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Pasquin, Anthony
Williams, John
Williams, John ((satirist))
Williams, John (Wirklicher Name)
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Hurtin, Robert Morris (1778?-1799)
M-- P--, B.A. ([from old catalog])
M'Farlane, Monteith (d. 1809)
P--, M-- B.A. [from old catalog]
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Williams, John Mason (1761-1818)
authentic history of the professors of painting, sculpture, & architecture, who have practised in Ireland; involving original letters from Sir Joshua Reynolds, which prove him to have been illiterate. To which are added, memoirs of the Royal Academicians; ... by Anthony Pasquin, Esq, An
Authentic memoirs of Warren Hastings, 1793:
cabinet of miscellanies. By Anthony Pasquin, A
calm examination into the causes of the present alarm in the empire. By a friend to his King and country, A
children of Thespis. A poem. By Anthony Pasquin, Esq. Part the third, The
children of Thespis A poem. By John Williams, Esq. Part the second., The
children of Thespis. A poem. Part first, The
Columbian gazette (New York, N.Y.)
critical guide to the exhibition of the Royal academy, for 1796; in which all the works of merit are examined;, A
critical guide to the present exhibition at the Royal Academy, for 1797 Containing Admonitions to the Artists on their Misconception of Theological Subjects, and a complete Development of the Venetian Art of Colouring, as is now so much the Rage of Imitation. By John Williams, whose public appellation is Anthony Pasquin., A
critical guide to the present exhibitions at the Royal academy, for 1797;, A
curate of Elmwood, The : a tale
Democrat (Boston, Mass.)
Democrat., The
eccentricities of Edwin the comedian., The
Hamiltoniad, The : or, An extinguisher for the royal faction of New-England. With copious notes, illustrative, biographical, philosophical, critical, admonitory, and political; being intended as a high-heeled shoe for all limping republicans.
life of the late Earl of Barrymore. Including a history of the Wargrave theatricals, and original anecdotes of eminent persons., The
looking-glass for the royal family: with documents for British ladies, and all foreigners residing in London. Being a postscript to the New Brighton guide., A
Memoirs of the Royal Academicians; being an attempt to improve the national taste. By Anthony Pasquin, Esq
new Brighton guide Involving a complete, authentic, and honorable solution of the recent mysteries of Carlton house. By Anthony Pasquin, Esq., The
new Brighton guide; or, Companion for young ladies and gentlemen to all the watering-places in Great Britain. With notes, historical, moral, and personal., The
novel: the forty days madness of a general election in England; with a letter of essential advice to the scrutineers of Westminster, A
pin-basket to the children of Thespis With notes historical, critical, and biographical. By John Williams, whose public appellation is Anthony Pasquin., The
Poems: by Anthony Pasquin
postscript to the New Bath guide. A poem. By Anthony Pasquin, A
Sabine's Annual valentine writer, for 1800, containing a compleat set of letters, valentines, &c., proper for almost every trade in town or country, with their answers.
Satires and biography. By Anthony Pasquin esqr.
Shrove Tuesday, a satiric rhapsody. First printed in MDCCXC
treatise on the game of cribbage Shewing the laws and rules of the game, as now played at St. James's, Bath, and Newmarket. With the best methods of laying out your cards, and exposing all the unfair arts practised by Sharpers. Composed by several sporting gentlemen of the first celebrity; and digested By Anthony Pasquin, Esq., A