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Chadwick Oman, Charles William
Oman, C.
Oman, C. W.
Oman, C. W. C.
Oman, Charles
Oman, Charles (Sir)
Oman, Charles W.
Oman, Charles W.C.
Oman, Charles William Chadwick
Oman, Charles William Chadwick (Auteur.)
Oman, Charles William Chadwick (seras)
Oman, Charles William Chadwick (Sir)
Oman (professor)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Adam, G. Mercer (1830-1912)
Adam, Graeme Mercer (1830-1912)
Adam, Graeme Mercer (1839-1912. [from old catalog])
Beeler, John H.
Elton, Geoffrey Rudolph (1921- ))
Griffith, Paddy (1947-)
Innes, Arthur Donald (1863-1938))
Mason, Arthur James (1851-1928)
Ontañon, M.
Robertson, Charles Grant (1869-1948))
Thèse : ? : Oxford
Trevelyan, George Macaulay (1876-1962)
Victoria and Albert Museum
Wakeman, Henry Offley (1852-1899)
Wells, Philip P. (1868-1929)
Wells, Philip Patterson (1868-1929)
Wilson, F.W.
Wilson, Frederick William
Wilson, H. A. (1854-1927)
Wilson, Henry Austin (1854-1927)
Wydawnictwo Napoleon V.
3: September 1809 to December 1810 : Ocaña, Cadiz, Bussaco, Torres Vedras
Adventures with Commaught Raugers
Alfred the Great;
Armia Wellingtona : 1809-1814
Art of war in the middle ages... 378-1515, by C. W. C. Oman. Revised... by John H. Beeler. [Foreword by Edward W. Fox.], The
art of war in the Middle Ages a.d. 378-1515, The
Autobiography of Montagu Burrows ...
baixela Wellington o serviço português de mesa, A
battaglia di Maida, La
bibliography of English military books up to 1642 and of contemporary foreign works, A
British castles
British future fiction
British rings : 800-1914
Byzantine Empire, by C. W. C. Oman,..., The
cambridge modern history|the cambridge modern history
coinage of England, The
columna y la línea en la Guerra de la Independencia, La
coming race
dark ages, 476-918, The
days of Alkibiades, The
East and West.
England and the hundred years' war (1327-1485 A. D.)
England before the Norman conquest, being a history of the Celtic, Roman and Anglo-saxon periods down to the year A.D. 1066, by Sir Charles Oman,... 9th edition
England in the nineteenth century.
England under the Hanoverians, by Sir Charles Grant Robertson,... [16th edition. Introductory note by C. Oman.]
England under the Stuarts...
England under the Tudors
English silversmiths' work : civil and domestic: an introduction
Essays introductory to the study of English constitutional history
Exhibition of fifty drawings from the collection of John S. Newberry, Jr.
great revolt of 1381, The
history of England before the Norman conquest, A
History of England from the accession of Richard II to the death of Richard III (1377-1485), by C. Oman,..., The
history of England in eight volumes, A
history of England in seven volumes, A
history of England in six volumes
History of England, The : from the accession of Richard II. to the death of Richard III., (1377-1485)
History of Greece from the earliest times to the death of Alexander the Great, by C. W. C. Oman,..., A
history of nations, The
History of the art of war, A : the middle ages from the fourth to the fourteenth century, by Charles Oman,...
history of the art of war in the Middle Ages, A
History of the art of war in the sixteenth century, by Sir Charles Oman,..., A
history of the Peninsular War, A
importance of the reign of Queen Anne in English church history, The
Inaugural lecture on the study of history : delivered 7th. Feb. 1906
Inaugural lecture on the study of history, delivered on Wednesday, February 7, 1906
Lyons mail, being an account of the crime of April 27 1796 (Floréal 8 an IV) and of the trials which followed; a study of personalities and of evidence, as also of judicial procedure, under the first French republic., The
Memories of Victorian Oxford and of some early years, by Sir Charles Oman,... 3rd edition
mission of St. Augustine to England according to the original documents, being a handbook for the thirteenth centenary, The
My adventures during the late war; a narrative of shipwreck, captivity, escapes from French prisons, and sea service in 1804-14
National boundaries and treaties of peace
On the writing of history, by Sir Charles Oman,...
organisation of Wellington's Peninsular Army, 1809-1814, The
Outbreak of the war of 1914-18. A narrative based mainly on British official documents by C. Oman, The
Parenté de Charles Quint Tableau généalogique, La
peasants' revolt|the great revolt of 1381
reign of George the sixth
reign of George VI. 1900-1925; a forecast written in the year 1763, republished, The
Seven Roman statesmen of the later republic : the Gracchi, Sulla, Crassus Cato, Pompey, Caesar
Siete estadistas romanos del final de la republica
sixteenth century, The
Some mediæval conceptions of ancient history.
Some silver connected with Catherine of Braganza
story of the Byzantine empire, The
Studies in the Napoleonic wars
Sztuka wojenna w średniowieczu.
Sztuka wojenna w XVI wieku.
Things i have seen
unfortunate Colonel Despard, and other studies., The
Wallpapers : a history and illustrated catalogue of the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum
Warwick, the kingmaker
Wellington plate Portuguese service a baixela Wellington, The
Wellington's army, (1808-1814)
Wellington's army (1809-1814), by C. W. C. Oman,...
world crisis, The
Edition de : Thèse : ? : Oxford : 1906