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Minford, A. P. L.
Minford, A. Patrick
Minford, A. Patrick L.
Minford, Anthony Patrick Leslie
Minford, Patrick
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Cardiff University / Cardiff Business School / Economics Section
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
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Minford, A P L
Minford, A Patrick L
Minford, A. P. L.
Minford, A.P.L.
Minford, P.
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Patrick, Minford
Peel, D A
Peel, D.
Peel, D. A.
Peel, D.A. (1950-)
Peel, David
Peel, David A
Peel, David A. (1950-....))
Peel, David A. (1950-)
Peel, Michael
Perugini, Francesco
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Walters, A. A. (1926-2009)
Walters, Alan
Walters, Alan Arthur (1926-2009)
Wang, Jiang
Webb, Bruce
Wickens, Michael
Wickens, Michael R
Wickens, Michael R.
Wickensy, Michael
A W Phillips memorial lecture to the New Zealand Association of Economists: Monetary Policy – should it move onto a price level target?, The
Advanced macroeconomics a primer
algorithm for the solution of non-linear forward rational expectations models with current partial information, An
Are Central Bank Preferences Asymmetric? A Comment
Are interest rate regressions evidence for a Taylor rule?
Are the facts of UK inflation persistence to be explained by nominal rigidity or changes in monetary regime?
Banking and the Macroeconomy in China: A Banking Crisis Deferred?
Banking Crisis - A Rational Interpretation, The
Banking Crisis as Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium, The
Britain and EMU: Assessing the Costs in Macroeconomic Variability
Britain, the Euro, and the Five Tests
Calvo contracts: a critique
Calvo Contracts - Optimal Indexation in General Equilibrium
Can a real business cycle model without price and wage stickiness explain UK real exchange rate behaviour?
Can the facts of UK inflation persistence be explained by nominal rigidity?
Can the Fiscal Theory of the price level explain UK inflation in the 1970s?
Can the learnability criterion ensure determinacy in New Keynesian Models?
Care sunt modelele şi politicile potrivite într-un context global cu inflaţie scăzută?
classical supply hypothesis and the observational equivalence of Classical and Keynesian models, The
Commentary on Economic Projections and Rules of Thumb for Monetary Policy (by Athanasios Orphanides and Volker Wieland)
Comparing behavioural and rational expectations for the US post-war economy
Competitiveness in a globalised world: a commentary
Cost of Europe, The
Couts et avantages de l'UEM pour le Royaume-Uni, le "cinquieme test"
Determinacy in New Keynesian models: a role for money after all?
Dynamic predictive tests of a model under adaptive and rational expectations
Economic Policy: protectionism as an elite strategy
Effects of American Policies - A New Classical Interpretation, The
Effects of Housing Distortions on Unemployment., The
elixir of growth, The : trade, non-traded goods and development
Elixir of Growth: Trade, Non-Traded Goods and Development, The
Endogenous Taylor Condition in an Endogenous Growth Monetary Policy Model, An
Equilibrium price-output and the (non) insulating properties of fixed exchange rates: A comment
Estimating large rational expectations models by FIML--some experiments using a new algorithm with bootstrap confidence limits
European Monetary System: Achievements and Survival, The
Exchange Rate and Monetary Policy., The
Explaining the equity risk premium
Exploitability as a specification test of the Phillips Curve
Fiscal Theory of the Price Level - identification and testing for the UK in the 1970s, The
Free Trade and Long Wages – Still in the General Interest
future of monetary arrangements in Europe, The
Germany and the European disease
Growth and relative living standards - testing barriers to riches on post-war panel data
Growth, employment and economic reform : lessons for South Africa
Has Labour Market Economics Achieved a Synthesis? Review Article.
housing morass regulation, immobility and unemployment, The : an economic analysis of the consequences of government regulation, with proposals to restore the market in rented housing
Housing, Wages and UK Labour Markets: Comments.
How Different are Money Supply Rules from Taylor Rules?
How important is the credit channel? An empirical study of the US banking crisis
How much nominal rigidity is there in the US economy? : testing a new Keynesian DSGE model using indirect inference
IFS position on unemployment benefits, The
Inflation and Monetary Policy.
Interest Rates and Bond-Financed Deficits in a Ricardian Two-Party Democracy
Is monetarism enough? essays in refining and reinforcing the monetary cure for inflation
Joining the euro the macro effects on the UK economy
Joining the European Monetary Union comparing first and second generation open economy models
Joining the European Monetary Union—Comparing First and Second Generation Open Economy Models
Labour-Based Theory of International Trade, A
Labour Market Equilibrium in an Open Economy.
Liverpool macroeconomic model of the United Kingdom, The
Markets not stakes : the triumph of capitalism and the stakeholder fallacy
Measuring the Economic Costs and Benefits of the EU
Microfoundations of the Phillips Curve with Rational Expectations., The
model of UK manufactured exports and export prices, A
Modelling the role of government deficits in developing countries
Monetarism and macro-economics : contributions on the current policy debate in the UK
Monetary imperfection, regulation, and discretion : A review essay
Monetary regimes: is there a trade-off between consumption and employment variability?
Money matters essays in honour of Alan Walters
Monte Carlo procedure for checking identification in DSGE models, A
Natural Rate Hypothesis and Rational Expectations-A Critique of Some Recent Developments., The
new classical econometric model of the world economy, A
Nominal Contracting and Monetary Targets -- Drifting into Indexation
Nominal Contracts and Monetary Targets
Nominal contracts as behaviour towards risk
Nominal contrasting and monetary targets
Non Stationary Shocks, Crises and Policy
Nonstationary Shocks, Crises and Policy
observational equivalence of Taylor rule and Taylor-type rules, The
On Comparing Macroeconomic Models Using Forecast Encompassing Tests.
On the effectiveness of automatic stabilizers under rational expectations when there is partial current information
On the equality of real interest rates across borders in integrated capital markets
Open Economy Real Business Cycle Model for the UK, An
Opportunistic monetary policy: An alternative rationalization
Optimal monetary policy: is price-level targeting the next step?
Optimal monetary policy with endogenous contracts : should we return to a commodity standard?
Optimising indexation arrangements under Calvo contracts and their implications for monetary policy
Other people's money: Cash-in-advance microfoundations for optimal currency areas
Other People's Money: The Microfoundations of Optimal Currency Areas
Outlook after the Budget
Partial current information and signal extraction in a rational expectations macroeconomic model: A computational solution
Policy Interdependence: Does Strategic Behaviour Pay? An Empirical Investigation Using the Liverpool World Model
political economy of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, The
Political Model of Credibility, A
political theory of the business cycle, The
Poverty Trap and the Laffer Curve--What Can the GHS Tell Us?, The
Price of EMU Revisited, The
Private Sector Expenditure and Financial Asset Accumulation in the U.K.
'Puzzles' methodology: en route to indirect inference?, The
Rational Expectations and Monetary Policy.
Rational expectations and the new macroeconomics
rational expectations model of the U.K. under floating exchange rates, A
rational expectations model of the United Kingdom under fixed and floating exchange rates, A : Errata
Real Exchange Rate Overshooting in Real Business Cycle Model - An Empirical Evidence From India
Real Exchange Rate Overshooting RBC Style
Review of Unemployment: Cause and Cure, by Patrick Minford with David Davies, Michael Peel and Alison Sprague: Response., A
Revisiting the Great Moderation using the Method of Indirect Inference
right ahead
Role of Monetary Stabilization Policy under Rational Expectations., The
Ruling out unstable equilibria in New Keynesian models
should britain join the euro? the chancellor's five euro tests
Should Britain leave the EU? : an economic analysis of a troubled relationship
Simulating stock returns under switching regimes a new test of market efficiency
Some Implications of Partial Current Information Sets in Macroeconomic Models Embodying Rational Expectations.
Some problems in the testing of DSGE models
Special Issue on Open Economy Models
Stabilization policy, rational expectations and price-level versus inflation targeting a survey
Substitution effects, speculation, and exchange rate stability
supply side revolution in Britain, The
Target zones and exchange rate management: A stability analysis of the European Monetary System
Taylor, Lance: Maynard’s revenge. The collapse of free market macroeconomics
Taylor Rule or Optimal Timeless Policy? Reconsidering the Fed's behaviour since 1982
Terminal conditions as a means of ensuring unique solutions for rational expectations models with forward expectations
Testing a DSGE model of the EU using indirect inference
Testing a model of the UK by the method of indirect inference
Testing a Simple Structural Model of Endogenous Growth
Testing DSGE models by Indirect inference and other methods: some Monte Carlo experiments
Testing for Unbiasedness and Efficiency under Incomplete Current Information.
Testing macroeconomic models by indirect inference on unfiltered data
Testing the monetary policy rule in the US: a reconsideration of the Fed's behaviour
Time-inconsistency, Democracy and Optimal Contingent Rules
Trade, technology and labour markets in the world economy, 1970-90: A computable general equilibrium analysis-corrigendum and addendum
Two Orthogonal Continents? Testing a Two-country DSGE Model of the US and the EU Using Indirect Inference
UK Inflation Persistence: Policy or Nature?
Understanding the opportunistic approach to disinflation
Unemployment and Real Wages: The Role of Unemployment, Social Security Benefits and Unionisation [Labour Market Equilibrium in an Open Economy]: Reply.
Unemployment cause and cure
US post-war monetary policy: what caused the great moderation?
Vicious and virtuous circles: the political economy of unemployment in interwar UK and USA
Wages and Unemployment Half a Century on
What are the Right Models and Policies for a World of Low Inflation?
What causes banking crises? An empirical investigation for the world economy
When International Policy Coordination Matters: An Empirical Analysis
Why crises happen - nonstationary macroeconomics
Why the United Kingdom Should Not Join the Eurozone
why there is no alternative
why we need bold tax cuts on march 14
world turned rightside up, The : a new trading agenda for the age of globalisation
Would price-level targeting destabilise the economy?