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Manning, A.
Manning, Alan
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Algan, Yann
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Autor, David H.
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Dickens, Richard
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Georgiadis, Andreas P.
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London School of Economics and Political Science. Centre for Economic Performance
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Manning, A.
Manning, Alan
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Van Reenen, John
Wadsworth, Jonathan
Woodland, S
After Wages Councils
Are Workers Paid their Marginal Product? Evidence from a Low Wage Labour Market
Asymmetric Information Approach to the Comparative Analysis of Participatory and Capitalist Firms., An
Authority in employment contracts: A bilateral bargaining model
Big ideas: The UK's National Minimum Wage
Book Review Feature: Two Book Reviews of The Minimum Wage and Labor Market Outcomes
Can a More Nuanced View of Skill Biased Technological Change Explain the Recent Changes in Wage Inequality ?
Can supply create its own demand? Implications for rising skill differentials
Causes and Consequences of Long-Term Unemployment in Europe, The
causes and consequences of longterm unemployment in Europe, The
Change and continuity among minority communities in Britain
Collective bargaining institutions and efficiency : An application of a sequential bargaining model
Comment on B. Holmlund, "Unemployment Insurance in Theory and Practice."
Comprehensive versus selective schooling in England and Wales what do we know?
Comprehensive versus Selective Schooling in England in Wales: What Do We Know?
contribution of the minimum wage to U.S. wage inequality over three decades: a reassessment, The
Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe
Culture Clash or Culture Club? National Identity in Britain
Culture clash or culture club? the identity and attitudes of immigrants in Britain
Determinants of Wage Pressure: Some Implications of a Dynamic Model., The
Developments in Labour Market Theory and Their Implications for Macroeconomic Policy.
Dynamic Model of Union Power, Wages and Employment., A
Dynamic Wage-Employment Bargaining with Employment Adjustment Costs.
Economic Analysis of the Effects of Pre-Strike Ballots, An
Economic Situation of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants in France, Germany, and the UK, The
Economic Situation of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, The
Effect of Minimum Wages on UK Agriculture, The
effects of minimum wages on employment: Theory and evidence from Britain., The
Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment: Theory and Evidence from the US, The
effects of minimum wages on wage dispersion and employment: Evidence from the U.K. Wages Councils., The
effects of minimum wages on wage dispersion and employment: evidence from the UK wages councils., The
Effects of union Density of Wages and Employment: A Dynamic Monopoly Union Model, The
Employer Size-Wage Effect: Can Dynamic Monopsony Provide an Explanation?, The
Employer Size-Wage Effect: Is Monopsony the Explanation?, The
Employment and the Introduction of a Minimum Wage in Britain.
Endogenous Labour Market Segmentation in a Matching Model
Equal Pay Act as an Experiment to Test Theories of the Labour Market., The
Estimating the effect of minimum wages on employment from the distribution of wages: A critical view
Explaining Job Polarization in Europe: The Roles of Technology, Globalization and Institutions
Explaining job polarization: the roles of technology, offshoring and institutions.
Feature: The Integration of Immigrants and their Children in Europe: Introduction
gender gap in early-career wage growth, The
Gender gaps in unemployment rates in OECD countries
generalised model of monopsony, A
Has the national minimum wage reduced UK wage inequality?
How do we Know that Real Wages are Too High?
How local are labor markets? : Evidence from a spatial job search model
How Local Are Labour Markets? Evidence from a Spatial Job Search Model
How Robust is the Microeconomic theory of the Trade Union?
Impact of Immigration on the Structure of Male Wages: Theory and Evidence from Britain, The
Impact of the National Minimum Wage on the Wage Distribution in a Low-Wage Sector, The
Imperfect Competition in the Labor Market
Imperfect Competition in the Labour Market
Imperfect Competition, Multiple Equilibria and Unemployment Policy.
Imperfect Labour Markets, the Stock Market and the Inefficiency of Capitalism.
incidence of UK housing benefit evidence from the 1990s reforms, The
Inequality and inefficiency in a model of occupational choice with asymmetric information
Instrumental variables for binary treatments with heterogeneous treatment effects a simple exposition
Instrumental Variables for Binary Treatments with Heterogenous Treatment Effects: A Simple Exposition
integration of immigrants and their children in Europe, The
Integration of Trade Union Models in a Sequential Bargaining Framework., An
Job Polarization in Europe
Just Cant Get Enough:More On Skill-Biassed Change and Labour Market Performance
Labour Markets with Company Wage Policies
Labour supply, search and taxes
letters page, The
Lousy and lovely jobs: the rising polarization of work in Britain
McJobs and MacJobs: The growing polarization of work in Britain.
Mighty Good Thing: The Returns to Tenure
Minimum wages and economic outcomes in Europe
Minimum Wages and Wage Inequality: Some Theory and an Application to the UK
Minimum wages, wage dispersion and employment, 1992:
Mobility and Joblessness
model of the labour market with some Marxian and Keynesian features, A
Monopsony and labour demand
Monopsony and the efficiency of labour market interventions
Monopsony in motion
Movin' on up: Interpreting the Earnings-Experience Profile.
Multiple equilibria in the British labour market : Some empirical evidence
note on capital markets and bankruptcy constraints in contracting, A
Oligopsony and monopsonistic competition in labor markets.
One Nation Under a Groove? Identity and Multiculturalism in Britain
part-time pay penalty for women in Britain, The
plant size-place effect: agglomeration and monopsony in labour markets, The
polarization of the European labor market., The
Pre-strike Ballots and Wage-Employment Bargaining.
Pretty Vacant: Recruitment in Low-Wage Labour Markets.
Privatization and the Decline of Labour's Share: International Evidence from Network Industries
Privatization, Entry Regulation and the Decline of Labor's Share of GDP: A Cross-Country Analysis of the Network Industries
Privatization, entry regulation and the decline of labour's share of GDP: a cross-country analysis of the network industries
Productivity Growth, Wage Setting and the Equilibrium Rate of Unemployment
Profitability of Private Information in Unionised Capitalist Enterprises., The
real thin theory: monopsony in modern labour markets, The
Recent changes in the European employment structure: the roles of technology and globalization.
Recent changes in the European employment structure: the roles of technology, globalization and institutions.
Review 1
Shifts in the Demand and Supply of Skills in the OECD: A Single-Index Model with a Continuous Distribution of Skills
Simple test of the shirking model, 1997:
Simple Test of the Shirking Model, A
Skill-biassed change, unemployment and wage inequality
Something in the way She Movcs: A Fresh Look at an Old Gap
Something in the way she moves: a fresh look at an old gap
Spend it like Beckham? inequality and redistribution in the UK, 1983-2004
Spikes and spill-overs: The impact of the national minimum wage on the wage distribution in a low-wage sector
Steady-State Equilibrium in a Model of Short-Term Wage-Posting
Structure of Wages in What Should be a Competitive Labour Market, The
test of competitive labor market theory: The wage structure among care assistants in the south of England., A
Testing Dynamic Models of Worker Effort.
Tests of alternative wage employment bargaining models with an application to the UK aggregate labour market
Theory of Values
Understanding the gender pay gap: what's competition got to do with it?
Wage Bargaining and the Phillips Curve: The Identification and Specification of Aggregate Wage Equations.
Wage Setting and Labour Market Adjustment in Europe, Japan and the USA
Wage Setting and the Tax System: theory and Evidence for the UK
Wage setting and the tax system theory and evidence for the United Kingdom
Wage setting and unemployment persistence in Europe, Japan and the USA
We can work it out the impact of technological change on the demand for low-skill workers
Where the Minimum Wage Bites Hard: Introduction of Minimum Wages to a Low Wage Sector
Where the minimum wage bites hard: the introduction of the UK national minimum wage to a low wage sector
Workforce planning for water utilities--successful recruiting, training, and retaining of operators and engineers
You can't always get what you want: The impact of the UK Jobseeker's Allowance
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