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Boydell, Alderman John
Boydell, J.
Boydell, Jean
Boydell, John
Boydell, John (English engraver, print publisher, 1719-1804)
Boydell, John I
John Boydell
John I Boydell
ボイデル, ジョン
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Cartographic material
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Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Bartolozzi, Francesco (1728-1815)
Boydell, Josiah (1752-1817)
Earlom, Richard (1743-1822))
Fuseli, Henry (1741-1825)
Hamilton, William (1751-1801)
Lorrain, Claude (1600-1682))
Northcote, James (1746-1831)
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Shakspeare Gallery
Smirke, Robert (1752-1845)
toms william henry
Vinck, Carl de (1859-19.)
小田島, 雄志 (1930-)
American edition of Boydell's Illustrations of the Dramatic works of Shakespeare, The
Boydell's graphic illustrations of the Dramatic works, of Shakspeare;
Boydell's Shakespeare prints : 90 Engravings
Boydell Shakespeare ... 1873., The
Boydell Shakespeare prints., The
Catalogue of historical prints, various subjects, landscapes, sea pieces, views, etc., after the most capital pictures in England, engraved by the most celebrated artists, A
catalogue of more than five thousand copper plates engraved by the most esteemed British artists, during the last and present century... The copper plates of the whole of these great Works... will be sold without Reserve by Mr. Robert H. Evans... on monday June 1, 1818, and the five following Days... Comprising the entire stock of Messrs John and Josiah Boydell, A ; deceased...
catalogue of the choice and valuable libraries William Norton, gent. And Benjamin Wright; both lately deceased. In Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Hebrew, English, &c. Containing a great variety of history, voyages, travels, trade, law, physick, mathematicks, diviinity, geography, plays, novels, and romances. Among which are the following, with many others equally good, the whole being in good condition and most of them gilt or letter'd. Folio's Stanley's lives of the philosophers. Hammond on the N. Testament, best fisher's architecture. Lives of the painters. Rapin's hist. of England, 2 vols. Ogilby's esop. Marott's designs. Henry on the Old Testament. Chaucer's works. Spencer's fairy queen. Acta Regia. Taylor's life of Christ. Stebbing's genealogical hist. Salmon's state trials. Burchett's naval history. Hawkin's pleas of the crown. Modern cases in equity. Sidney on government. Spotswood's hist. of Scotland. Nicholls on the common prayer. Nicholson's historical libraries. Quarto's. Isbrant's travels. James of gardening, Greenhills art of embalming. Littleton's dictionary. Agrippa's occult philosophy. Hoppu's architecture. Octavo's and duedecimo's. South's sermons, 6 vols. Scott's Christian life, 5 vols. Clatendon hist. of France, 5 vols. Beaumont and fletcher, 7 vols. Rowe's Shakespear, 7 vols. Ben. Johnson's works, 6 vols. Vertot's Roman revolutions, 2 vols. Spencer's works, 6 vols. Moliere's plays Fr. and Eng. 8 vols. Spectator's, 8 vols. Tatler's, 4 vols. British theatre, 10 vols. Which will be sold very cheap (the lowest price being printed to each book in the catalogue) this day, and the following; and to continue till all are sold at J. Boydell's shop, over-against the chappel in Russell Court, near Bridge's-street: where may be had money for any library or parcel of books, in any language or faculty, to the utmost of their value. Catalogues are given gratis at the place of sale., A
catalogue of the pictures, &c. in the Shakespeare Gallery, Pall-Mall, A
Catalogue of the pictures, &c., in the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall., A
Catalogue of the pictures, etc. in the Shakspeare gallery pall-mall. (By John Boydell.), A
Catalogue raisonné d'un recueil d'estampes d'après les plus beaux tableaux qui soient e*. -
Catalogue raisonné d'un recueil d'estampes d'après les plus beaux tableaux qui soient en Angleterre. Les planches sont dans la possession de Jean Boydell, et ont été gravées par lui & les meilleurs artistes de Londres
Catherine II empress of Russia from the original picture in the collection of his Excellency le comte Woronzow ambassador from the Empress of Russia [estampe]
Collection of fifty prints from antique gems. - [1785], A
collection of forty views in the Peak, in Dabyshire etc., A
Collection of prints, engraved after the most capital paintings in England, published by John Boydell... with a description of each picture in English and French, A
collection of prints, from pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating the dramatic works of Shakspeare, A
collection of the dresses of different nations, antient and modern. particularly old English dresses..., A
Collection of the dresses of different nations... Recueil des habillements... (Edited by John Boydell and L. T. Jofferys.), A
collection of views in England and Wales, drawn and engraved by John Boydell. To which are added, engraved by the same hand, some miscellaneous subjects after various masters, A
Common Council holden in the Chamber of the Guildhall of the city of London, on ... the 5th day of October, 1791, A
Comtesse de Cagliostro [estampe], La
Contos de Shakespeare
Dedicated, by permission, to His Majesty. Mr. Alderm. Boydell, and Mr. Jos. Boydell, propose to publish by subscription, the picturesque views and scenery of the Thames and the Severn, the Forth and the Clyde. From their sources to the sea; drawn by J. Farington, R.A. and intended to illustrate an original history of those rivers, including all that adorns, dignifies, or enriches, them and their vicinities; whether of art or nature. ...
description of several pictures presented to the Corporation of the City of London, by John Boydell, Alderman of the Ward of Cheap, and placed in the Common-Council Chamber of the City., A
dramatic works of William Shakspeare, The
Fortaleza], [La
gallery of illustrations for Shakespeare's dramatic works originally projected and published by John Boydell, reduced and re-engraved by the Heliotype process, with selections from the text, The
Geometrical Plan of the garden, park and plantation of Houghton
grove dictionary of art
Hogarth illustrated from his own manuscripts
Lady and child from the original picture painted by...
Liber veritatis, or a collection of two hundred prints after the original designs of Claude le Lorrain in the collection of... the duke of Devonshire
Liber veritatis or a collection of two hundred prints after the original desings of Claude Le Lorrain in the collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, executed by Richard Earlom [...] to which is added a descriptive catalogue of each print together with the names of those for whom, and of the places for which the original pictures were first painted.
Madonna con il bambino
Marie Antoinette d'Autriche reine de France vous qui fixez ces traits et du coeur et des yeux. Osez en les voyant vous trouver malheureux [estampe]
Mr. Boydell's exhibition of drawings, from many of the most capital pictures in England: at Mr. Ford's great room in the Hay-Market ...
Mr. West and family
Nossa Senhora e o menino
Omai, a native of the Island of Utietea
oxford dictionary of national biography
Paetus and Arria
[Paisaje con río]
philosopher giving a lecture on the Orrery, after Joseph Wright of Derby], [A
Plan of the Town and Harbour of Mahon, St Philip's castle and its fortifications. By J. Boydell
plays and poems of Shakspeare, with a life, glossarial notes, and one hundred and seventy illustrations from the plates in Boydell's edition., The
[Proofs and early impressions of prints in A collection of prints, from pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating the dramatic works of Shakespeare
Quarante - quatre paisages d'après Claude Le Lorrain Gaspar Poussin etc.
Quarante-quatre paisages d'aprez Claude le Lorrain, Gaspar Poussin, etc.
Recueil des habillements de différentes nations, anciens et modernes, et en particulier des vieux ajustements anglois...
[Recueil. Oeuvre de John Boydell]
[Recueil. Oeuvres d'artistes. Lettres A à C. De Andriot à Carloni]
Recueils de topographie sur le Royaume Uni], [
[Retrato de Cornelis Claesz, Anslo]
[Retrato de William Pitt, 1er. Conde de Chatham]
return of the prodigal son, The
S.r Thomas Wharton
school of Raphael, or the students guide to expression in historic*. - [1825], The
Shakespeare Gallery
Shakespeare - Troilus &Cressida, act v, scene ii
Shieikusupia gyararī
Topographie Angleterre
Venus sleeping
view of Gravesend.-London, A
view of Woolwich, A
works of William Shakespeare;, The