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Sukhadeo K. Thorat
Sukhadeo Thorat
Thorat, S. K.
Thorat, Sukhadeo
Thorat, Sukhadeo K.
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writer of accompanying material
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Indian Institute of Dalit Studies
Kumar, Narender
Mekvāna, Mārṭīna
Negi, Prashant
Newman, Katherine S. (1953-)
Sabharwal, Nidhi Sadana
Senapati, Chittaranjan
UNICEF, New Delhi
Yaqoob, Gowhar
Addressing group inequalities : social inclusion policies in the great transformation of emerging economies
ambedkar in retrospect: essays in economics, society, and politics
Ambedkar in retrospect : essays on economics, politics, and society
ambedkar on social exclusion and inclusive policy
Ambedkar's role in economic planning and water policy
Ambedkar's role in economic planning, water and power policy
B.R. Ambedkar : perspectives on social exclusion and inclusive policies
Blocked by caste : economic discrimination in modern India
Bridging the social gap : perspectives on Dalit empowerment
Caste and social exclusion : issues related to concept, indicators, and measurement
Caste, race, and discrimination : discourses in international context
Dalit art and visual imagery, 2012
dalit human development report 2006
Dalits and the right to food : discrimination and exclusion in food-related government programms [sic]
Dalits in India : a profile
Dalits in India : search for a common destiny
dalits in india? social and economic profile
Economic discrimination in modern India
(edited) with jaya prakash pradhan & vinoj abraham, shipra publication (2004),*
Exclusion and discrimination : civil rights violations and atrocities in Maharashtra
Human development and the status of social groups in Gujarat
In defence of our dreams.
In defense of our dreams.
In search of inclusive policy : addressing graded inequality
Industrialization, economic reforms, and regional development : essays in honour of professor Ashok K. Mathur
Labor market discrimination and urban sector
linkages between government spending, growth, and poverty in rural india
Rainfed agriculture : search for sustainable livelihood
reader in dalit studies, a
Report of the Working Group on Empowerment of Scheduled Castes During Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012)
Reservation and private sector : quest for equal opportunity and growth
Reservation in employment, education, and legislature : status and emerging issues
Reservation policy in India : dimensions and issues
Reservations in the private sector : issues, concerns, and prospects
rural development-problem and prospect', (edited) march, 2001, pravara rural development association*
Rural non-farm employment of the scheduled castes : a comparative study
Slum in a metropolis : the living environment
slum in metropolies-living environment
Small hands in South Asia : child labour in perspective
Social justice philanthropy : approaches and strategies of funding organizations
State of the Indian farmer
Technological change and regional differentiation, 1993:
technological change and regional differentiation: an analysis of dry land agriculture in maharashtra
Thorat Committee report of the Working Group on Empowerment of Scheduled Castes During Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012)
untouchability in rural india
Urban labour market discrimination
Will India's attainment of MDGs be an inclusive process?
(with kristoffel lieten & ravi srivastava) manohar, delhi (2003)*
(with simita sirohi) academic delhi (2004)*