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Fan, Sheng-ken
Fan (Shenggen)
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Agcaoili-Sombilla, Mercedita C.
Ahmed, Akhter
Akramov, Kamiljon T.
Al-Riffai, Perrihan
Alston, Julian M.
Asenso-Okyere, Kwadwo
Ayele, Gezahegne
Benin, Sam
Benin, Samuel
Benson, Todd
Brzeska, Joanna
Cai, Ximing
Chan-Kang, Connie
Christian, Jason E.
Cohen, Marc J.
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) / International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Cramer, Gail
Dalafi, Sara
Diao, Xinshen
Dorward, Andrew
El-Said, Moataz
Fan, Shenggan
FAN, Shenggen
Fan, Shenngen
Fang, Cheng
Gulati, Ashok
Gulati, Ashok (1954-)
Haque, T.
Hazell, P. B. R.
Hazell, Peter
Headey, Derek
Headey, Derek D.
International Food Policy Research Institute
Jitsuchon, Somchai
Johnson, Michael
Kanbur, Ravi
Kolavalli, Shashidhara
Kydd, Jonathan
Li, Lixing
LUO, Xiaopeng
Malaiyandi, Sangeetha
Meinzen-Dick, Ruth
Menon, Purnima
Methakunnavut, Nuntaporn
Mogues, Tewodaj
Mukherjee, Anit
Nin-Pratt, Alejandro
Nyange, David
Olofinbiyi, Tolulope
Pandya-Lorch, Rajul
Pardey, Philip G.
Paulos, Zelekawork
Pratt, Alejandro Nin
Qian, Keming
Rao, Neetha
Robinson, Sherman
Rosegrant, Mark W.
Ruttan, Vernon W.
Saurkar, Anuja
Shields, Ghada
Thorat, Sukhadeo
Thurlow, James
University of Minnesota
von Braun, Joachim
Wailes, Eric
Wailes, Eric J
Xing, Li
Yao, Yi
You, Liangzhi
Young, Kenneth B
Yu, Bingxin
Zhang, Huijie
Zhang, Linxiu
Zhang, Xiaobo
Zhang, Xiaobo (1966-)
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Hidden harvest
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Hohe Nahrungsmittelpreise: Konzept f ür die Wege aus der Krise
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Lessons learned from the dragon (China) and the elephant (India): essays from IFPRI's 2004-2005 Annual Report [In Chinese]
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Quan qiu hua yu xiao nong
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Regional Inequality In China: An Overview
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Summary of a productive partnership: the benefits from U.S. participation in the CGIAR
Targeting public investments by agro-ecological zone to achieve growth and poverty alleviation goals in rural India
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wto and rural public investment strategy in china
WTO 和中国农村公共投资
Zhongguo he Yindu nong ye nong cun gai ge de bi jiao yan jiu
Zhongguo xi bu di qu gong gong zheng ce he nong cun pin kun yan jiu
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Minnesota, 1989