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Friedmann, H.
Friedmann, Herbert,
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Childs Frick expedition to Ethiopia and Kenya colony
Cornell University
Kiff, Lloyd F.
Knudsen-Machris Expedition to Kenya and Uganda
Northern, James R.
Ridgway, Robert (1850-1929)
Rothstein, Stephen I.
Smith, Foster D.
Smithsonian Institution
Stager, Kenneth E. (1915-)
Williams, John George (1913-)
A new heron and a new owl from Venezuela ..., ...
Additional Data on Brood Parasitism in the Honey-Guides
Additional data on the host relations of the parasitic cowbirds.
Additions to the known avifauna of the Bugoma, Kibale, and Impenetrable Forests, West Uganda
Advances in Our Knowledge of the Honey-Guides
Alloxenia in three sympatric African species of Cuculus
Alloxenia un Three Sympatric African Species of Cuculus
Bartolomé Bermejo's "Episcopal saint"; a study in medieval Spanish symbolism.
bestiary for Saint Jerome, A : animal symbolism in European religious art
Birds collected by the childs Frick espedition to Ethiopia and Kenya Colonby
Birds collected by the Childs Frick expedition to Ethiopia and Kenya colony
Birds collected by the National Geographic Society's expeditions to northern Brazil and southern Venezuela
birds of North and middle America: a descriptive catalogue of the higher groups, genera, species, and subspecies of birds known to occur in North America, from the Arctic lands to the Isthmus of Panama, the West Indies and other islands of the Caribbean sea, and the Galapagos Archipelago., The
birds of the Kalinzu Forest, southwestern Ankole, Uganda, The
birds of the lowlands of Bwamba, Toro Province, Uganda, The
birds of the Sango Bay Forests, Buddu County, Masaka District, Uganda, The
Collection of birds from Great Namaqualand, Southwest Africa
Contribution to the Ornighology of northeastern Venezuela, A
contribution to the ornithology of northeastern Venezuela, A
contribution to the ornithology of Uganda; scientific results of the 1963 Knudsen-Machris Expedition to Kenya and Uganda., A
cowbird, The ; a contribution to the study of parasitism in birds
cowbirds; a study in the biology of social parasitism, The
Distributional check-list of the birds of Mexico.
evolutionary history of the avian genus Chrysococcyx., The
evolutionary history of the Avian Genus Chrysococyx, The
Evolutionary trends in the Avian genus Clamator.
further contribution to knowledge of the host relations of the parasitic cowbirds, A
further contribution to the Ornithology of Northeastern Venezuela, A
Further Contribution to the Ornithology of Notrth-eastern Venezuela, A
Further Data on African Parasitic Cuckoos
honey-guides., The
Host relations of the parasitic corobirds
Host relations of the parasitic cowbirds
instinctive emotional life of birds, The
Mirandolle's forest falcon (with two plates)
Morphological data on two sibling species of small honey-guides
Natural-History Background of camouflage. -, The
new swift from Mt. Moroto, Uganda., A
Notes on the ornithology of tropical East Africa
Parallel Evolution in the Small Species of Indicator (Aves)
parasitic cuckoos of Africa, The
parasitic habit in the ducks, a theoretical consideration, The
parasitic weaverbirds., The
Parasitic Weayerbirds, The
problem of the Viduinae in the light of recent publications., The
Results of the 1966 Cheney Expedition to the Samburu District, Kenya : ornithology
Results of the 1968 Avil Expedition to Mt. Nyiru, Samburu District, Kenya. Ornithology
Results of the Lathrop Central African Republic Expedition 1976, ornithology
Results of the Taylor South West African Expedition 1972 ornithology
Social paratism in birds
symbolic goldfinch, its history and significance in European devotional art. 157 illustrations ..., The
Symbolic goldfinch, The : its history and significance in European devotional art
The forms of the black hawk-eagle ..., ...
weaving of the red-billed weaver bird in captivity, The
Welche rechtlichen Folgen hat der Bau auf fremdem Boden nach römischem und bürgerlichem Recht?
Mounted photos accompanied by leaves of descriptive text
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University, 1923