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Shiva, V.
Shiva, Vandana
Shiva, Vandana (Dr)
Śiva, Vandanā
Vandana Shiva
Vandanā Śiva
シヴァ, ヴァンダナ
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Manuscript language material
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Ganuza Jonsson, Lillemor
Holla-Bhar, Radha
Jafri, Afsar H.
Jalees, Kunwar
Mies, Maria (1931-)
Navdanya (Organization)
Nuryati, Sri
Papenburg, Antje
Pluto Press
Research Foundation for Science, Technology & Natural Resource Policy
Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology (New Delhi, India)
Sanz Escorihuela, Jesús (1963-)
Schulze, Bodo
Stapleton, Jaime
Stédile, João Pedro
Toda, Kiyoshi (1956-)
University of Guelph. Centre for International Programs
浜谷, 喜美子 (1943-)
armoedige levensvisie van het rijke westen, De : milieu- en Derde-Wereldproblemen: het resultaat van geestelijke monocultuur
Biodiversität Plädoyer für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung
Biodiversity based organic farming : a new paradigm for food security and food safety
Biodiversity conservation: whose resource? whose knowledge
Biodiversity : social & ecological perspectives
Biopiracy : the plunder of the nature and knowledge
Biopiratería : el saqueo de la naturaleza y del conocimiento
Biopiraterie Kolonialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts : eine Einführung
biopiraterie ou Le pillage de la nature & de la connaissance, La
Biopolitics : a feminist and ecological reader on biotechnology
Campaign against biopiracy
Cargill : the corporate hijack of India's food & agriculture
Changes in the concept of periodicity of light
Climate change, peak oil and food insecurity
Close to home : women reconnect ecology, health and development
corporate control of life, The
Corporate hijack of biodiversity : how WTO-TRIPs rules promote corporate hijack of people's biodiversity and knowledge
Dekolonisatie van het Noorden : Henk van Andel lezing, Amsterdam 1989
Earth democracy
Ecofeminismo : teoría, crítica y perspectivas
Ecological audit of eucalyptus cultivation, c1987:
Ecology and the politics of survival : conflicts over natural resources in India
enclosure and recovery of the commons, The : biodiversity, indigenous knowledge, and intellectual property rights
Ethique et agro-industrie main basse sur la vie
feiten over biopiraterij, De
Forestry crisis and forestry myths : a critical review of "Tropical forests : A call for action*
Ganga : common heritage or corporate commodity?
Geraubte Ernte Biodiversität und Ernährungspolitik ; 1 Komplettsatz (4 Audio-CDs)
Globalisation, food security, and war
Globalization's new wars : seed, water & life forms
great Indian land grab, The
Hidden variables and locality in quantum theory
How ten years of WTO have robbed India of lives, livelihoods, and basic needs
Ikiru yorokobi
India divided : diversity and democracy under attack
Jenseits des Wachstums warum wir mit der Erde Frieden schließen müssen
Just Methods: An Interdisciplinary Feminist Reader
Kampf um das blaue Gold, Der : Ursachen und Folgen der Wasserverknappung
Leben ohne Erdöl eine Wirtschaft von unten gegen die Krise von oben
Making peace with the earth
Manifestos on the future of food & seed.
Manifiesto para una democracia de la Tierra : justicia, sostenibilidad y paz
Midori no kakumei to sono bōryoku
mirage of market access, The : how globalisation is destroying farmers lives and livelihoods
Monocultures of the mind : perspectives on biodiversity and biotechnology
Monocultures of the mind : understanding the threats to biological and cultural diversity
Mujeres, motor de cambio
Nature for sale : the commons versus commodities
nature sous license, ou, Le processus d'un pillage, La : diversité biologique en péril
New paradigm for food security and food safety
nuevas guerras de la globalización, Las : semillas, agua y formas de vida
Ökofeminismus Beiträge zur Praxis und Theorie
Poisons in our food : links between pesticides and diseases
praxis del ecofeminismo, La : biotecnología, consumo y reproducción
Protect or plunder ? : understanding intellectual property rights
schliesslich ist es unser Leben ökofeministische Beiträge von Frauen aus aller Welt, ...
seed keepers, The
Seibutsu tayōsei no hogo ka seimei no shūdatsu ka : Gurōbarizumu to chiteki zaisanken
Seibutsu tayōsei no kiki : Seishin no monokaruchā
Shokuryō terorizumu : Takokuseki kigyō wa ikanishite daisan sekai o uesaseteiruka
Skydda eller skövla? : patent, etik och nykolonialism
Social economic and ecological ... 1981
Soil, not oil : climate change, peak oil and food insecurity
Soil not oil : environmental justice in a time of climate crisis
Staying alive : women, ecology and development
Staying alive : women, ecology and survival in India
Sydligt perspektiv på GATT-avtalet
Terra superar l'era del petroli per una nova justícia ambiental
terrorisme alimentaire comment les multinationales affament le Tiers monde, Le
Tomorrow's biodiversity
Towards hope : an ecological approach to the future
Towards sustainable aquaculture, Chenmmeenkettu
Vandana Shiva mujeres, motor de cambio
vie n'est pas une marchandise, La : les dérives des droits de propriétés intellectuelles
violence of the green revolution, The : ecological degradation and political conflict in Punjab
violence of the green revolution, The : Third World agriculture, ecology and politics
Water and Earth's biodiversity
Water wars : privatization, pollution, and profit
Why is every 4th Indian hungry? : the causes and cures for food insecurity
Why is every fourth Indian hungry?
Yoked to death : globalisation and corporate control of agriculture
バイオパイラシー : グローバル化による生命と文化の略奪
生きる歓び : イデオロギーとしての近代科学批判
生物多様性の保護か、生命の収奪か : グローバリズムと知的財産権
生物多様性の危機 : 精神のモノカルチャー
食糧テロリズム : 多国籍企業はいかにして第三世界を飢えさせているか
Thesis (Ph)