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A. R, Alexander Ross
R, A.
R, Alexander Ross
Rosaeus, Alexander
Ross, Alexander
Ross, Alexander ((writer))
Ross, Alexandre
Rossaeus, Alexander
Rossaeus, Alexandrus
Rosse, Abraham
Rosse, Abraham (pseudonym)
Rosse, Alexander
Rosse, Alexandre
Rossen, Alexander
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Groot, Michiel de (Amsterdam)
La Grue, Thomas
La Grue, Thomas de (1620-1680))
Nerreter, David (1649-1726)
Offizin Bodmer (Zuric)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Sanderus, Josua ca1591-ca1664
Saywell, John (Londen)
Schipper, Jan Jacobsz (16..-1671))
Schipper, Jan Jacobsz (Amsterdam)
Wyngaerden, J.
Young, James
Abdruck derer von unterschiedenen theologischen Facultäten uber M. Henrich Ammersbachs Predigers zu SS. Petri und Pauli in Halberstadt, in nechst abgewichenem Iahr ausgegebenen so genanten Geheimnisz der letzten Zeiten, und Betrachtung der gegenwärtigen und künfftigen Zeiten, etc ... eingekommener Bedencken und Antwort, etc. : Deme beygefügt des Alexandri Rossen eines vornehmen reformirten Scribentens Meynung von dem Chiliasmo, und Johannis Henrici Ursini Warnung für den Enthusiasten und schwärmerischen Propheten ..
abridgment of Christian divinitie., The : So exactly and methodically compiled, that it leads us, as it were, by the hand to the reading of the Holy Scriptures. Ordering of common-places. Vnderstanding of controversies. Clearing of some cases of conscience.
alcoran de mahomet, l'
Alcoran of Mahomet, translated out of Arabique into French by the Sieur Du Ryer,... and newly englished..., The
Apocalypsis: or, The revelation of certain notorious advancers of heresie ... Together with an account of their lives, actions and ends. : Whereunto are added the effigies ... done in copper plates.
Arcana microcosmi, 1651:
[[arcana microcosmi]], or the hid secrets of man's body discovered, in anatomical duel between aristotle and galen; with a refutation of thomas browne's vulgar errors, from bacon's natural history, and hervey's book de generatione
Christian divinity in two bookes
chronology, in english
chymera pythagorica
enchiridium oratorium et poeticum
exposition on the fourteene first chapters of Genesis, by way of question and answere . Collected out of ancient and recent writers, An : both briefely and subtilly propounded and expounded. By Abraham Rosse of Aberden, preacher at St. Maries neere South-Hampton, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines
four books of epigrams in latin elegiacs
gantzen Welt Religionen
god's house, or the house of prayer, vindicated from profaneness
Medicus medicatus
Mel heliconium, or, Poeticall honey gathered out of the weeds of Parnassus divided into VII chapters according to the first VII letters of the alphabet : containing XLVIII fictions, out of which are extracted many historicall, naturall, morall, politicall and theologicall observations, both delightfull and usefull : with XLVIII meditations in verse
Mystagogus poeticus
Mystagogvs poeticvs, or The muses interpreter; explaining the historicall mysteries, and mysticall histories of the ancient Greek and Latine poets ...
New international commentary on the New Testament., The
new planet, no planet, or the earth no wandering star, against galilaeus and copernicus, the
observations upon hobbes's leviathan
Pansebeia. [from old catalog]
Pansebeia, or, A view of all religions in the world with the several church-governments from the creation till these times : also a discovery of all known heresies in all ages and places and choice observations and reflections throughout the whole
Pansebeia, or, A view of all religions in the world with the severall church-governments from the creation, to these times : also, a discovery of all known heresies in all ages and places, and choice observations and reflections throughout the whole
picture of the conscience, the
religions du monde, Les
Rerum iudaicarum memorabiliorum : ab exitu ex Aegypto ad ultimum usque hierosolymitanum excidium ...
rerum judaicarum libri duo
risk takers, The
three decads of divine meditations, whereof each one containeth three parts. 1. history. 2. an allegory. 3. a prayer. with a commendation of a private country life.
tonsor ad cutem rasus
Unterschiedliche Gottes-dienste in der gantzen Welt
Virgilii Evangelisantis Christiados libri XIII in quibus omnia quae de Domino Nostro Jesu Christo in utroque Testamento, vel dicta vel praedicta sunt, altisona divina Maronis tuba suavissime decantantur
Virgilii triumphantis libri III.
Virgilius Evangelisans Christiados
Virgilius triumphans, in tres libros dispartitus : quibus ostenditur, quantum Mantuanus Olor plumarum candore, & cantus suavitate alios omnes cygnos superavit : una cum psychomachia Virgiliana
Weerelds Gods-Diensten, of Vertoog van alle de Religien en Ketteryen in Asia, Africa, America en Europa, van't begin des Werelds tot desen tegenwoordigen tijdt toe, 's
wunderwürdige Juden- und Heiden-Tempel. -, Der