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Neary, J. P.
Neary, J. Peter
Neary, James Peter
Neary, P. J.
Neary, Peter
Neary, Peter J.
born 1950-02-11
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Anderson, J
Anderson, James E
Anderson, James E.
Anderson, James Elliott (1933-)
Baker, Terence J.
Baker, Terry J.
Bannister, Geoffrey J
Corden, W Max
Crawford, Ian
Durkan, Joe
Eckel, Carsten
Ethier, Wilfred J.
Feenstra, Robert
Feenstra, Robert C.
Fitzsimons, E.
Fitzsimons, Emla
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Hogan, V.
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Leahy, D.
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Leahy, Dermot
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Mirrlees, James A.
Mrázová, Monika
Neary, J Peter
Neary, J-P
Neary, J.
Neary, J. P.
Neary, J. Peter
Neary, J.P
Neary, J.P.
Neary, J.Peter
Neary, P.J.
Neary, Peter
Neary, Peter J
Neary, Peter J.
Nuffield College
Ó Gráda, Cormac
O''Sullivan, P
O'Gráda, Cormac
O'Sullivan, P.
O'Sullivan, Paul
Oxford University / Department of Economics
Persson, Torsten
Peter Neary, J.
Purvis, Douglas D
Purvis, Douglas D.
Roberts, K. W. S.
Roberts, K.W.S
Ruane, Frances
Ruane, Frances P
Ruane, Frances P.
S¡lesers, Ainars
Schweinberger, Albert G
Stiglitz, Joseph E
Stiglitz, Joseph E.
Tharakan, Joe
Thom, D.R.
Tirole, Jean
Trannoy, Alain (1954-....))
University of Oxford
University of Oxford Faculty of Social Studies
University of Western Ontario. Department of Economics
van Wijnbergen, S
Wijnbergen, Sweder van (1951-)
Zanalda, Giovanni
Absorptive capacity, R&D spillovers, and public policy
Advancing Global Trade: Pro Liberalisation and Development
ARMOD: A Small Numberical Macroeconomic World Model with Non-clearing Markets: Comment.
Beat 'em or join 'em? : export subsidies versus international research joint ventures in oligopolistic markets
Booming sector and de-industrialisation in a small open economy
Can an Oil Discovery Lead to a Recession? A Comment.
Capital Subsidies and Employment in an Open Economy.
CII-ESRI Quarterly and Monthly Surveys of Business Attitudes: Methods and Uses, The
Comparing the Wealth of Nations : Reference Prices and Multilateral Real Income Indexes.
Competition, Trade and Wages
Competitive versus Comparative Advantage
Cost asymmetries in international subsidy games : Should governments help winners or losers?
Cross-border mergers as instruments of comparative advantage
Determinants of the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate.
Domestic distortions and international trade
Dynamic Stability and the Theory of Factor-Market Distortions.
Econometric Study of the Irish Postal Services, An
Endogenous mode of competition in general equilibrium
EU Stability Pact and the Case for European Monetary Union., The
Europe on the Road to Doha - Towards a New Global Trade Round
Evaluating Economics Research in Europe: An Introduction
Explaining the volume of North-South Trade in Ireland: a Gravity Model Approach.
Export Subsidies and Price Competition
External Shocks
Factor Content Functions and the Theory of International Trade.
Factor market disequilibrium in neoclassical and neo-Keynesian models
Factor market disequilibrium in neoclassical and neo-Keynsian models
Factor Mobility and International Trade.
Foreign competition and wage inequality
Foreign Direct Iinvestment and the Single Market
Foreign Direct Investment and the Single Market.
Gender inequality in the labour market, the roles of international trade and informal employment.
Globalisation and market structure
Heckscher-Ohlin model as an aggregate, The
Immigration and real wages
Income Distribution and the Aggregate Demand Schedule in the Short Run.
Inégalité entre hommes et femmes sur le marché du travail, les rôles du commerce international et du secteur informel
International Capital Mobility, Shadow Prices, and the Cost of Protection.
International Factor Mobility, Minimum Wage Rates, and Factor-Price Equalization: A Synthesis.
International R&D rivalry and industrial strategy without government commitment
International Trade and the Environment - Theoretical and Policy Linkages
International Trade - Commercial Policy
International trade with endogenous mode of competition in general equilibrium
Intersectoral Capital Mobility, Wage Stickiness, and the Case for Adjustment Assistance
Interview with Brendan Walsh, An
Introduction to the Special Issue
Learning by Doing, Precommitment and Infant-Industry Promotion.
Learning by Doing, Precommitment and Infant-Industry Protection
Measuring competitiveness
Measuring the effect of external shocks and the polic[y] response to them : empirical methodology applied to the Philippines
Measuring the effect of external shocks and the policy response to them : empirical methodology applied to the Philippines
Measuring the Restrictiveness of International Trade Policy
mercantilist index of trade policy, The
Monopolistic Competition and International Trade Theory
Multi-product firms and flexible manufacturing in the global economy
Multi-product firms at home and away: Cost- versus quality-based competence
Multilateral subsidy games
Natural resources and the macroeconomy
new approach to evaluating trade policy, A
Nontraded Goods and the Balance of Trade in a Neo-Keynesian Temporary Equilibrium.
Observational Equivalence of the Ricardian and Heckscher-Ohlin Explanations of Trade Patterns [The Ricardian and Heckscher-Ohlin Explanations of Trade: A General Proof of an Equivalence Theorem and Its Empirical Implications]., The
Of Hype and Hyperbolas - Introducing the new Economic Geography
Oligopoly and Trade
On the Harris-Todaro Model with Intersectoral Capital Mobility.
On the Short-Run Effects of Technological Progress.
On the theory of the true index of the cost of living, 1979:
Pitfalls in the theory of international trade policy : concertina reforms of tariffs and subsidies to high-technology industries
positive theory of international trade, The
Presidential Address: Globalization and Market Structure
Protection, economic war and structural change : the 1930s in Ireland.
Public policy towards R&D in oligopolistic industries
Public Policy Towards R & D in Oligopolistic Industry
Punts, Pounds and Euros: In Search of an Optimum Currency Area.
Putting the "new" into new trade theory: Paul Krugman's Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
Quarterly Economic Commentary, Autumn 1971
Quarterly Economic Commentary, December 1970
Quarterly Economic Commentary, July 1972
Quarterly Economic Commentary, June 1971
Quarterly Economic Commentary, March 1971
Quarterly Economic Commentary, October 1972
Quarterly Economic Commentary, Winter 1971/2
R C Geary's Contributions to Economic Theory.
R&D in Developing Countries: What Should Governments Do?.
R&D Spillovers and the Case for Industrial Policy in an Open Economy.
Rationalising the Penn World Table: True multilateral indices for international comparisons of real income
Rationalizing the Penn World Table: True Multilateral Indices for International Comparisons of Real Income
Real Adjustment and Exchange-rate Dynamics
REGRECON - A Multiple-Option Regression Program for Use in Econometric Research
Report of the President 2002
Revenue-constrained strategic trade and industrial policy
Revenue tariff reform
Richard Baldwin,, Rikard Forslid,, Philippe Martin,, Gianmarco Ottaviano, and Frederic Robert-Nicoud, Economic Geography and Public Policy, Princeton University Press (2003), p. 487.
Road Less Travelled - Oligopoly and Competition Policy in General Equilibrium, The
Robust rules for industrial policy in open economies
Sectoral shocks in a dependant economy : long-run adjustment and short-run accomodation
Sectoral Shocks in a Dependent Economy: Long-run Adjustment and Short-run Accommodation.
Selection Effects with Heterogeneous Firms
Short-Run Capital Specificity and the Pure Theory of International Trade.
Simultaneous Reform of Tariffs and Quotas
Stability of the Mobile-Capital Harris-Todaro Model: Some Further Results.
Strategic Trade and Industrial Policy towards Dynamic Oligopolies.
Strategic Trade and Industrial PolicyTowards Dynamic Oligopolies
Study of Consumer Prices, Part 1, A
Study of Consumer Prices, Part 2, A
Study of Consumer Prices, Part 3, A
Study of Imports, Part 5. Total Imports, A
Subsidios a las exportaciones y bienestar nacional
Symmetric research joint ventures: Cooperative substitutes and complements
Symmetrical research joint ventures: cooperative substitutes and complements
Tariffs, quotas and voluntary export ... 1987:
Tariffs, Quotas, and Voluntary Export Restraints with and without Internationally Mobile Capital.
Temporal convergence and factor intensities
Testing for a Reference Consumer in International Comparisons of Living Standards
Theory and Policy of Adjustment in an Open Economy
theory of household behaviour under rationing, The
Theory of international trade: A dual, general equilibrium approach : Avinash K. Dixit and Victor D. Norman, (James Nisbet, Welwyn, and Cambridge University Press, 1980) pp. x + 339.
Theory, policy and dynamics in international trade: essays in honor of Ronald W Jones
This Side of Paradox, or, in Defense of the Correspondence Principle: A Reply to Herberg and Kemp.
Together at Last Trade Costs, Demand Structure, and Welfare
Toward a Reconstruction of Keynesian Economics: Expectations and Constrained Equilibria.
Towards A Reconstruction of Keynesian Economics: Expectations and Constrained Equilibria
Trade costs and foreign direct investment
Trade Liberalisation and Shadow Prices in the Presence of Tariffs and Quotas.
Trade Liberalization and Shadow Prices in the Presence of Tariffs and Quotas
Trade Reform with Quotas, Partial Rent Retention, and Tariffs.
Trade Restrictiveness of the Multi-fibre Arrangement., The
True Multilateral Indexes for International Comparisons of Purchasing Power and Real Income
True multilateral indexes for international comparisons of real income : theory and empirics
True Multilateral Indexex for International Comparisons of Purchasing Power and Real Income.
Two and a Half Theories of Trade link rid="fn1"†/link
Two-by-Two International Trade Theory with Many Goods and Factors.
Two-way capital flows : cross-hauling in a model of foreign investment
Variable labour supply and the pure theory of international trade : An empirical note
W. M. Gorman (1923–2003)
Welfare versus market access: the implications of tariff structure for tariff reform
Welfare vs. market access: the implications of tariff structure for tariff reform
Who Shrunk China?  Puzzles in the Measurement of Real GDP
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BLDSC reference no.: D26938/79
Thesis (D.Phil.)--University of Oxford, 1978