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Johnston, Douglas M.
Tisdell, C.
Tisdell, C. A.
Tisdell, Clem
Tisdell, Clem A
Tisdell, Clement
Tisdell, Clement A.
Tisdell, Clement Allan
Tisdell, Clement Allen
تيسديل، كليم،
كليم تيسديل،
ティスデル, クレム
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Tisdell, C A
Tisdell, C.
Tisdell, C. A. (see also from)
Tisdell, C.A.
Tisdell, Clem A
Tisdell, Clem A.
Tisdell, Clement A
Tisdell, Clement A.
Tisdell, Clement Allan
Tisdell, Clement Allan (see also from)
Tisdell, Prof Clem
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السلطان، يوسف يعقوب
abbreviated autobiography, An : saint or devil? Or neither?
Agricultural Development in Traditional Asian Economies: Observations Prompted by a Livestock Study in Vietnam
Agricultural Sustainability and the Introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Agricultural Sustainability in Marginal Areas: Principles, Policies and Examples from Asia
Agriculture, Structural Change and Socially Responsible Development in China and Vietnam
Aid for Village-Based Rural Projects in LDCs: Experiences, Project Appraisal and Selection, ACIAR and Giant Clam Culture as a Case.
Alternative Specifications and Extensions of the Economic Threshold Concept and the Control of Livestock Pests
Analysis of Property Values, Local Government Finances and Reservation of Land for National Parks and Similar Purposes
Andreas Kontoleon, Unai Pascual and Timothy Swanson, Editors, Biodiversity economics: Principles, methods and applications, Cambridge University Press, New York (2008) ISBN 978-0-521-86683-5, p. xxv + 664.
Animal Health Economics. What Can It Do? What Are the Big Questions?
Antarctic tourism: Environmental concerns and the importance of Antarctica's natural attractions for tourists
Antarctic Tourists: A Case Study of Their Evaluation of Antarctic Wildlife and Environmental Issues
Antarctic Tourists, Wildlife and the Environment: Attractions and Reactions to Antarctica
Aquaculture Economics and Marketing: An Overview
Aquaculture, Environmental Spillovers and Sustainable Developments: Links and Policy Choices
Are tourists rational? Destination decisions and other results from a survey of visitors to a North Queensland natural site - Jourama Falls
Asia's Livestock Industries: Changes and Environmental Consequences
Asian Development and Environmental Dilemmas
Asian Elephants as Agricultural Pests: Damages, Economics of Control and Compensation in Sri Lanka
Assessment of the UN's Millennium Development Goals and its Millennium Declaration, An
Asset-Poor Women in India and the Relevance of Amartya Sen's Analysis
Associations between Poverty and Socio-economic Variables in a Typical Tswana Rural Village: New Insights
Attitudes to entry fees to national parks: results and policy implications from a Queensland case study
Australia's Antarctic Policy Options - A Review Article
Australia's Economic Policies in an Era of Globalisation
Australian interests and resource-use conflicts in the Indian Ocean
Australian Research Subsidy to Overseas Firms and Other Aspects of the Distribution of Research Grants., The
Australian Tropical Reptile Species: Ecological Status, Public Valuation and Attitudes to their Conservation and Commercial Use
Bangladesh's Performance and the Millennium Development Goals: A Sketch of Progress
Biodiversity Change and Sustainable Development: New Perspectives
Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Development. Principles and Practices with Asian Examples, Clem Tisdell, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Cheltenham, 1999, 263 pp. ISBN 1-85898-735-0
Biodiversity Conservation: Concepts and Economic Issues with Chinese Examples
Biodiversity Conservation: Economics, Gains and Costs in China Illustrated by Xishuangbanna Nature Reserve, Yunnan
Biodiversity conservation, loss of natural capital and interest rates
Bioeconomic Analysis of Aquaculture's Impact on Wild Stocks and Biodiversity
Birds in an Australian Rainforest: Their Attraction for Visitors and Visitor's Ecological Impacts
Birds - Their importance to visitors to an Australian Rainforest
BOOK REVIEW: "Review of Fisheries Exploitation in the Indian Ocean — Threats and Opportunities" Edited by Dennis Rumley, Sanjay Chaturvedi and Vijay Sakhuja
Book reviews
Botswana's Development: Its Economic Structure and Rural Poverty
Bounded rationality and economic evolution : a contribution to decision making, economics and management
Breeding and feeding pigs in Australia and Vietnam
Brunei's Quest for Sustainable Development: Diversification and Other Strategies
Budget Deficit and Subsidies: Obstacles to Economic Reforms in India
Business Partnerships in a Globalising World: Economic Considerations
Can Globalisation Result in Less Efficient and More Vulnerable Industries?
Can Subjective Measures for Rapid Assessment of Rural Poverty and Inequality be Useful in Botswana?
Capital/natural resource substitution:: the debate of Georgescu-Roegen (through Daly) with Solow/Stiglitz
Carrying capacity reconsidered: from Malthus' population theory to cultural carrying capacity
Case Study of an NGOs Ecotourism Efforts: Findings Based on a Survey of Visitors to its Tropical Nature Reserve, A
Certainty Equivalence and Bias in the Management of Production
Changing Abundance of Elephants and Willingness to Pay for their Conservation
China and the Asia Pacific economy
China's economic growth and transition macroeconomic, environmental and social/regional dimensions
China's Economic Performance and Transition in Relation to Globalisation: From Isolation to Centre-Stage?
China's Environmental Problems with Particular Attention to its Energy Supply and Air Quality
China's Goal of Combining Economic Self-Reliance With Its Development: Changing Perspectives and Challenges
China's reformed science and technology system: an overview and assessment
Climate Change - Predictions, Economic Consequences, and the Relevance of Environmental Kuznets Curves
Closing the gender gap in Bangladesh: inequality in education, employment and earnings
Co-Evolution in Asia, Markets and Globalization
Coevolution, agricultural practices and sustainability: some major social and ecological issues
Comments on a Note on Optimal Effort in the Maldivian Tuna Industry
Comments on Muth’s note on economic policy, forecasting and flexibility
Commercialisation of Agriculture in Kenya: Case Study of Policy Bias and Food Purchases by Farm Households
Commercialisation of Agriculture in Kenya: Case Study of Urban Bias on Food Availability in Farm Households
Commonwealth Industrial Research and Development Grants - An Economic Evaluation
Comparative costs and conservation of wild species in situ, e.g. orangutans
Comparative Costs and Conservation Policies for the Survival of the Oranutan and Other Species: Includes an Example
Comparative Public Support for Conserving Reptile Species is High: Australian Evidence and its Implications
Comparative Study of China's and Australia's Cotton Production, A
Comparison of Funding and Demand for the Conservation of the Charismatic Koala with those for the Critically Endangered Wombat Lasiorhinus krefftii
Compensation for the taking of Resource Interests: Practices in Relation to the Wet Tropics and Fraser Island, General Principles and their Relevance to the Extension of Dugong Protected Areas
Competition and Evolution in Economics and Ecology Compared
Competition, diversity and economic performance, 2013:
Competition, Evolution and Optimisation: Comparisons of Models in Economics and Ecology
Competitiveness of Small Household Pig Producers in Vietnam: Significant Research and Policy Findings from an ACIAR-sponsored Study and their Limitations, The
Complex Policy Choices about Agricultural Externalities: Efficiency, Equity and Acceptability
Concepts of Competition in Theory and Practice
Conceptual Issues in the Measurement of Economic and Productive Efficiencies
Conflicts about Living Marine Resources in Southeast Asian and Australian Waters: Turtles and Dugong as Cases
Conflicts over natural resources and the environment: Economics and Security
Conservation and Economic Benefits of Wildlife-based Marine Tourism: Sea Turtles and Whales as Case Studies
Conservation of Biodiversity is the Most Important Aspect of Ecologically Sustainable Development: An Economic Perspective
Conservation of the Proboscis Monkey and the Orangutan in Borneo: Comparative Issues and Economic Considerations
Conservation, Protected Areas and the Global Economic System: How Debt, Trade, Exchange Rates, Inflation and Macroeconomic Policy Affect Biological Diversity
Conservation Value
Conserving and Planting Trees on Farms: Lessons from Australian Cases
Conserving Forest Wildlife and Other Ecosystem Services: Opportunity Costs and The Valuation of Alternative Logging Regimes
Contingent valuation as a dynamic process
Contributed economic essays : a collection in memory of Dr. M.G. Kibria
Conversation with Clem Tisdell, A
Core Issues in the Economics of Biodiversity Conservation
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Economic Globalization
Crocodiles Farms and the Management of Saltwater Crocodiles in the Northern Territory: Results of a Survey of NT Crocodile Farmers plus Analysis of Secondary Information
Crop loss elasticity in relation to weed density and control
Decomposition Methods, Agricultural Productivity Growth and Technological Change: A Critique Supported by Bangladeshi Data.
Deforestation and Capital Accumulation: Lessons from the Upper Kerinci Region, Indonesia
Dependence of public support for survival of wildlife species on their likeability
Deprivation of females in Kondh-dominated villages in rural Orissa: evidence and economic explanations
determinants of the vertical boundaries of the construction firm: response, The
Developing Ecotourism for the Survival of Sea Turtles
Development of Kiribati: An Analysis of Trends, Issues and Policies, The
Development of Samoa: An Analysis of Trends, Issues and Policies, The
Development of the Solomon Islands: An Analysis of Trends, Issues and Policies, The
Development of Tuvalu: An Analysis of Trends, Issues and Policies, The
Development of Vanuatu: An Analysis of Trends, Issues and Policies, The
Development problems and planning in a resource-poor Pacific country : the case of Tuvalu
Distribution of Research Grants: A Rejoinder., The
Diversification and Stability Implications of New Crop Varieties: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence
Diversity and Economic Evolution : Failures of Competitive Economic Systems
Diversity, Globalisation and Market Stability
Does Ecotourism Contribute to Sea Turtle Conservation? Is the Flagship Status of Turtles Advantageous?
Does the economic use of wildlife favour conservation and sustainability
Does The Economic Value Of The Asian Elephant To Urban Dwellers Exceed Their Cost To The Farmers? A Sri Lankan Study
Does Workforce Participation Empower Women? Micro-Level Evidence from Urban Bangladesh
Dynamic Processes in Contingent Valuation: A Case Study Involving the Mahogany Glider
Dynamic Processes in the Contingent Valuation of an Endangered Mammal Species
ecological modelling
Economic and Business Relations Between Australia and China: An Overview and an Assessment
economic and socio-economic potential of giant clam (Tridacnid) culture, The : a review
Economic Benefits and Drawbacks of Cities and their Growth Implications
Economic Benefits, Conservation and Wildlife Tourism
Economic Benefits of Dolphins in the United States Eastern Tropical Pacific Purse-Seine Tuna Industry
Economic Challenges Faced by Small Island Economies: An Overview
Economic Change and Environmental Issues: Policy Reforms and Concerns in Australian Agriculture
Economic Competition and Evolution: Are there Lessons from Ecology?
Economic development in the context of China policy issues and analysis
Economic, Educational and Conservation Benefits of Sea Turtle Based Ecotourism: A Study focused on Mon Repos
Economic Globalisation: The Process and its Potential, Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts
Economic growth among small Pacific countries, 1983
Economic Growth and Transition in Vietnam and China and its Consequences for their Agricultural Sectors: Policy and Agricultural Adjustment Issues
Economic Importance of Wildlife Conservation on the Otago Peninsula - 20 years on, The
Economic Incentives for Global Conservation of Wildlife: New International Policy Directions
Economic Incentives to Conserve Wildlife on Private lands: Analysis and Policy
Economic policy, forecasting and flexibility
Economic Policy Instruments and Environmental Sustainability: A Second Look at Marketable or Tradeable Pollution or Environmental-Use Permits
Economic policy instruments and environmental sustainability: another look at environmental-use permits
Economic Problems in Managing Australia's Marine Resources
Economic Prospects for Small Island Economies, Particularly in the South Pacific, in a Globalising World
Economic Reform and Openness in China: China’s Development Policies in the Last 30 Years
Economic Social and Cultural Influences on the Status and Wellbeing of Indian Rural Wives
Economic Spacing of Trees and Other Crops., The
Economic Study of Small Pigholders in Vietnam: Some Insights Gained and the Scope for Further Research, An
Economic Theories of the Family and Discrimination in a Social Context: Entitlements of Kondh Tribal Females in India
Economic thresholds and response to uncertainty in weed control
Economics and ecology in agriculture and marine production: bioeconomics and resource use: C.A. Tisdell, Edward Elgar Publishing, Chelthenham, UK, 2003, 365 pp. Price: $100 (hardback). ISBN: 1-84376-020-7
Economics and the debate about preservation of species, crop varieties and genetic diversity
Economics and Tourism Development: Structural Features of Tourism and Economic Influences on its Vulnerability
Economics and university life : further reflections and experiences of Clem Tisdell
Economics, Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Economics, Ecology and GMOs: Sustainability, Precaution and Related Issues
Economics, Ecology and the Development and Use of GMOs: General Considerations and Biosafety Issues
Economics in our society.
Economics of Antarctic Minke Whale Catches: Sustainability and Welfare Considerations
Economics of Business Learning: The Need for Broader Perspectives in Managerial Economics
economics of conserving wildlife and natural areas, The
Economics of Controlling Livestock Diseases: Basic Theory
Economics of Controlling Vertebrate Wildlife: the Pest-Asset Dichotomy and Environmental Conflict
Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations., The
Economics of environmental conservation economics for environmental & ecological management
Economics of fibre markets : a global view of the interdependence between man-made fibres, wool and cotton
Economics of Pearl Oyster Culture
economics of tourism, The
Economics of Wildlife Tourism
Economics, Wildlife Tourism and Conservation: Three Case Studies
Ecosystem Services: A Re-examination of Some Procedures for Determining their Economic Value
Ecotourism: Aspects of Its Sustainability and Compatibility
Ecotourism, Economics and the Environment
Ecotourism Experiences Promoting Conservation and Changing Economic Values: The Case of Mon Repos Turtles
Ecotourism: Its Boundaries and its Economics with Examples from China
Ecotourism/Wildlife based Tourism as Contributor to Nature Conservation with Reference to Vanni, Sri Lanka
Education, Employment and Social Inclusion within the European Union
Education's Role in Economic Development and in Assisting the Poor
Effects of a Change in Abundance of Elephants on Willingness to Pay for their Conservation
Effects of Markets on Poverty and Economic Inequality: Evolutionary and Ethical Perspectives
Effects of the Cartagena Biosafety Protocol on Trade in GMOs, WTO Implications, and Consequences for China
Efficiency and Decreasing Cost Industries.
Efficient Public Provision of Commodities: Transaction Cost, Bounded Rationality and Other Considerations, The
Efficient Public Provision of Commodities: Transaction Costs, Bounded Rationality and Other Considerations
Elephants and Polity in Ancient India as Exemplified by Kautilya's Arthrasastra (Science of Polity)
Endangerment and likeability of wildlife species: How important are they for payments proposed for conservation?
Endangerment and Likeability of Wildlife Species: How Important are they for Proposed Payments for Conservation
Energy-Use, the Environment and Development: Observations with Reference to China and India
Environment and Asian-Pacific, Particularly East Asia, Economic Development, The
environment and economic development in South Asia, The : an overview concentrating on Bangladesh
Environment and the Selection of Aquaculture Species and Systems: An Economic Analysis, The
Environmental and Resource Economics: Its Role in Planning Sustainable Development
Environmental Economics: Policies for environmental management and sustainable development.: Clem Tisdell. Edward Elgar/Gower, Aldershot, England/Brookfield, VT, USA, 1993. xii + 259 pp, US$59.95. ISBN 1-8527- 8639-6.
Environmental Governance, Globalisation and Economic Performance
Environmental regulation of land use and public compensation: principles, and Swiss and Australian examples
Environmental Regulations of Land-use and Public Compensation: Principles with Swiss and Australian Examples
Evolution and Classification of the Published Books of Clem Tisdell: A Brief Overview, The
Excitement and Value of Discovering Tourism Economics: Clem Tisdell's Journey, The
Exploitation of Techniques That Decline in Effectiveness with Use
Exploring the Demand for Farmed Giant Clams and Their Components: Approaches and Problems
Extension of Oi's price instability theorem
Externalities, Thresholds and the Marketing of New Aquacultural Products: Theory and Examples
Factors That Affect Teaching Scores in Economics Instruction: Analysis of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Data
Family size, economics and child gender preference: a case study in the Nyeri district of Kenya
Female participation in decision making in agricultural households in Kenya: empirical findings
Fertility and Female Work Force Participation in Bangladesh: Causality and Cointegration
Financial Integration and Macroeconomic Tensions: Australian Per¬spectives
Financing Nature Reserves in China: The Case of The State Nature Reserve of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan: Financial Issues, Political Economy and Conservation
Fishery resources and policies in the Maldives : Trends and issues for an island developing country
Gender Inequality, Development and UNDP's Social Valuation Indices: HDI, GDI and GEM with Particular Reference to India
Gender Inequality in India: Evidence from a Rural Survey in West Bengal
Gender inequality in India : evidence from a survey in rural West Bengal
Gender Inequality, Poverty and Human Development in Kenya: Main Indicators, Trends and Limitations
Gender Issues in Rural Eastern India Revealed by Field Interviews: Tribal and Non-Tribal Responses
Gender, Marital Status, Farm Size and other Factors Influencing the Extent of Cash Cropping in Kenya: A Case Study
Giant clams in the sustainable development of the South Pacific : socioeconomics issues in mariniculture and conservation
Global Property Rights in Genetic Resources: An Economic Assessment
Global Property Rights in Genetic Resources: Do They Involve Sound Economics? Will they Conserve Nature and Biodiversity?
Global warming and the future of Pacific Island countries
Globalisation and its policy repercussions
Globalisation and Multinational Foreign Direct Investment – Australian Insights
Globalisation and sustainability: environmental Kuznets curve and the WTO
Globalisation and the Economic Future of Small Isolated Nations Particularly in the Pacific
Globalisation and the WTO: Attitudes Expressed by Pressure Groups and by Less Developed Countries
Globalisation and world economic policies : effects and policy responses of nations and their groupings
Globalisation, Development and Poverty in the Pacific Islands: The Situation of the Least Developed Pacific Island Nations
Globalisation, Institutions and Empowerment of Women in Africa: Kenya's Experience
Globalisation, the Environment and Sustainability: EKC, Neo-Malthusian Concerns and the WTO
Globalisation, WTO and Sustainable Development
Globalization and partnerships features of business alliances and international cooperation
Globalization, Social Welfare and Labor Market Inequalities
Globalization, Social Welfare, Labor Markets and Fiscal Competition
Glow Worms as a Tourist Attraction in Springbrook National Park: Visitor Attitudes and Economic Issues
Good Governance in Sustainable Development: the Impact of Institutions
Good Governance, Property Rights and Sustainable Resource Use
Governance, Property Rights and Sustainable Resource Use: Analysis with Indian Ocean Rim Example
'green revolution' and economic development, The : the process and its impact in Bangladesh
'Green Revolution' and Labour Absorption in Bangladesh Agriculture: The Relevance of the East Asian Experience, The
Heterogeneous Beliefs and Instability
Heterogeneous Expectations, Dynamics, and Stability of Markets
History and Value of the Elephant in Sri Lankan Society, The
How Knowledge Affects Payment to Conserve an Endangered Bird
Impact of new agricultural technology on the instability of foodgrain production and yield : Data analysis for Bangladesh and its districts
Impact of Noosa National Park on Surrounding Property Values: An Application of the Hedonic Price Method, The
Impact on the Poor of Changing Rural Environments and Technologies: Evidence from India and Bangladesh
Imperialism and traditional economic review of development
implications and effects of policies employed by the N.S.W. Milk Board to solve the N.S.W. milk supply problem of the last two decades, The
Implications of Learning for Economic Planning.
Inappropriate industries and inefficient resource-use in bangladesh: Some evidence from input-output analysis
Influence of Public Attitudes on Policies for Conserving Reptiles, The
Influences of Knowledge of Wildlife Species on Patterns of Willingness to pay for their Conservation
Information and Wildlife Valuation: Experiments and Policy
Initial Assessment of Policies for Saving a Rare Australian Glider: Experimental Results, Economics and Ecology, An
Institutional Economics and the Behaviour of Conservation Organizations: Implications for Biodiversity Conservation
Institutional Impediments, Entitlement Exchange and Women's Empowerment in Rural India: The Case of Access to Education
Institutional management of an international mixed good : The IWC and socially optimal whale harvests
Institutions, economic performance and sustainable development : a case study of the Fiji Islands
Integrated Regional Environmental Studies: The Role of Environmental Economics
Interfirm Networks in the Indonesian Garment Industry: Trust and Other Factors in their Formation and Duration and their Marketing Consequences
internal efficiency of the primary and secondary education systems in Zimbabwe, The
Investment in China's tourism industry: Its scale, nature, and policy issues
Investment in Ecotourism: Assessing its Economics
Is Advertising Expenditure Socially Excessive?
Is Posner's Principle of Justice an Adequate Basis for Environmental Law?
Ishikawa Curve, Agricultural Productivity, Labour Intensity and Employment: The Curve's Implications and Applicability for Bangladesh, The
Ishikawa Curve and Agricultural Productivity in Bangladesh: Some New Findings, The
Jizoku kanōna nōgyō to kankyō : Gurōbarizēshon to bōeki jiyūka no eikyō
K.N. Ninan, Editor, The Economics of Biodiversity Conservation: Valuation in Tropical Forest Ecosystems, Earthscan (2007) ISBN: 1-84407-364-5 and 978-1-88407-364-1, 288 pp.
Kangaroos: The Economic Management of a Common-Property Resource Involving Interdependence of Production
Knowledge about a Species' Conservation Status and Funding for its Preservation: Analysis
Knowledge and the valuation of public goods and experiential commodities: information provision and acquisition
Knowledge and Willingness to Pay for the Conservation of Wildlife Species: Experimental Results Evaluating Australian Tropical Species
Knowledge of Birds and Willingness to Pay for their Conservation: An Australian Case Study
Labor absorption and agricultural development: Bangladesh's experience and predicament
Law, Economics and Risk-Taking.
Leading economic and managerial issues involving globalization
Linear Break-Even Analysis: When is it Applicable to Business
Linking Policies for Biodiversity Conservation with Advances in Behavioral Economics
Major Demographic Changes in Bangladesh and their Socio-economic Correlates: Analysis of Trends
Management, Conservation and Farming of Saltwater Crocodiles: An Australian Case Study of Sustainable Commercial Use
Managing Forests for Sustainable Economic Development: Optimal Use and Conservation of Forests
Marginal Values of Lifesavers and Lifeguards to Beach Users in Australia and the United States, The
Marital Status, Farm Size and other Influences On the Extent of Cash Cropping in Kenya: A Household Case Study
Market analysis, technical change and income distribution in semi-subsistence agriculture: the case of Bangladesh
Market-Oriented Reforms in Bangladesh and their Impact on Poverty?
Market outlet choices in the context of changing demand for fresh meat: implications for smallholder inclusion in pork supply chain in Vietnam
Microeconomic Efficiency and Macroeconomic Policy Effectiveness in China's Transformation Phase
Microeconomic Policy a New Perspective
Microeconomics : the theory of economic allocation
Migration of Husbands, Remittances and Agricultural Production: Impacts when Wives Head Households in Rural Kenya
Mortgaging the earth: The world bank, environmental impoverishment and the crisis of development by Bruce Rich, 1994. Earthscan, £12.95. ISBN 1 85383 221 9
Natural Protection from International Competition in the Livestock Industry: Analysis, Examples and Vietnam's Pork Market as a Case
Natural resources, growth and development : Natural resources, growth and development: Economics, Ecology and Resource Scarcity. Clement Tisdell, Praeger, New York, 1990. 186 pp.
Nature-based tourism and conservation new economic insights and case studies
Nature-based Tourism and the Valuation of its Environmental Resources: Economic and Other Aspects
Nature of Ecological and Environmental Economics and its Growing Importance, The
Neglected Features of the Safe Minimum Standard: Socio-economic and Institutional Dimensions
Neglected Features of the Safe Minimum Standard: Socio-economics and Institutional Dimensions
net benefit of saving the Asian elephant: a policy and contingent valuation study, The
New Crop Varieties: Impact on Diversification and Stability of Yields.
Niches and economic competition: implications for economic efficiency, growth and diversity
Non-marginal Externalities: As Relevant and As Not.
Notes on Biodiversity Conservation, The Rate of Interest and Discounting
Notes on Market Failure and the Paretian (Kaldor-Hicks) Relevance and Irrelevance of Unfavourable Externalities
Notes on the Economics of Control of Wildlife Pests
Notes on the Economics of Fish Biodiversity: Linkages between Aquaculture and Fisheries
OLS and Tobit Estimates: When is Substitution Defensible Operationally?
On Population Effects, Wildlife and the Management of Kangaroos
On the Theory of Externalities.
Open-Cycle Hatcheries, Tourism and Conservation of Sea Turtles: Economic and Ecological Analysis
Operating capital and productivity patterns in jute weaving in Bangladesh
Optimal Australian Dugong Populations and Conservation Plans: An Economic Perspective
Optimal Economic Fishery Effort in the Maldivian Tuna Fishery: An Appropriate Model
Orangutan-oil Palm Conflict: Economic Constraints and Opportunities for Conservation, The
Outbound Business Travel Depends on Business Returns: Australian Evidence
Overview and Assessment of The Economics of Leisure, An
Overview of Globalisation and Economic Policy Responses, An
Patenting and Licensing of Government Inventions-General Issues Raised by Australian Policy.
Pattern of Livelihoods in a Typical Rural Village Provides New Perspectives on Botswana's Development, The
Patterns and Determinants of Adoption of High Yielding Varieties: Farm-level Evidence from Bangladesh
Perceived Impacts of Ecotourism on Environmental Learning and Conservation: Turtle Watching as a Case Study
Policy Choices about Agricultural Externalities and Sustainability: Diverse Approaches, Options and Issues
Political Economy of Globalisation: Processes involving the Role of Markets, Institutions and Governance, The
Post-independence Trends in Education in Zimbabwe
Poverty and economically-deprived women and children : theories, emerging policy issues and development
Poverty and Its Alleviation in Yunnan Province China: Sources, Policies and Solutions
Poverty and Social Deprivation in Botswana: A Rural Case Study
Poverty - Dynamic and Sustainability Perspectives Implications for Welfare and Policy with Reference to India
Poverty, Political Failure and the Use of Open Access Resources in Developing Countries
Poverty, Poverty Reforms for Resource-use and Economic Efficiency: Neglected Issues
Precautionary Principle Revisited: Its Interpretations and their Conservation Consequences, The
Prejudice against female children: economic and cultural explanations, and Indian evidence
Prejudice against Female Children: Economics and Cultural Explanations, and Indian Evidence
Presenting Requests for Financial Support for Protected Areas: The Environmental Economics Commonsense
Price Instability and Average Profit.
Price instability of wool related to market share and capacity utilisation of man-made fibres : multiple regression analysis
Production of Biofuels: Welfare and Environmental Consequences for Asia, The
Productivity, progress and learning: The case of jute spinning in Bangladesh
Productivity Progress Parameters for Manufacturing in an LDC: The Startup or Learning Phase in Bangladesh Jute Mills.
Profit maximization and marketing strategies: Demand rotation and social influences
Project appraisal, the environment and sustainability for small islands
Property rights in non-captive wildlife and biodiversity conservation
Property Rights in Women's Empowerment in Rural India: A Review
Property rights of landholders in non-captive wildlife and prospects for conservation
Protected Areas, Agricultural Pests and economic Damage: A Study of Elephants and other Pests from Xishuangbanna State Nature Reserve
Protecting the Environment in Transitional Situations
Protection of the Environment in Transitional Economies : Strategies and Practices
Provision of Parks and the Preservation of Nature-Some Economic Factors.
Public attitudes to the use of wildlife by Aboriginal Australians: marketing of wildlife and its conservation
Public Choice of Species for the Ark: Phylogenetic Similarity and Preferred Wildlife Species for Survival
Public Funding of Agricultural Research: Competitive Versus Non-Competitive Mechanisms
Public's Knowledge of and Support for Conservation of Australia's Tree-Kangaroos, The
Public support for conserving Australian reptile species: a case study of global relevance
Public Support for Sustainable Commercial Harvesting of Wildlife: An Australian Case Study
Public Valuation of and Attitudes towards the Conservation and Use of the Hawksbill Turtle: An Australian Case Study
Publications, research projects and consultancies of Clem Tisdell : a brief review of why, how and what
Push-and-Pull Migration and Satisficing versus Optimising Migratory Behaviour: A Review and Nepalese Evidence
Quantitative Impacts of Teaching Attributes on University TEVAL Scores and their Implications
Ranking Inter-country and Inter-regional Requests for Financial Support for Protected Areas: Environmental Economic Guidelines
Reconciling Economic Development, Nature Conservation and Local Communities: Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation in Xishuangbanna
Reconciling globalisation and technological change: Growing income inequalities and remedial policies
Recreational Fishing and Fishing Policies in the Netherlands and Australia: a Comparative Review
Recreational Fishing: Its Expansion, its Economic Value and Aquaculture's Role in Sustaining it.
Relationship between Commercial Agriculture and Food Availability to Kenyan Farm Families: A Case Study, The
Remitting Behaviour of Nepalese Rural-to-Urban Migrants: Implications for Theory and Policy
Report on Socioeconomic Attributes and Gender Inequality in Kondh-Dominated Villages: A Comparative Analysis of Tribals and Non-Tribals in the Phulbani District, Orissa, India, A
Report on the Management of Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) in the Northern Territory: Results of a Survey of Pastoralists, A
Report Prepared for the Queensland Commercial Fishermen's Organisation, A
Research and Technical Progress: The Returns to Producers.
Resource and environmental economics : modern issues and applications
Resource Economics and the Environment
Resource Entitlements of Indigenous Minorities, Their Poverty and Conservation of Nature: Status of Australian Aborigines, Comparisons with India's Tribals, Theory and Changing Policies Globally
Review of Reports on Optimal Australian Dugong Populations and Proposed Action/Conservation Plans: An Economic Perspective, A
Role of Non-market Valuation in Forest Management and Recreation Policy, The
Rural and Urban Attitudes to the Conservation of Asian Elephants in Sri Lanka: Empirical Evidence
Rural Poverty and China's Entry to WTO: Present Knowledge, Unresolved Issues and China's Policy Options
Safety and Socio-Economic Issues Raised by Modern Biotechnology
Science and technology policy : priorities of governments
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Sectoral Change, Urbanisation and South Asia's Environment in Global Context
Selective logging and the economics of conserving forest wildlife species e.g. orangutans
Sen's Theory of Entitlement and the Deprivation of Females: An Assessment with Indian Illustrations
Sharing Nature's Wealth through Wildlife Tourism: Its Economic, Sustainability and Conservation Benefits
Slanting advice and biasing recommendations for welfare gains in an imperfect world
Smallholder competitiveness: insights from household pig production systems in Vietnam
Socio-economic Issues and Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation in China with Observations from Xishuangbanna
Socio-Economic Situation of Female Heads and Poor Heads of Households in Rural Botswana: A Village Case Study, The
Socio-Economics of Gender Issues in Rural India: Results of Interviews in Three Villages and a Forest Meeting in Eastern India, The
Socio-Economics of Pearl Culture: Industry Changes and Comparisons focusing on Australia and French Polynesia
Socioeconomic causes of loss of animal genetic diversity: analysis and assessment
Socioeconomic Determinants of the Intra-family Status of Wives in Rural India: Analysis and Empirical Evidence
Stability and Cycles in a Cobweb Model with Heterogeneous Expectations
State of the Environment and the Availability of Natural Resources, The
Structural Transformation in the Pig Sector in an Adjusting Vietnam Market: A Preliminary Investigation of Supply-side Changes
Students' Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness: What Surveys Tell and What They Do Not Tell
Study of the Impact of Ecotourism on Environmental Education and Conservation: The case of Turtle Watching at an Australian Site, A
Summaries of Survey Responses of Household Heads in Three Forest Villages in the Midnapore District of West Bengal, India: Use of Forest Resources by Villagers, Forest Sustainability and Managment
Supply-side Policies to Conserve Biodiversity and Save the Orangutan from Oil Palm Expansion: An Economic Assessment
Survival of a Forest-dependent Species and the Economics of Intensity of Logging: A Note, The
Survival of Small-scale Agricultural Producers in Asia, particularly Vietnam: General Issues Illustrated by Vietnam's Agricultural Sector, especially its Pig Production, The
Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Are These Concepts a Help or a Hindrance to Economics?
Sustainability: Can it be Achieved? Is Economics the Bottom Line?
Sustainability Issues and Socio-Economic Change in the Jingpo Communities of China: Governance, Culture and Land Rights
Sustainability of Cotton Production in China and in Australia: Comparative Economic and Environmental Issues, The
Sustainability: The Economic Bottom Line
Sustainable Agriculture: An Update
Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation: Major Regional Issues with Asian Illustrations
Sustainable Development and Intergenerational Equity: Issues Relevant to India and Globally
Sustainable development: differing perspectives of ecologists and economists, and relevance to LDCs
Sustainable development, gender inequality and human resource capital
Sustainable Development Planning: Allowing for Future Generations, Time and Uncertainty
Sustaining Economic Development and the Value of Economic Production: Different Views and Difficult Problems
Technological change, development, and the environment : socio-economic perspectives
Technology-environment-employment linkages and the rural poor of Bangladesh: insights from farm-level data.
Technology Transfer from Publicly Funded Research for Improved Natural Resource Management: Analysis and Australian Examples
Technology Transfer from Publicly Funded Research for Improved Water Management: Analysis and Australian Examples
Television Production: Its Changing Global Location, the Product Cycle and China
Thai Dairy Industry: Its Development, Land Rights and Use, and Health of Cattle, The
theory of price uncertainty, production, and profit, The
Thirty Years of Economic Reform and Openness in China: Retrospect and Prospect
Tourism and Conservation of Sea Turtles: An Australian Case Study
Tourism as a contributor to development in Sri Lanka: An overview and a case study
Tourism as a Contributor to the Economic Diversification and Development of Small States: Its Strengths, Weaknesses and Potential for Brunei
Tourism Development and Conservation of Nature and Cultures in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan
Tourism Development as a Dimension of Globalisation: Experiences and Policies of China and Australia
Tourism Development in India and Bangladesh: General Issues and Ecotourism in the Sunderbans
Tourism Economics and its Application to Regional Development
Tourism, The Environment and Profit
Transaction Costs and Bounded Rationality - Implications for Public Administration and Economic Policy
Transaction Costs and Markets for Science, Technology and Know-How.
Transitional economies and economic globalisation : social and environmental consequences
Transitional Economies and Economic Globalization: Social and Environmental Consequences
Travel life cycles vary significantly with the purpose of travel
Trends and Developments in India's Livestock Industry
Trends and projections for Bangladeshi food production : An alternative viewpoint
Trends and projections for Bangladeshi food production : Rejoinder to M. Alauddin and C. Tisdell
Trends in Tourism Development in China: Issues and Opportunities
Trends in Vietnam's Pork Supply and Structural Features of its Pig Sector
Trust and its Implications for Economic Activity, Welfare and Globalisation
Trust, globalisation and market expansion
Turizam u divljini : ekonomske koristi i zaštita prirode
Two essays on market transaction costs, transfer pricing, and management of technical change within the firm
Unequal Gains of Nations from Economic Globalisation
Use and non-use values of wild Asian elephants: A total economic valuation approach
Use of Input-Output Analysis to Determine the Appropriateness of Technology and Industries: Evidence from Bangladesh., The
Valuation of Tourism's Natural Resources
value of conserving genetic resources, The : Margery L. Oldfield. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA, 1989. xvii + 379 pp., Cloth US$40.00/ Paperback US$19.95. ISBN 0-87943-648-3/0-8793-649-1 (paperback)
value of, demand for, and supply of national parks, The : economic issues raised by recreational use
Valuing Ecological Functions of Biodiversity in Changbaishan Mountain Reserve in Northeast China
Valuing the Otago Peninsula: The Economic Benefits of Conservation
Variations in Natural Fibre Prices: Possible Effects of Man-Made Fibres
Villagers and the Use and Conservation of Indian Forests: The Role of Joint Forest Management
Visitor Profiles and Environmental Attributes, especially of Birds, Attracting Visitors to Lamington National Park: Tourist Attitudes and Economic Issues
Visitors' reaction to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka: A Survey
Weed control economics
Welfare consequences of green revolution technology : changes in Bangladeshi food production and diet
western perspective on Kautilya's 'Arthasastra': Does it provide a basis for economic science?, A
What role does knowledge of wildlife play in providing support for species' conservation
Why farmers continue to use pesticides despite environmental, health and sustainability costs
Wild pigs
Wildlife-based recreation and local economic development: The case of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka
Wildlife-based Tourism and Increased Tourist Support for Nature Conservation Financially and Otherwise: Evidence from Sea Turtle Ecotourism at Mon Repos
Wildlife Conservation and the Value of New Zealand's Otago Peninsula: Economic Impacts and Other Considerations
Wildlife Damage, Insurance/Compensation for Farmers and Conservation: Sri Lankan Elephants as a Case
Will Bangladesh's Economic Growth Solve its Environmental Problems?
Willingness of Sri Lankan Farmers to pay for a Scheme to Conserve Elephants: An Empirical Analysis
Willingness to Pay for Conservation of the Asian Elephant in Sri Lanka: A Contingent Valuation Study
Willingness to pay for different degrees of Abundance of Elephants
Winnipeg Principles, WTO and sustainable development: proposed policies for reconciling trade and the environment, The
Winnipeg Principles, WTO and Sustainable Development; Proposed Principles for Reconciling Trade and the Environment, The
Workable Competition, Deadweight Losses, and Demand Elasticities.
Workplace exchange of personnel between companies in Australia and in Japan : economic/technological advantages and policy considerations
world development
World Heritage Listing of Australian Natural Sites: Effects on Tourism, Economic Value and Conservation
World Heritage Listing of Australian Natural Sites: Tourism Stimulus and its Economic Value
WTO, Labour and Environmental Standards: Globalisation with Reference to India, The
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持続可能な農業と環境 : グローバリゼーションと貿易自由化の影響
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