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Brouwer, A. E.
Brouwer, Andries
Brouwer, Andries E.
Brouwer, Andries Evert
born 1951-04-03
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Computer file
Language material
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Cohen, A.M. (1949-)
Cohen, Arjeh M.
Cohen, Arjeh Marcel (1949-)
Haemers, W.H. (1948-)
Haemers, Wilhelmus Hubertus (1948-)
Haemers, Willem H.
Mariotti, I.
Neumaier, A.
Neumaier, Arnold
Stichting Mathematisch Centrum (Amsterdam)
Tijdeman, R. (1943-)
Tijdeman, Robert (1943-)
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
Wilbrink, Hendrikus Adrianus
Algorithms for finite-dimensional lie algebras
Association schemes
Computation of some parameters of Lie geometries
Contractibility and NP-completeness
Cursus cryptografie
Distance-regular graphs
Eigenvalues and perfect matchings
enumeration of locally transitive tournaments, The
firm relocation decision
inequality in binary vector spaces, An
infinite series of symmetric designs, An
integral trees with spectral radius 3, The
Local recognition of Tits geometries of classical type
Locally 4-by-4 grid graphs
lower bound for the Laplacian eigenvalues of a graph-proof of a conjecture by Guo, A
Near polygons with lines of size three and fischer spaces
nonexistence of a regular near hexagon on 1408 points, The
On the edge-colouring problem for unions of complete uniform hypographs
On the existence of 30 mutually orthogonal latin squares
On the period of an operator
On the size of a maximum transversal in a Steiner triple system
On the uniqueness of a regular thin near octagon on 288 vertices (or the semibiplane belonging to the Mathieu group M~1~2)
On the uniqueness of a regular thin near octagon on 288 vertices (or the semibiplane belonging to the mathieu group M12)
PDP8-programming 1 : the KV8/I storage scope and H306 joystick
Poincaré series of the polynomials invariant under SU2 in its irreducible representation of degree less than 17, The
Polarities of G. Higman's symmetric design and a strongly regular graph on 176 vertices
Regular near polygons do contain hexes
Some lotto numbers from an extension of Turán's theorem
Some unitals of 28 points and their embeddings in projective planes of order 9
Spanning point-line geometries in buildings of spherical type
Spectra of graphs
Strongly regular graphs where mu equals two and lambda is large
structure of near polygons with quads, The
super balanced hypergraph has a nest point, A
Treelike spaces and related connected topological spaces
Two infinite sequences of near polygons
Two number theoretic sums
Uniqueness and nonexistence of some graphs related to M22
uniqueness of the strongly regular graph on 77 points, The
Variations on a theme by Weetman
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Thesis--Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam