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Bennet, J. G.
Bennett, J. G.
Bennett, John G.
Bennett, John Godolphin
Bennett, John Gogolphin
ベンネット, J. G
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Bennett, Elizabeth (1918-)
Blake, A. G. E.
Blake, Anthony G. E.
Blake, Anthony George Edward
Cathomas, Robert
Chavanne, Yona
Kuby, Gabriele
Martin, Bruno
Nottbeck, Olga de
Stibbe-Lieneman, A.J. (1912-1994)
Stibbe-Lieneman, Antonie Johanna (1912-1994)
Uspenskiĭ, P. D. (1878-1947)
Uspenskiĭ, Petr Demʹi︠a︡novich (1878-1947)
Vassallo, Alejandra
十菱, 麟 (1926-)
1991. 2008. (diaries of elizabeth & j.g. bennett in paris with gurdjieff)* 1983.
(1998) (the conditions necessary for creative insight)* 1989.
(2002 ed. subtitle: working with themes at sherborne house)* 1976.
(2003) (the process by which a man can become a 'new man')* 1980.
(2e ed. 1983) (the life and teaching of the shivapuri baba)* 1969.
approaching subud; ten talks. and a discussion with steve allen.
(bennett, mario montessori, a.i polack and others on the nature of a child's spirituality)* 1989.
(biography exploring gurdjieff's role in bringing ancient wisdom to the west)* 1974.
(chapters on function, sensitivity, consciousness, decision, & creativity)* 1974.
Christian mysticism and Subud.
Comment nous faisons les choses
compiled by a. g. e. blake from the unpublished writings and talks of j. g. bennett. (includes bennett's commentaries on 'the sermon on the mount')* 1977.
Concerning Subud.
Creative thinking
crisis in human affairs, 1948., The
Deeper man
developed from gurdjieff's hints)* 1965.
(diaries of bennetts's search for the sources of gurdjieff's teachings)* 1977.
dramatic universe., The
Durchqueren des grossen Wassers [d. Autobiographie], Das
Durchqueren des großen Wassers die Geschichte einer Suche, Das ; Autobiographie
. edited by anthony blake (conversations between bennett & his students on the difference between work done from the mind and work from essence)* 2007.
Elementary systematics : a tool for understanding wholes
Energien materiell, vital, kosm.
Energies : material, vital, cosmic
énigme Gurdjieff, L'
Enneagram studies
enneagram, The
Gurdjieff : a very great enigma
Gurdjieff, artisan d'un monde nouveau
Gurdjieff d. Aufbau e. neuen Welt
Gurdjieff entschlüsselt [d. innere Bedeutung von Gurdjieffs "Beelzebubs Erzählungen"]
Gurdjieff : haciendo un mundo nuevo
Gurdjieff heute mit e. Interview mit J. G. Bennett über Themen wie Gemeinschaften, freiheitl. Erziehung, Freiheit, Sexualität u.a.
Gurdjieff,making a new world
Gurdjieff today
Gurdjieff Ursprung und Hintergrund seiner Lehre
Hasard Risiko als kreative Herausforderung
Hazard : the risk of realization
(historical study and a vision of the workings of higher intelligence)* 2006.
How we do things : the role of attention in spiritual life
Idiotas en París : los últimos 100 días de Gurdjieff
Idioten in Parijs : de laatste maanden van het leven van G.I. Gurdjieff, Parijs 1949
Idiots in Paris : diaries of J.G. Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett, 1949.
inneren Welten des Menschen, Die
(instruction based on bennett's view of the fundamental purpose of human existence)* 1995.
Introduction to Gurdjieff
Is there "life" on earth? : an introduction to Gurdjieff
Jak děláme věci : přednášky o kreativitě a vědomém využívání lidské energie
John G. Bennett's talks on Beelzebub's tales
Journeys in Islamic countries
lange Pilgerreise Leben u. Lehre von Sri Govindananda Bharati, bekannt als d. Shivapuri Baba, Eine
Likes and dislikes
Long pilgrimage, 1983, c1975:
Long pilgrimage : the life and teaching of Sri Govindananda Bharati, known as the Shivapuri Baba
Maîtres de sagesse, Les
Making a soul : human destiny and the debt of our existence
Masters of wisdom
Material objects
Meister der Weisheit, Die
Needs of a New Age community : talks on spiritual community and Fourth Way schools
Première libération
Razgovory s dʹi︠a︡volom.
Relatos de Belcebú : un libro terriblemente lúcido en torno a las enseñanzas de Gurdjieff
Risiko und Freiheit Hasard - das Wagnis der Verwirklichung
Sex : the relationship between sex and spiritual development
Sex und spirituelle Transformation
Sexo ; Gurdjieff: un verdadero enigma
Sexualité et développement spirituel
Spiritual hunger of the modern child, The : a series of ten lectures
spiritual psychology, c1964:, A
spirituelle Psychologie die Suche nach der Wirklichkeit, Eine
Subud : een weg tot vrijmaking van de mens
Subuto : Tamashii o yusuburu chikara 20seiki no kiseki
suivi de Noticing
Systematics : search for miraculous management
(talks given to students of reshad feild, bulnet rauf and of the great sufi mystic* 1976.
Talks on Beelcebub's tales
Talks on Beelzebub's tales
Talks with a devil;
(the ideas of gurdjieff and the mystery that surrounded him)* 1973.
(the relationship between sex and spiritual development)* 1974
Transformation oder die Kunst sich zu wandeln
verborgen rijkdom van het enneagram, De
way to be free, The
What are we living for?
Witness : the autobiography of John G. Bennett.
Witness : the story of a search
スブト : 魂をゆすぶる力二十世紀の奇蹟