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Johannes de Wykliff
Lollard Bible
Viclef, John
Viklef, Jan
Viklef, John
Viklif, Jan
Vuicleuus, Ioannes
Wickleffus, Johann
Wicklif, John
Wickliff, John
Wickliffe, John
Wiclef, Johannes
Wiclef, John
Wicleffus, Ioannes
Wiclefus, Iohannes
Wiclephus, Joannes
Wiclevus, Ioannes
Wiclif, Johann
Wiclif, Johann von
Wiclif, Johannes
Wiclif, John
Wicliffe, ..
Wicliffe, John
Wicoliff, John
Wiklif, John
Witclefus, Jo
Wycklif, John
Wyclef, Jean
Wyclif, Johannes
Wyclif, John
Wycliff, John
Wycliffe, Jan
Wycliffe, Johannes
Wycliffe, John
Wyclyf, Johannis
Wyclyf, John
Wykliffe, Johannes von
ca. 1320-1384
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Beer, Rudolf (1863-1913)
Buddensieg, Oskar Gottlieb Rudolf (1844-1908)
Buddensieg, Rudolf (1844-1908)
Dziewicki, Michael Henry
Lechler, Gotthard Victor (1811-1888)
Lindberg, Conrad (1934-)
Loserth, Iohann
Loserth, Johann (1846-1936)
Matthew, F.D.
Matthew, Frédéric D.
Matthew, Frederic David
Matthew, Frederic David (1838-1918)
Matthew, Frederick David
The Wyclif Society
Todd, James Henthorn (1805-1869))
antichristo, De
apology for Lollard doctrines, 1842, An
compositione hominis, De
Dominio divino libri tres, De
English hexapla, The : exhibiting the six important English translations of the New Testament Scriptures, Wyclif, M.CCC.LXXX.; Tyndale, M.D.XXXIV; Cranmer, M.D.XXXIX; Genevan, M.D.LVII; Anglo-Rhemish, M.D.LXXXII; Authorised, M.DC.XI.; the original Greek text after Scholz, with the various readings of the textus receptus and the principal Constantinopolitan and Alexandrine manuscripts, and a complete collation of Scholz's text with Griesbach's edition of M.DCCC.V; preceded by an historical account of the English translations.
English works of Wyclif, hitherto unprinted., The
English Wyclif tracts
ente praedicamentali, De
espill de l'església militant, 2001, L'
Gruppi, scelte
Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocryphal books, in the earliest English versions made from the Latin Vulgate by John Wycliffe and his followers;, The
Ioannis Wiclif De compositione hominis
Ioh. Wyclif Sermones
Iohannis Wyclif De civili dominio ...
Iohannis Wyclif De eucharistia tractatus maior : accedit tractatus de eucharistia et poenitentia sive de confessione
Iohannis Wyclif Opus evangelicum
Iohannis Wyclif Sermones
Iohannis Wyclif Tractatus de Apostasia
Iohannis Wyclif Tractatus de blasphemia
Iohannis Wyclif Tractatus de officio regis
Iohannis Wyclif Tractatus de simonia
Iohannis Wycliffe De dominio divino libri tres : to which are added the first four books of the treatise De pauperie Salvatoris
Iohannis Wycliffe Dialogus sive speculum ecclesie militantis
Jan Wycliffe : 1324-1384.
Joannis Wiclif De compositione hominis
Joannis Wiclif De ente praedicamentali from the unique Vienna ms. ; Quaestiones XIII logicae et philosophicae from the unique Prague ms.
Joannis Wiclif Tractatus de potestate pape
Johann Wiclifs Lateinische Streitschriften
Johannis Lasitii Nobilis Poloni, De Ecclesiastica Disciplina, Moribusque & Institutis, Fratrum Bohemorum Memorabilia continens.
Johannis Wyclif De eucharistia tractatus maior ; accedit Tractatus de eucharistia et poenitentia sive de confessione
Johannis Wyclif Opera minora
Johannis Wyclif Sermones
Johannis Wyclif Summa de ente; libri primi tractatus primus et secundus.
Johannis Wyclif Summa insolubilium
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de apostasia
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de benedicta incarnacione
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de Benedicta Incarnatione
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de blasphemia. Now first edited from the Vienna ms. 4514.
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de ecclesia
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de logica
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de mandatis divinis ; accedit Tractatus de statu innocencie
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de officio regis
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de potestate pape
Johannis Wyclif Tractatus de simonia.
Johannis Wycliffe De veritate Sacrae Scripturae
Johannis Wycliffe Dialogus, sive speculum ecclesie militantis
Johannis Wycliffe Miscellanea philosophica
Johannis Wycliffe Opus evangelicum
Johannis Wycliffe Tractatus de logica
John Wiclif's polemical works in Latin
John Wyclif: On the truth of Holy Scripture
John Wyclif's De veritate sacrae scripturae
John Wyclif's Polemical works in Latin
King Henry's Bible, MS. Bodley 277 : the revised version of the Wyclif Bible
Lanterne of ligt, The
Latin works
Latin writings of John Wyclyf, c1983, The
lay folks' catechism;, The
mandatis divinis, De
Mémoires de Luther écrits par lui-même
Miscellanea philosophica
Mistr Jan Hus, 192-?
MS. Bodley 959 : Genesis-Baruch 3.20 in the earlier version of the Wycliffite Bible
New Testament in English, The
On simony
On the truth of Holy Scripture
Opus evangelicum
Polemical works in Latin
Quaestiones XIII logicae et philosophicae
Select English works of John Wyclif;
Select English writings
Summa de Ente : Now first edited with critical. Introduction and Notes from the two extant Manuscripts. By S. Harrison Thomson.
Summa insolubilium
Three Treatises by John Wycklyffe, D. D.
Tractatus De Apostasia
Tractatus de Benedicta Incarnacione
Tractatus de blasphemia
Tractatus de civili dominio liber primus
Tractatus de Ecclesia
Tractatus de logica
Tractatus de mandatis divinis
Tractatus de officio pastorali
Tractatus de officio regis
Tractatus de potestate Pape
Tractatus de simonia
Tractatus de statu innocencie
Tractatus de trinitate
Tractatus de universalibus
Trialogus cum supplemento Trialogi.
universalibus, De
veritate Sacrae Scripturae, De : Now first edited from the manuscripts with critical and historical notes by Rudolf Buddensieg.
Wycklyffes Wycket
Wyclif's Latin works.
Wyclif : select English writings
Wycliffe in his days
Wycliffe New Testament (1388), The : an edition in modern spelling with an introduction, the original prologues and the Epistle to the Laodiceans