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Ali, A.
Ali, A. ((fizyka))
Ali, Ahmed
Ali, Ahmed K.
Ali, Ahmed ((politician))
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Ali, Ahmed (see also from)
Borisov, Anatolij V.
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron Hamburg
Greub, Christoph
Hambrock, Christian
Hiller, Gudrun
Kramer, Gustav (1932-)
London, David
Lunghi, Enrico
Mannel, Thomas
Parchomenko, Aleksandr Ja
Randjbar-Daemi, S.
Salam, Abdus (1926-1996))
University of the South Pacific. Institute of Pacific studies
→ Vγ [B → V gamma] decays at NNLO in SCET, B
[BB] mixings a reappraisal, B_347-B_347
brief account of B → K*l_1n+l_1hn- decay in soft-collinear effective theory presented at the XXXIII International Conference on High Energy Physics, Moscow, Russian Federation, 26th July - 2nd August 2006, A
case for hidden bb̄ tetraquarks based on e_1hn+e_1hn- → bb̄ cross section between √s, A
Charmless non-leptonic B_1tnS decays to PP, PV and VV final states in the pQCD approach
comparative study of the decays B → (K,K*)l_1hn+l_1hn- in standard model and supersymmetric theories, A
Constraints on dynamical symmetry breaking mechanisms from electroweak data
Contribution of b → sgg through the QCD anomaly in exclusive decays B_1hn± → (_j63',_j63)(K_1hn±,K_1hn*_1hn±) [eta eta K K] and B_1hn0 → (_j63',_j63)(K_1hn0,K_1hn*_1hn0) [eta eta K K]
CP violation and flavour mixing in the standard model 1996 update
CP violation and prospects at B-factories and hadron colliders
determination of the CKM-matrix element ratio V_1tnt_1tns, V_1tnc_1tnb from the rare B-decays B → K* + γ [gamma] and B → X_1tns + γ [gamma], A
Dileptons, electroweak charge asymmetry and B - B mixings [talk presented at the XVI. Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics, Kiryat Anavim, Israel, 9 - 14 June, 1985]
effective _j63'g*g* [eta'gg] vertex at arbitrary gluon virtualities, The
Estimates of the weak annihilation contributions to the decays B → _p63 [pi] + _g63 [gamma] and B → _w63 [omega] + _g63 [gamma]
[eta'gg] vertex with arbitrary gluon virtualities in the perturbative QCD hard scattering approach, The _j63'g*g*
Extended minimal flavour violating MSSM and implications for B physics
Foreign forces in Pacific politics
Forward-backward asymmetry of dilepton angular distribution in the decay b → s l_1hn+l_1hn_346
Heavy flavours and high-energy collisions in the 1-100 TeV range
Heavy flavours working group summary
Heavy quark physics at LEP
Heavy quark physics in ep collisions at LEP+LHC
Heavy quark physics in photo- and leptoproduction processes at HERA and lower energies
Heavy quark physics proceedings of the Helmholtz International School ; [Dubna international advanced school of theoretical physics]
Helicity analyis of the decays B → K*l_1hn+l_1hn- and B → plv_1tnl in the large energy effective theory
Higgs particle(s) : physics issues and experimental searches in high-energy collisions
High energy electron-positron physics
Implication of the B → (_r63, _w63) γ [(rho, omega) gamma] branching ratios for the CKM phenomenology
Implications of B → _r63γ [rho-gamma] measurements in the standard model and supersymmetric theories
Implications of dynamical symmetry breaking for high energy experiments
Improved model independent analysis of semileptonic and radiative rare B decays
Improved sensitivity to charged Higgs searches in top quark decays t → bH_1hn+ → b (_t63_1hn+_n63_1tn_t63) [(tau nu tau)] at the LHC using _t63 [tau] polarisation and multivariate techniques
Inclusive decay rate for B → X_1tnd + _g63 [gamma] in next to leading logarithmic order and CP asymmetry in the standard model
Inclusive photon energy spectrum in rare B decays
INFN ELOISATRON Project Workshop on New Aspects of Very High-Energy Proton-Proton Collisions (4th : 1987 : Erice, Sicily). New aspects of high energy ... c1989:
Jets in e_1hn+e_1hn- [ee] annihilation and QCD
Majorana neutrinos and same sign dilepton production at LHC and in rare meson decays
Neutrinoless double beta decay electron angular correlation as a probe of new physics
New aspects of high-energy proton-proton collisions
Ocean of night
Pacific Indians : profiles in 20 Pacific countries
Perturbative QCD and power corrected hadron spectra and spectral moments in the decay B → X_1tnsl_1hn+l_1hn-
Phenomenological profiles of the inclusive hadron spectra in the decay B → X_1tnsl_1hn+l_1hn-
Phenomenology of the Higgs boson
Photon energy spectrum in B → X_1tns + _g63 [gamma] and comparison with data
Photonic and leptonic rare B decays
Plantation to politics studies on Fiji indians
Power corrections in the decay rate and distributions in B → X_1tnsl_1hn+l_1hn- in the standard model
Precise calculation of the dilepton invariant-mass spectrum and the decay rate in B+- → π+- m+ m- [pi+- my+ my-] in the SM
Precision flavour physics and supersymmetry
Probing new physics in the neutrinoless double beta decay using electron angular correlation
Production of the exotic 1_1hn-_1hn- hadrons _473(2170) [phi(2170)], X(4260) and Y_1tnb(10890) at the LHC and Tevatron via the Drell-Yan mechanism
profile of final states in B → X_1tns + γ [gamma] and an estimate of the branching ration BR(B → K + γ [gamma]), A
Profiles of the unitarity triangle and CP-violating phases in the standard model and supersymmetric theories
Prompt photon energy spectra in B-decays and determination of the CKM matrix elements
Prospects for measuring the B_1hn0_1tns-B_1hn0_1tns mixing ratio x_1tns
Prospects of measuring the CKM matrix element |V_1tnt_1tns| at the LHC
QCD amma Gamma] and heavy quark physics at LEP
QCD and heavy quark physics at LEP and SLC [talks given at the 14th Internat. Winter Meeting on Fundamental Physics, St. Feliu, Spain, March 1986]
QCD effective coupling constant in e- annihilation, The
QCD, γγ [gamma gamma] and heavy quark physics at LEP
Qurʼān, Al-
Race, class, and rebellion in the South Pacific
Radiative rare B-decays into higher K-resonances
Radiatively corrected lepton energy distributions in top quark decays t → bW_1hn+ → b(l_1hn+_n63_1tnl) [b(l + ny l] and t → bH_1hn+ → b(_t63_1hn+_n63_1tn_t63) [b(tau + ny tau)] and single charged prong energy distributions from subsequent _t63_1hn+ [tau +] decays
Rare B-decays in QCD
Rare decays B → X_1tnd + γ [gamma] in the standard model
Rare decays of B-mesons
Rare radiative B-decays in the standard model
Rare semileptonic meson decays in R-parity violating MSSM
Review of heavy quark physics theory
Salamfestschrift : a collection of talks from the Conference on Highlights of Particle and Condensed Matter Physics : ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 8-12 March 1993
Same sign dilepton production via heavy majorana neutrinos in proton-proton collisions
Search for gauge extensions of the MSSM at the LHC
Selected papers of Abdus Salam : (with commentary)
Selected short stories from Pakistan : Urdu
Signatures of supersymmetry in B-decays a theoretical perspective
Silence, darkness, and light the Grand Egyptian Museum
Small-X behavior of deep inelastic structure functions in QCD : proceedings of the DESY topical meeting on the small-x behavior of deep inelastic structure functions in QCD : DESY, Hamburg, Germany 14-16 May 1990
Supersymmetric effects on isospin symmetry breaking and direct CP violation in B → _r63_g63 [rho gamma]
Tetraquark-based analysis and predictions of the cross sections and distributions for the processes e_1hn+e_1hn- → γ [gamma] (1S) (π_1hn+π_1hn- [pi pi], K_1hn+K_1hn-, _j63π_1hn0 [eta pi 0]) near γ [gamma] (5S)
Tetraquark interpretation of e_1hn+e_1hn- → Yπ_1hn+π_1hn- [ypsilon pi pi] Belle data and e_1hn+e_1hn- → bb̄ BaBar data [35th International Conference of High Energy Physics - ICHEP 2010, July 22 - 28, 2010, Paris, France]
tetraquark interpretation of the BELLE data on the anomalous _Y63(1S)π_1hn+π_1hn- [Ypsilon (1S) pi pi] and _Y63(2S)π_1hn+π_1hn- [Ypsilon (2S) pi pi] production near the _Y63(5S) [Ypsilon (5S)] resonance, A
Tetraquark interpretation of the charged bottomonium-like states Z_1hn_460_1tnb (10610) and Z_1hn_460_1tnb (10650) and implications
Theoretical interest in B-meson physics at the B factories, Tevatron and the LHC
theoretical reappraisal of branching ratios and CP asymmetries in the decays B → (X_1tnd,X_1tns)l_1hn+l_1hn- and determination of the CKM parameters, A
Theory of rare B-decays
Theory overview on spectroscopy
Towards a theory of charmless non-leptonic two-body B decays
Transverse energy-energy correlations in next-to-leading order in α_1tns [alpha s] at the LHC
Twilight in Delhi : a novel
update of B_347-B_347 [BB] mixings presented at the Internat. Symposium on Production and Decay of Heavy Flavours, Heidelberg, May 20 - 23, 1986, An
What if the mass difference _D63M_1tns [Delta M s] is around 18 inverse picoseconds?