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Khan, H. A.
Khan, Haider
Khan, Haider A.
Khan, Haider Ali
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Akram, Tanweer
Ali Khan, Haider
Asian Development Bank Institute
Chang, Ruei-Yuan
Chousa, Juan Pineiro
Deolalikar, Anil
Feng, Cheng-Min
Frame, Mariko
Gang, Ira N.
Hasan, Rana
Herrmann, Michael
Hoshino, Eiichi
Hsu, Paochung
Huang, Chi-Chung
Huang, Hsu-Huei
International Labour Office
James, Jeffrey
James, M.J.
Kang, Chao-Chung
Khan, H.
Khan, H.A.
Khan, haider
Khan, Haider A
Khan, Haider A.
Larik, Zulfiqar
Lin, Chin-Shien
Liu, Yibei
Matin, M. A.
Melikyan, D.N.
Melikyan, Davit
Melikyan, Davit N.
Piñeiro, J. 
Plaza, Oscar
Rezazadeh, A.
Sinha, Anushree
Thorbecke, Erik
Thorbecke, Erik (1929-)
University of Denver- JKSIS
Wang, Ying-Chieh
Weiss, John (1948- ))
Wu, Jyh-Jeng
african debt and sustainable development
Alemneh Dejene. Planning for manpower development ... 1984:
Analyzing Poverty Impact of Trade Liberalization Policies in CGE Models: Theory and Some Policy Experiments in Agricultural and Non-agricultural Sectors in South Asia
Asian development bank: can it become an actual development bank?
Assessing institutional efficiency, growth and integration
Bangladesh: National Political Econmic Strategies in Perilous Times
Broader Framework for Analyzing the US-China Problems with an Emphasis on Exchange Rates, A
Building an Innovative Economy through Managed Creative Destruction: A Theory with Applications to South Korea
Can Banks Learn to Be Rational?
Can the neuro fuzzy model predict stock indexes better than its rivals?
Causal Depth: Aspects of a Scientific Realist Approach to Causal Explanation contra Humean Empiricism
Causal Depth contra Humean Empiricism: Aspects of a Scientific Realist Approach to Explanation
Challenges for Sustainable Development: Rapid Urbanization, Poverty and Capabilities in Bangladesh
China?s Development Strategy and Energy Security: Growth, Distribution and Regional Cooperation
China's Energy Dilemma
China's Energy Security: National Security, Ecological Balance and Regional Co-operation
China's Entry into the WTO: ICT Sectors, Innovation, Growth and Distribution
china’s national innovation system at the cross-roads
China’s New Development Strategy: Environment and Energy Security
Competiveness and Human Resource Development
Constructing Global Governance of Global Finance: Towards a Hybrid Global Financial Architecture
Corporate Governance in Singapore and Hong Kong: What Can the Other Asian Economies Learn?
Corporate Governance of Family-Based Businesses in Asia: Which Road to Take?
Corporate Governance:The Limits of the Principal- Agent Approach in Light of the Family-Based Corporate Governance System in Asia
Dark Matter: Some Reflections on the Current Account Debate
Deconstructing Postmodernism and the Mainstream Developmental Discourse of Women's Empowerment in the (South) Asian Context
Deep Democracy ; A Political and Social Economy Approach
Democracy, Finance and Development
Development as Freedom
Development Strategies: Lessons from the Experiences of South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam
Dialectical Logic and Self-consciousness: Some Preliminary Remarks on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit and Science of Logic
Digital Development: Challenges and Prospects
Digital Transitions: The POLIS Theory and The NIEs
Does the Appointment of an Outside Director Increase Firm Value? Evidence from Taiwan
Does the Appointment of the Outside Director Increase Firm Value? The Evidence from Taiwan
Ecological Economics of Water in China: Towards A Strategy for Sustainable Development
employment effects of an income redistribution in developing countries., The
Explaining the impact of foreign aid: Response to McGillivray
Extended Panda's Thumb and a New Global Financial Architecture, The
Financial Market Efficiency, Institutions and Growth: An international Econometric Analysis for 1997-2002
Foreign Aid and Fiscal Behavior in a Bounded Rathionality Model: Different Policy Regimes
Foreign aid and fiscal behavior in a bounded rationality model: Different policy regimes
Foreign aid, taxes, and public investment
Foreign Direct Investment and the Performance of MNCs: Taiwanese Firms' in People's Republic of China and Southeast Asia
Friedman’s Methodology: A Puzzle and A Proposal for Generating Useful Debates through Causal Comparisons (with a postscript on positive vs. normative theories)
Future of Japanese Aid to South and Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis, The
Gender and Informal Sector Analysis in India: Economy Wide Approaches
General Conclusions: From Crisis to A Global Political Economy of Freedom
Global markets and financial crises in Asia : towards a theory for the 21st century
Globalization and Regional Co-operation in South Asia: A Political and Social Economy Approach
Globalization and the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Making a Rules-based Trading Regime Work
Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities
Governance, African Debt, and Sustainable Development: Policies for Partnership with Africa
Governance and Effectiveness of Japanese Aid: Towards Optimality
Hermeneutics and Dialectics: (Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger and) Hans-Georg Gadamer
How Effective Is Japanese Foreign Aid? Econometric Results from a Bounded Rationality Model for Indonesia
Human development and capabilities in MENA economies with special emphasis on Egypt
Impact of foreign aid on the fiscal behavior of LDC governments
Information Technology, Growth and Welfare: An Economic and Engineering Analysis of Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Innovation and Growth: A Schumpeterian Model of Innovation Applied to Taiwan
Institutional and Financial Determinants of Development: New Evidence from Advanced and Emerging Markets
Interpreting East Asian Growth and Innovation the Future of Miracles
Investigation of optically generated kink effect in GaAs-based heterojunction phototransistors
Japanese Foreign Aid, Development Expenditures and Taxation in Thailand: Econometric Results from a Bounded Rationality Model of Fiscal Behavior
Lessons from Korean development experience
Macroeconomic effects and diffusion of alternative technologies within a social accounting matrix framework : the case of Indonesia
Macroeconomic effects of technology choice: Multiplier and structural path analysis within a SAM framework
Making Globalization Work: Towards Global Economic Justice
Managing Global Risks and Creating Prosperity: the Role of the IMF and Regional Financial Architectures
Mangled Miracle and the Alchemy of Finance, The
Markets, Democracy and Economic Justice in the Age of Postmodernism: Fictions, "Factions", orFrictions?
Measuring and analyzing the economic effects of trade sanctions against South Africa : a new approach
National Innovation Systems and Regional Cooperation in Asia: Challenges and Strategies from a Study of China
New Approach to Modeling Early Warning Systems for Currency Crises, A : can a machine-learning fuzzy expert system predict the currency crises effectively?
new approach to modeling early warning systems for currency crises: Can a machine-learning fuzzy expert system predict the currency crises effectively?, A
On Modelling Negotiations within a Dynamic Multi-objective Programming Framework: Analysis of Risk Measurement with an Application to Large BOT Projects
On Mortality and Poverty: An Axiomatic Approach With A Modified Index
On Paradigms, Theories and Models
political economy of sanctions against Apartheid, The
Poverty strategies in Asia : a growth plus approach
Rapid urbanization, employment crisis and poverty in African LDCs:A new development strategy and aid policy
reducing poverty:patterns of potential human progress
Reply to White, 'foreign aid, taxes and public investment: A further comment'
Sectoral growth and poverty alleviation : a multiplier decomposition technique applied to South Africa
Social Accounting Matrices(SAMs) and CGE Modeling:Using Macroeconomic Computable General Equilibrium Models for Assessing Poverty Impact of Structural Adjustment Policies
Social Accounting Matrix: A Very Short Introduction for Economic Modeling
Soft Infrastructure, Trading Costs and Regional Co-operation
Some determinants of foreign aid to India, 1960-1985
Sustainability and Surplus
Technology choice and income distribution
Technology, development and democracy : limits of national innovation systems in the age of postmodernism
Technology, energy, and development : the South Korean transition
Theory of Deep Democracy and Economic Justice in the Age of Postmodernism, A
Towards A Field Theory of Innovating Multinational Firms in the Digital Economy: Creative Capital in a POLIS
Trade Liberalization and Poverty Reduction in General Equilibrium: The Role of Labor Market Structure
transitional economies and regional economic development strategies
Value, Social Capabilities, Alienation:The Right to Revolt
Women's Rights as Human Rights: A Political and Social Economy Approach within a Deep Democratic Framework
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