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Groeschel, Benedict
Groeschel, Benedict J.
Groeschel, Benedict Joseph
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Borská, Věra (1935-)
Czerwińska, Ewa
Czerwińska, tłumacz
Franciscan friars of the Renewal
Głogoczowski, Jan
Monti, James
Our Sunday Visitor, Inc
Partyka, Jacek
Partyka, tłumacz
Śmietana, Beata
Soulary, Béatrice
Weber, Terrence L. (1952- ))
Wocial, Jerzy (1946-2009))
Wydawnictwo eSPe
Wydawnictwo Księży Marianów MIC.
After this life : what Catholics believe about what happens next
am with you always, I : a study of the history and meaning of personal devotion to Jesus Christ for Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians
arise from darkness: what to do when life doesn't make sense
Augustín : filozof, teológ, mystik
Augustine : major writings
Celibat : wezwanie do miłości
ciel entre nos mains vivre les Béatitudes [Matthieu, 5, 3-10], Le
courage d'être chaste, Le
courage to be chaste, the
Cross at Ground Zero, The
douce petite voix guide pratique sur les révélations privées, Une
drama of reform, a
Duchowy rozwój : psychologia a mistyka
épopée des Franciscains du Bronx, L'
Everyday encounters with God : what our experience teaches about the divine
Experiencing the mystery of Christ : meditations from the oratory
festin de l'Agneau l'Eucharistie, le ciel sur la terre, Le
From scandal to hope
God and us : reflections on the Apostles' creed
Healing the original wound : reflections on the full meaning of salvation
Heaven in our hands : receiving the blessings we long for
Homosexuality and the Catholic Church
Homosexuality & the Catholic Church : clear answers to difficult questions
In the presence of our Lord : the history, theology, and psychology of eucharistic devotion
Jesus and Mary : in praise of their glorious names
journey of faith, The : how to deepen your faith in God, Christ, and the church
journey toward God, The : in the footsteps of the great spiritual writers--Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox
Lamb's supper : the mass as heaven on earth
Life in Christ : meditations from the oratory
Life of Father Eugene Hamilton
life of Jesus, The : an illustrated Rosary
Listening at prayer
Łzy Boga : jak wytrwać w obliczu życiowej tragedii i nieszczęścia
Meditations from the oratory
Moc w słabości : jak pokonywać swoje wady na drodze ku Bogu
Moc w słabości : jak problemy psychiczno-duchowe zamieniać w środki pomagające zbliżać się do Boga
Moc w słabości : jak problemy psychiczno-duchowe zmieniać w środki pomagające zbliżać się do Boga
Najważniejsze pytanie życia : czy będę zbawiony?
O odwadze życia w czystości
Ordained three hours before he died, he remains-- a priest forever
Passages spirituels psychologie du développement spirituel pour ceux qui cherchent
Povstaň z temnot : co dělat, když život ztratil smysl
Praying constantly : bringing your faith to life
Praying in the presence of our Lord : prayers for eucharistic adoration
Praying in the presence of our Lord with the saints
Praying to our Lord Jesus Christ : prayers and meditations through the centuries
Praying with the creed : meditations from the oratory
priest forever, A : the life of Father Eugene Hamilton
Questions and answers about your journey to God
Quiet moments with Benedict Groeschel : 120 daily readings
Real people, real presence : ordinary Catholics on the extraordinary power of the eucharist
reform of renewal, the
rosary: the chain of hope
saints in my life, The : my favorite spiritual companions
Spiritual passages : the psychology of spiritual development "for those who seek"
still small voice, A : a practical guide on reported revelations
Stumbling blocks or stepping stones : spiritual answers to psychological questions
Tears of God : persevering in the face of great sorrow or catastrophe
tears of God, The : going on in the face of great sorrow or catastrophe
There are no accidents : in all things trust in God
Thy will be done : a spiritual portrait of Terence Cardinal Cooke
Tichý, jemný hlas : praktický průvodce pro zájemce o soukromá zjevení
Travelers along the way : the men and women who shaped my life
untapped power of the Sacrament of penance, The : a priest's view
virtue driven life, The
When did we see you, Lord?
When God asks for an undivided heart
Who is Jesus Christ? : unlocking the mystery in the Gospel of Matthew
Why do we believe?
Wyjść z mroku : co robić gdy nasze życie straciło sens?