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Gill, R. D.
Gill, Richard
Gill, Richard D.
Gill, Richard David
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Bakry, Dominique
Bernard, Pierre (1944- ))
Grünwald, P.D. (1970-)
Grünwald, Peter Daniel (1970-)
Guţǎ, Mǎdǎlin (1973-)
Guţǎ, Mǎdǎlin Ionuţ (1973-)
Horst, R. van der
Horst, Reiner
Keiding, N.
Keiding, Niels
Molčanov, Stanislav A.
Molchanov, S.A.
Molchanov, Stanislav Alekseevič
Moltchanov, Stanislav Alekseevitch (1940-...)
Robins, James M.
Accardi contra Bell (cum mundi) : the impossible coupling
algorithmic and a geomatric characterization of coarsening at random, An
Asymptotic information bounds in quantum statistics
Asymptotics in quantum statistics
Bell's inequality and the coincidence-time loophole
Case-control studies in a markov chain setting
Causal inference for complex longitudinal data: the continuous case
Censoring and stochastic integrals
chaotic chameleon, The
Cointegration analysis in the presence of flexible trends
Cox's regression model for counting processes : a large sample study
example of non-attainability of expected quantum information, An
Gamma-ray angular correlations
Gemiste kansen
invitation to quantum tomography II, An
Kaplan-Meier estimators of interpoint distance distributions for spatial point processes
Large sample behaviour of the product-limit estimator on the whole line
Large sample theory of empirical distributions in biased sampling models
Lectures on probability theory : Ecole d'eté de probabilités de Saint-Flour, XXII-1992
Methoden, voetangels en klemmen in de factoranalyse
Non- and semi-parametric maximum likelihood estimators and the Von Mises method
Non- and semi-parametric maximum likelihood estimators and the von Misis method (part 1)
note on some methods for regression analysis with incomplete observations, A
note on two papers in dependent central limit theory, A
On an argument of David Deutsch
On estimating transition intensities of a Markov process with aggregate data of a certain type: occurences but no exposures
On quantum statistical inference
On the estimation of multidimensional demographic models with population registration data
Optimal Bell tests do not require maximally entangled states
Papers on semiparametric models at the ISI centenary session, Amsterdam
Plasma physics and nuclear fusion research, 1981 (a.e.)
Product-integrals and counting processes
Product-limit estimators of the gap time distribution of a renewal porcess under different sampling patterns
Random truncation models and Markov processes
Regression analysis for mixed cross-section and time-series data with reference to some "incomplete observations" techniques
simple test of the proportional hazards assumption, A
STATAL : statistical procedures in Algol 60, part 1
STATAL : statistical procedures in Algol 60, part 2
STATAL : statistical procedures in Algol 60, part 3
State estimation for large ensembles
Statistical analysis of heaped duration data
statistical strength of nonlocality proofs, The
Teleportation into quantum statistics
Time, finite statistics, and Bell's fifth position
total time on test plot and the cumulative total time on test statistic for a counting process, The
Understanding Cox's regression model : a martingale approach