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Torrance, T.
Torrance, T. F.
Torrance, Thomas F.
Torrance, Thomas Forsyth
Torrance, Tom
トーランス, T. F
トーランス, トーマス・F
トランス, トマス・F
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Barth, Karl (1886-1968)
Bromiley, G.W. (1915-)
Bromiley, Geoffrey William
Bromiley, Geoffrey William (1915-)
Calvin, Jean (1509-1564)
Del Re, Giuseppe (1932- ))
McCombie, Frank
Pettibone Smith, Louise
Princeton Theological Seminary
Reid, J.K.S.
Th. theol. Basel
Torrance, David W.
Torrance, David Wishart
Walker, Robert T.
芦名, 定道 (1956-)
Apocalypse today, The
Atonement : the person and work of Christ
Belief in science and Christian life : the relevance of Michael Polanyi's thought for Christian faith and life
Brief van Thomas Forsyth Torrance (1913-2007) aan T. Hogewaard en Kornelis Heiko Miskotte (1894-1976)
calvin's commentaries, a harmony of the gospels: matthew, mark and luke
calvin's commentaries, the acts of the apostles 14-26
calvin's commentaries, the epistles of paul the apostle to the galatians, ephesians, philippians and colossians
Calvin's doctrine of man, by T. F. Torrance,...
Calvins Lehre vom Menschen
centrality of Christ, The : devotions and addresses [at] the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, May 1976
China's first missionaries : ancient Israelites
Christian doctrine of God, one being three persons, 1996:, The
christian doctrine of marriage, The
Christian frame of mind, The
Christian theology and scientific culture
Church dogmatics
Conflict and agreement in the Church
Creation, Christ and culture : studies in honour of T.F. Torrance
Dar es Salaam 1963 : a new graduate encounters an emerging African nation
Divine and contingent order
Divine meaning : studies in patristic hermeneutics
doctrine of creation, the
doctrine of grace in the Apostolic Fathers, 1948., The
doctrine of grace in the apostolic fathers, The ; inaugural-dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Basel
doctrine of Jesus Christ, The
doctrine of reconciliation, the
doctrine of the word of god. prolegomena, the
dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field, a
eldership in the Reformed Church, The
Eschatology : four papers read to the Society for the Study of Theology
essays in honor of georges florovsky
God and rationality
gospel according to St. John 1-10, The
ground and grammar of theology, The : consonance between theology and science
harmony of the Gospels, A : Matthew, Mark and Luke
hermeneutics of john calvin, the
how karl barth changed my mind
incarnation: ecumenical studies in the nicene-constantinopolitan creed, the
Incarnation, The : ecumenical studies in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed A.D. 381
Incarnation : the person and life of Christ
Intelligent theology
Juridical law and physical law : toward a realist foundation for human law
Kagaku to shiteno shingaku no kiso
Karl Barth : an introduction to his early theology, 1910-1931
Karl Barth, biblical and evangelical theologian
Karuvuan no ningenron
Kingdom and Church : a study in the theology of the Reformation
Kirchliche Dogmatik.
Kirisuto no chūho
Kresťanská teológia a vedecká kultúra : teologické prednášky na Kráľovninej univerzite v Belfaste v roku 1980
manual of church doctrine, according to the church of Scotland, A
mediation of Christ, The
Nature of doctrine in T. F. Torrance's theology
person of Jesus Christ, The
Preaching Christ today : the Gospel and scientific think- ing
Preaching Christ today : the Gospel and scientific thinking
Reality and evangelical theology
Reality and scientific theology
Reality & evangelical theology the realism of Christian revelation
Réformateurs et la fin des temps, Les
Royal priesthood : a theology of ordained ministry
Sacerdoce royal. Traduction de Gérard Huni,..., Thomas F. Torrance. Le
school of faith, The : the Catechisms of the Reformed Church
Science théologique
Scottish journal of theology occasional papers
Scottish theology : from John Knox to John McLeod Campbell
Senso del divino e scienza moderna
Space, time and incarnation
Space, time and resurrection
T. F. Torrance
theological and natural science
Theological dialogue between orthodox and reformed churches
Theological science. Thomas F. Torrance,... Based on the Hewett lectures for 1959
Theologie und die Kirche
Theology and church : shorter writings 1920-1928
theology and science at the frontiers of knowledge, vol 1
theology and scientific culture
theology beyond christendom: essays on the centenary of the birth of karl barth may 10, 1986
Theology in reconciliation : essays towards evangelical and catholic unity in east and west
Theology in reconstruction
Transformation & convergence in the frame of knowledge : explorations in the interrelations of scientific and theological enterprise
trinitarian faith, The : the evangelical theology of the ancient Catholic Church
Trinitarian perspectives : toward doctrinal agreement
visible words of God, The : an exposition of the sacramental theology of Peter Martyr Vermigli A.D. 1500-1562
When Christ comes and comes again.
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Th. theol. Basel, 1948