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Timienecka, Anna-Tereza
Timieniečka, Anna-Teresa
Timieniecka, Anna-Tereza
Tymieniecka, A. -T.
Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa
Tymieniecka, Anna-Theresa
Tymieniecka-Zaremba, Anna Teresa
Zaremba, Anna Teresa Tymieniecka-
ティミエニエツカ, A
ティミエニエツカ, アンナ=テレサ
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Ingarden, Roman (1893-1970)
Institut mondial des hautes études phénoménologiques
International Husserl and Phenomenological Research Society
International Phenomenology and Literature Society
International Society for Phenomenology and Literature
Juan Pablo II, Papa Santo
Kronegger, Maria Elisabeth (1932-)
Kronegger, Marlies (1932-)
Muhtaroglu, Nazif
Serafimov Tonkin, Ivan
Thèse lettres Fribourg (1957)
Wojtyła, Karol (1920-2005))
World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning
Zalewski, Zbigniew
谷, 征紀 (1942-)
25th aniversary publication.
acting person, The
Allegory old and new in literature, the fine arts, music, and theatre, and its continuity in culture
Art, literature, and passions of the skies
Astronomy and civilization in the new enlightenment passions of the skies
Classic issues in islamic philosophy and theology today
Creative Imagination in the Converting of Life's Sensibilities into Full Human Experience
creative matrix of the origins, The : dynamisms, forces, and the shaping of life
Creative virtualities in human self-interpretation-in-culture
Education in human creative existential planning
elemental dialectic of light and darkness, The : the passions of the soul in the onto-poiesis of life
Eros et logos : esquisse de phénoménologie de l'intériorité créatrice
Essence et existence : étude à propos de la philosophie de Roman Ingarden et Nicolaï Hartmann
Existence, historical fabulation, destiny
For Roman Ingarden : 9 essays in phenomenology
Foundations of morality, human rights, and the human sciences phenomenology in a foundational dialogue with the human sciences
From Sentience to Consciousness
From the sacred to the divine : a new phenomenological approach
Gardens and the passion for the infinite
Heaven, earth, and in-between in the harmony of life
Heralding the new enlightenment
Human creation between reality and illusion
Husserl's legacy in phenomenological philosophies : new approaches to reason, language, hermeneutics, the human condition
Husserlian phenomenology in a new key : intersubjectivity, ethos, the societal sphere, human encounter, pathos
Immersing in the concrete Maurice Merleau-Ponty in the Japanese perspective
Impetus and equipoise in the life-strategies of reason
Ingardeniana a spectrum of specialised studies establishing the field of research
Inspirations of Heraclitus from Ephesus Fulfilled in Our New Enlightenment
Introduction to the phenomenology of life and of the human condition
irreducible element in man, The
Islamic philosophy and occidental phenomenology on the perennial issue of microcosm and macrocosm
later Husserl and the idea of phenomenology, The : idealism-realism, historicity and nature : Papers and debate of the international phenomenological conference held at the University of Waterloo, Canada, April 9-14, 1969
Leibniz' cosmological synthesis
Ličnost i akt
Life creative mimesis of emotion from sorrow to elation elegiac virtuosity in literature
Life : differentiation and harmony... vegetal, animal, human
Life : energies, forces and the shaping of life: vital, existential
Life : in the glory of its radiating manifestations
Life : interpretation and the sense of illness within the human condition : medicine and philosophy in a dialogue
Life : phenomenology of life as the starting point of philosophy : phénoménologie integrale de la vie comme point de départ de la philosophie
Life : scientific philosophy, phenomenology of life and the sciences of life
Life : the human being between life and death : a dialogue between medicine and philosophy : recurrent issues and new approaches
Life : the human quest for an ideal
Life : the play of life on the stage of the world in fine arts, stage-play, and literature
Life : truth in its various perspectives : cognition, self-knowledge, creativity, scientific research, sharing-in-life, economics...
Liňost i akt
Literature in search of moral standards
logic of the living present, The : experience, ordering, onto-poiesis of culture
Logos and life
Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos, The
Logos' Timing of Life - Fabulating History
Man's self-interpretation-in-existence : phenomenology and philosophy of life : introducing the Spanish perspective
Man within his life-world contributions to phenomenology by scholars from east-central europe
Maurice Merleau-Ponty : le psychique et le corporel
Memory in the ontopoiesis of life
Memory's Sustenance of the Human Orbit
Metamorphosis : creative imagination in fine arts between life-projects and human aesthetic aspirations
moral sense and its foundational significance self, person, historicity, community phenomenological praxeology and psychiatry, The
moral sense in the communal significance of life investigations in phenomenological praxeology psychiatric therapeutics, medical ethics and social praxis within the life- and communal world, The
Morality within the life-and social world interdisciplinary phenomenology of the authentic life in the "moral sense"
Mystery in its passions: literary explorations
New Enlightenment, The : Cosmo-Transcendental Positioning of the Living Being in the Universe
New queries in aesthetics and metaphysics : time, historicity, art, culture, metaphysics, the transnatural
Ontopoietic expansion in human self-interpretation-in-existence : the I and the other in their creative spacing of the societal circuits of life
origins of life, The : the primogenital matrix of life and its context
Osoba i czyn
Passion for place.
Passions of the earth in human existence, creativity, and literature
passions of the soul in the metamorphosis of becoming, The
Person und Tat
Persona y acción
Phenomenology and existentialism in the twentieth century
Phenomenology and science in contemporary European thought
Phenomenology and the human positioning in the cosmos : the life-world, nature, earth
Phenomenology in the world fifty years after the death of Edmund Husserl
Phenomenology of life and the human creative condition
Phenomenology of life from the animal soul to the human mind
Phenomenology of life in a dialogue between chinese and occidental philosophy
Phenomenology of life : meeting the challenges of the present-day world
phenomenology of man and of the human condition, The : individualisation of nature and the human being
Phenomenology/ontopoiesis retrieving geo-cosmic horizons of antiquity : logos and life
Phenomenology world wide foundations, expanding dynamics, life-engagements a guide for research and study
philosophical reflection of man in literature selected papers from several conferences held by the International society for phenomenology and literature in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The
Philosophical reflection of man in literature : selected papers from several conferences held by the International Society for Phenomenology and Literaturein Cambridge, Massachusetts
Poetics of the elements in the human condition
poetry of life in literature, The
Reason, life, culture
Reason, spirit and the sacral in the new enlightenment : islamic metaphysics revived and recent phenomenology of life
reincarnating mind, or the ontopoietic outburst in creative virtualities, The : harmonisations and attunement in cognition, the fine arts, literature
self and the other, The : the irreducible element in man
Sharing poetic expressions : beauty, sublime, mysticism in islamic and occidental culture
Soul and Body in Husserlian Phenomenology : Man and Nature
Temporality in life as seen through literature : contributions to phenomenology of life
Timing and temporality in islamic philosophy and phenomenology of life
Transcendentalism overturned : from absolute power of consciousness until the forces of cosmic architectonics
Turning points of the new phenomenological era, The : Husserl research, drawing upon the full extent of his development
Tventy-fifth aniversary publication
Unveiling the Logos of Scientific Interrogation
Virtues and passions in literature : excellence, courage, engagements, wisdom, fulfilment
visible and the invisible in the interplay between philosophy, literature and reality, The
Why is there something rather than nothing? : prolegomena to the Phenomenology of Cosmic creation
Życie w pełni logos.
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Thèse lettres Fribourg (1957)