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Springer, Victor G.
Springer, Victor Gruschka,
スプリンガー, ビクター
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Fraser, Thomas H.
Gomon, Martin F.
Hastings, Philip A.
Orrell, Thomas M.
Smith-Vaniz, William F.
Smith, C. Lavett (1927-))
Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C)
Smithsonian Institution. Press
Spreitzer, August E.
Stephens, John Stewart
University of Texas
Williams, Jeffrey T.
仲谷, 一宏 (1945-)
Anisochromis straussi, new species of protogynous hermaphroditic fish, and synonymy of Anisochromidae, Pseudoplesiopidae, and Pseudochromidae
Catalog of type specimens of recent fishes in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.
Chaenopsidae, clinidae, dactyloscopidae, labrisomidae, and tripterygiidae
Clinid fishes of Chile and Peru : with description of a new species, Myxodes ornatus, from Chile
ecological study of the fishes of the Tampa Bay area, 1960., An
Fishes, angling, and finfish fisheries on stamps of the world
Five new species and a new genus of Indian Ocean blenniid fishes, tribe Salariini, with a key to genera of the tribe
Indo-West Pacific blenniid fish genus Istiblennius reappraised, The : a revision of Istiblennius, Blenniella, and Paralticus, new genus
Mimetic relationships involving fishes of the family Blenniidae
Pacific Plate biogeography, with special reference to shorefishes
Phylogenetic analysis of 147 families of acanthomorph fishes based primarily on dorsal gill-arch muscles and skeleton
report on the hydrography, marine plants and fishes of the Caloosahatchee River Area, Lee County, Florida, A
Review of Stathmonotus, with redefinition and phylogenetic analysis of the Chaenopsidae (Teleostei:Blennioidei)
Revision of the blenniid fish genus Omobranchus with descriptions of three new species and notes on other species of the tribe Omobranchini
Revision of the fish genus Ecsenius (Blenniidae, Blenniinae, Salariini)
Same uotchingu
Sharks (Chondrichthyes: Selachii)
Sharks in question : the Smithsonian answer book
Study of the dorsal gill-arch musculature of teleostome fishes, with special reference to the Actinopterygii
Study of the monotypic fish family Pholidichthyidae (Perciformes)
Suborder Zoarcoidei (Anarhichadidae, Bathymasteridae, Pholidae, Ptilichthyidae, Scytalinidae, Stichaeidae, Zoarcidae)
Survey of Vertebral Numbers in Sharks, A
Synonymization of the family Oxudercidae, with comments on the identity of Apocryptes cantoris Day (Pisces, Gobiidae)
Synopsis of the tribe Omobranchini with descriptions of three new genera and two new species (Pisces: Blenniidae)
Systematica and Distribution of the Monotypic Indo-Pacific Blenniid Fish Genus Atrosalarias
Systematics and zoogeography of the clinid fishes of the subtribe Labrisomini Hubbs
Tyson belos, new genus and species of Western Pacific fish (Gobiidae Xenisthminae), with discussions of Gobioid osteology and classification
Variation in the western Atlantic clinid fish Malacoctenus triangulatus with a revised key to the Atlantic species of Malacoctenus
Abstracted in Dissertation Abstracts 17:11
Thesis--University of Texas