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Dines Chandra Sircar
Dineśa Candra Sarakāra
Dineśacandra Sarakāra
Dineschandra Sircar
Dinesh Chandra Sircar
Dineshchandra Sarkar
Sarakāra, Dineśa Candra
Sarakāra, Dineśacandra
Sarkar, Dinesh Chandra
Sarkar, Dineshchandra
Sircar, D. C.
Sircar, Dines Candra
Sircar, Dines Chandra
Sircar, Dinescandra
Sircar, Dineschandra
Sircar, Dinesh Chandra
Sircar, Dineshchandra
Sirkar, D.C.
Sirkar, Dines Chandra
Sirkar, Dinesh Chandra
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Aśoka, King of Magadha (active 259 B.C.)
Calcutta Sanskrit College. [Inde.]
Indian Archaeological Society. [New-Delhi.]
Re-visiting Early India Through Epigraphy and Other Texts (International Seminar) (2007 : University of Calcutta)
Seminar on Land System and Feudalism in Ancient India (1964 : University of Calcutta)
Thakur, Upendra
Thapar, Romila
University of Calcutta. Centre of Advanced Study in Ancient Indian History and Culture
University of Calcutta. Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture.
University of Calcutta. Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture. The Alumi Association
Ancient Malwa and the Vikramāditya tradition
Aśokan studies
Aspects of the cultural history of ancient Bihar. -
Bhārata war and Purāṇic genealogies, The : [proceedings of the Seminar held at the Centre of advanced study in ancient Indian history and culture, University of Calcutta, 17-18 Sept. 1965]
Cosmography and geography in early Indian literature
Deyadharma : studies in memory of Dr. D.C. Sircar
Early Indian indigenous coins
Early Indian numismatic and epigraphical studies
Early Indian political and administrative systems
Early Indian trade and industry
early Pallavas, The
Epigraphia Indica, vol. XXVIII (1949-50)
Epigraphic discoveries in East Pakistan
epigraphical discoveries in east pakistan
Foreigners in ancient India and Lakṣmī and Sarasvatī in art and literature
grammar of the Prakrit language based mainly on Vararuchi, Hemachandra and Purushottama, A
grammar of the Prakrit language, based mainly on Vararuchi's Prākṛitaprakāśa, A
Guhilas of Kiṣkindhā, The
Indian epigraphical glossary
Indian epigraphy
Indological studies, 1987:
Indological studies : Prof. D.C. Sircar commemoration volume
Inscriptions of Aśoka
Journal of ancient Indian history
Kānyakubja-Gauḍa struggle, The : from the sixth to the twelfth century A.D.
Lakṣmī and Sarasvatī in art and literature
Land system and feudalism in ancient India; [proceedings]
Land systems and feudalism in ancient India
Maski inscription of Aśoka
Pāla-pūrba yugera baṃśānucarita
Pāla-Sena yugera baṃśānucarita
Prācīna itihāsera kāhinī
Prācyavidyā-taraṅgiṇī : golden jubilee volume of the Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture
Problems of early Indian social history
Problems of the Ramayana
Re-visiting early India : essays in honour of D.C. Sircar
Reading history from inscriptions
Religion and culture of the Jains
Sā.msk.rtika itihāsera prasaṅga.
Śākta pīṭhas, The
Śakti cult and Tārā, The
Sāṃskr̥tika itihāsera prasaṅga, 1982- :
select inscriptions bearing on indian history and civilisation
Select inscriptions bearing on Indian history and civilization. from the sixth to the eighteenth century A.D.
Select inscriptions of Bihar
Śilālekha-Tāmraśāsanādira prasaṅga
Social life in ancient India
Society and administration of India
some epigraphical records of the mediaeval period from eastern india
Some epigraphical records of the medieval period from Eastern India
Some problems concerning the Kuṣāṇas
Some problems of Kuṣāṇa and Rājput history
Sraddhānjali : studies in ancient Indian history : (D.C. Sircar commemoration volume)
Sri Dinesacandrika : studies in Indology : Shri D.C. Sircar festschrift
Studies in ancient Indian history
Studies in Indian coins
Studies in the geography of ancient and medieval India
Studies in the political and administrative systems in ancient and medieval India
Studies in the religious life of ancient and medieval India
Studies in the society and administration of ancient and medieval India
Studies in the Yugapurānạ and other texts
successors of the Sātavāhanas in lower Deccan, 1939., The