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Arhin Brempong, K.
Arhin Brempong, Kwame
Arhin Brempong, Nana
Arhin, K.
Arhin, Kwame
Brempong, Arhin
Brempong, K. Arhin
Brempong, Kwame Arhin
Brempong, Nana Arhin
Kwame Arhin
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Ferguson, George Ekem
Hesp, Paul
Institute of African studies Legon, Ghana
Kwame Nkrumah Symposium (1985 : Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana)
Laan, Laurens van der (1932- ))
Pavanello, Mariano (1944-)
Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden. Afrika-Studiecentrum
Sarpong, Peter
University of Ghana. Institute of African Studies
University of Wisconsin--Madison
African trading, or, The trials of William Narh Ocansey of Addah, West Coast of Africa, River Volta, An
Asante military institutions
Asante praise poems, The : the ideology of patrimonialism
Ashanti rubber trade with the Gold Coast in the eighteen-nineties, The
Aspects of colonial district administration : the case of the northwestern district of Ashanti, 1904-1911
Aspects of the Ashanti northern trade in the nineteenth century
Brong Kyempim
bureaucratization of traditional authority under colonial rule, The : the Asante stool treasuries, 1927-1944
Cape Coast and Elmina handbook, The : past, present, and future.
Chiefs in development in Ghana, 2006:
Chiefs in development in Ghana : interviews with four paramount chiefs in Ghana
Chieftaincy under Kwame Nkrumah
city of Kumasi handbook, The : past, present, and future
city of Kumasi, The : handbook : past, present and future
Collected papers on Ahafo land holding
Determinants of industrial water use
economic and social significance of rubber production and exchange the gold and Ivory Coasts, 1880-1900, The
Economic differentiation among Ghanaian migrant cocoa farmers
economic implications of transformations in Akan funeral rites, The
expansion of cocoa production in Ghana, The : the working conditions of migrant cocoa farmers in the central and western regions
financing of the Ashanti expansion (1700-1820), The
George Ekem Ferguson of the Gold Coast Colony, 1864-1897
Ghana cocoa marketing board and the cocoa farmer, The
life and work of Kwame Nkrumah, The : papers of a symposium organized by the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon
Marketing boards in Tropical Africa
minutes of the Ashanti Farmers Association Limited 1934-1936, The
minutes of the Ashanti Farmers Association, Ltd., 1934-36, The
missionary role on the Gold Coast and in Ashanti, The : Reverend F.A. Ramseyer and the British take-over of Ashanti 1869-1894
Monetization and the Asante State
note on the Asante akonkofo, A : a non-literate sub-elite, 1900-1930
papers of George Ekem Ferguson, The : a Fanti official of the government of the Gold Coast, 1890-1897
Papers on Ahafo landholding
political and military roles of Akan women, The
political economy of the expansionist State, The
political systems of Ghana, The : background to transformations in traditional authority in the colonial and post-colonial periods
Poteri locali, poteri tradizionali : decentramento, sviluppo e storia in Africa
Prelude to modern African dependence on Europe : some observations on the economic, cultural and political roots of dependence
pressure of cash and its political consequences in Asante in the colonial period, 1900-1940, The
profile of Brong Kyempim, A : (essays on the archaeology, history, language and politics of the Brong peoples of Ghana)
Rank and class among the Asante and Fante in the nineteenth century
role of Nana Yaa Asantewaa in the 1900 Asante War of Resistance, The
role of the Presbyterian Church in the economic development of Ghana, The
Some Asante views of colonial rule : as seen in the controversy relating to death duties
Strangers and hosts : a study in the political organisation and history of Atebubu town
structure of greater Ashanti (1700-1824), The
Trade, accumulation and the State in Asante in the nineteenth century
traditional rule in ghana: past and present
Transformations ... in Ghana (1951-96)
transformations in traditional rule in ghana (1951-1966)
Transformations in traditional rule in Ghana (1951-1996)
Transit markets in the Asante hinterland in the late nineteenth century
Trials of William Narh Ocansey of Addah, West Coast of Africa, River Volta
view of Kwame Nkrumah, 1909-1972, A : an interpretation
view of kwame nkrumah, 1909-1972: an interpretation, a
West African colonial civil servants in the nineteenth century: African participation in British colonial expansion in West Africa
West African traders in Ghana in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, 1979:
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1989