and Evidence from Yugoslavia
When Does FDI Have Positive Spillovers? Evidence from 17 Emerging Market Economies
When does FDI have positive spillovers? : evidence from 17 transition market economies
Women's unemployment during transition
Worker-firm matching and unemployment in transition to a market economy: (why) are the Czechs more successful than others?
Worker-Firm Matching and Unemployment in Transition to a Market Economy: (Why) Were the Czechs More Successful than Others?
Workers' Participation in Management vs. Social Ownership and Government Policies: Yugoslav Lessons for Transforming Socialist Economies*
Základní kameny ès. ekonomické transformace (Fundamental Elements of the Czechoslovak Economic Reform)
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