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Fagerberg, J.
Fagerberg, Jan
Fagerberg, Jan Ernst
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Aalborg Universitet / Institut for Økonomi og Ledelse / IKE Gruppen
Andersen, Esben Sloth
Bell, Martin
Borrás, Susana
Caniëls, Marjolein
Cappelen, A.
Cappelen, Aadne
Castellacci, F.
Castellacci, Fulvio
Clausen, Tommy
Dosi, Giovanni
Edquist, Charles
Ernst, Dieter
Fagerberg, J.
Fagerberg, Jan
Feldman, Maryann
Fosaas, Morten
Godinho, Manuel
Guerrieri, Paolo
Guerrieri, Paolo (1947-)
Gulbrandsen, Magnus
Hildrum, Jarle
Jan, Fagerberg
Knell, Mark
Landström, Hans
Lundberg, Lars (1937-)
Lunds Universitet / Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE)
Martin, Ben R.
Mowery, David
Mowery, David C
Mowery, David C.
Mowery, David C. (1952-)
Nelson, Richard R.
Nightingale, Paul
Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt Affiliation (see also from)
Sapprasert, Koson
Senter for Teknologi, Innovasjon og Kultur Affiliation (see also from)
Soete, Luc
Srholec, Martin
Universitetet Affiliation (see also from)
Universitetet i Oslo / Senter for teknologi, innovasjon og kultur (TIK)
University of California San Diego Campus Affiliation (see also from)
University of Sussex
Verspagen, B.
Verspagen, Bart
Verspagen, Bart (1966-)
Verspagen, Hubertus Henricus Gerardus (1966-)
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Associational Economy: Firms, Regions and Innovation: Philip Cooke and Kevin Morgan (Eds.), Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1999, 247 pp., [UK pound]42.50/[UK pound]14.99, ISBN 019-829018-7, The
Associational Economy, The : Firms, Regions and Innovation
Benchmarking: A New and Useful Tool for Policy Learning?
Catching up: What are the Critical Factors for success?
changing global economic landscape: What are the factors that matter?, The
Christopher Freeman: social science entrepreneur
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Competitiveness of Nations: Why Some Countries Prosper While Others Fall Behind, The
Competitiveness, Scale and R&D
complex interaction between Global Production Networks, Digital Information Systems and International Knowledge Transfers, The
Convergence or Divergence? The Impact of Technology on "Why Growth Rates Differ."
Do global production networks and digital information systems make Knowledge spatially fluid?
Domestic Demand, Learning and Comparative Advantage
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dynamics of technology, trade and growth, The
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European economic integration : a nordic perspective
evolution of Norway’s national innovation system, The
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Impact of EU Regional Support on Growth and Convergence in the European Union., The
Innovation: A Guide to the Literature
Innovation and catching-up
Innovation, catching up, and productivity growth :
Innovation: Exploring the knowledge base
Innovation, growth and economic development: have the conditions for catch-up changed?
Innovation, path dependency, and policy : the Norwegian case
Innovation studies-an emerging discipline (or what)? A study of the global network of innovation scholars
Innovation studies : evolution and future challenges
Innovation Studies – the emergence of a new scientific field
Innovation Studies – the emerging structure of a new scientific field
Innovation-systems, path-dependency and policy: The co-evolution of science, technology and innovation policy and industrial structure in a small, resource-based economy
Innovation, technology and the global knowledge economy: Challenges for future growth
International Competitiveness: Errata.
Introduction: The heterogeneity of innovation--evidence from the Community Innovation Surveys
Introduction to special issue on learning, innovation systems and policy in honour of Bengt-Åke Lundvall
Is there a large-country advantage in high-tech?
Knowledge, Capabilities and the Poverty Trap - The complex interplay between technological, social and geographical factors
Lack of regional convergence.
Layman's Guide to Evolutionary Economics, A
Mobilizing for change: A study of research units in emerging scientific fields
'Modern Capitalism' in the 1970s and 1980s
National innovation systems, capabilities and economic development
National innovation systems: the emergence of a new approach
Need for Innovation-Based Growth in Europe, The
Norden og strukturendringene på verdensmarkedet : en analyse av de nordiske lands handel med hverandre og med de øvrige OECD-landene 1961-1983
Oxford handbook of innovation, 2005:, The
Part VI - International diffusion of technology and international trade competition
Process of Economic Integration in Europe: Consequences for EFTA Countries and Firms, The
Productivity, R&D Spillovers and Trade
"regulation school" and the classics (the) : modes of accumulation and modes of regulation in a classical model of economic growth
Role of Innovation in Development, The
Schumpeter and the revival of evolutionary economics : an appraisal of the literature
Structural Changes in International Trade - Cause, Impact and Response
Structural Changes in International Trade - who gain, who lose?
Technological dynamics and social capability : comparing U.S. States and European nations
Technological progress, structural change and productivity growth: a comparative study
Technology and Competitiveness.
Technology and development: Unpacking the relationship(s)
Technology and International Differences in Growth Rates.
Technology and international trade
Technology and regulation in a classical model of economic growth
technology gap approach to why growth rates differ, A
Technology-gaps, innovation-diffusion and transformation: an evolutionary interpretation.
Technology, growth and competitives : selected essays
Technology, growth and trade ; Schumpeterian perspectives
Technology, Growth and Unemployment across European Regions.
Technology, Policy, Growth - Theory, Evidence and Interpretation
Technology, Trade Structure and Economic Integration - An examination of Intra-Nordic, Nordic-EC and Intra-EC trade 1961-1987
User-producer interaction, learning and comparative advantage
Vision and fact - A critical essay on the growth literature
What do we know about innovation? Lessons from the TEARI project
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Sussex, 1988