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F, G.
F, George Fox
Fox, G.
Fox, Georg
Fox, George
G. F, George Fox
GF, George Fox
フォックス, ジョージ
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Cadbury, Henry J. (1883-1974)
Cadbury, Henry Joel (1883-1974)
Cunradus, Christoffel
F, G. ([from old catalog])
Fell, Margaret (1614-1702; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Fell, Margaret (1614-1702)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Penn, William (1644-1718)
Penney, Norman (1858-1933)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Stubbs, John (1618?-1674. [from old catalog])
Tomlinson, William
Tuke, Samuel (1784-1857, [from old catalog])
Van Etten, Henry (1893-1968)
山室, 武甫 (1902-)
answer to several new laws and orders made by the rulers of Boston in New England, 1678:, An
answer to the Oath of allegiance and supremacy, from the people called Quakers a copie of which was given to the King by them upon the 4. day of the 5. moneth, 1660, An
Arraignment of popery: being a short collection, taken out of the chronicles, and other books
attempt to solve the problem of the first landing place of Columbus in the Nwe world., An
Aufzeichnungen und Briefe des ersten Quäkers
autobiography, An
autobiography of George Fox, from his journal., The
battle-door for teachers & professors to learn singular & plural ..., A
beginning of tythes in the law, and ending of tythes in the gospel, The
Book of miracles
Cain against Abel, representing New-England's church-hirarchy, in opposition to her Christian protestant dissenters.
collection of many select and Christian epistles, letteres and testimonies written on sundry occasions ..., A
Concerning persecution in all ages to this day, 1682:
Concerning the true baptism and the false.
Copies of some few of the papers given into the House of Parliament in the time of James Naylers tryal there, which began the fifth of December, 1656
Dagboek van George Fox
declaration of the difference of the ministers of the word from the ministers of the world; who calls the writings, the word., A
den Regierenden Bürgermeister, Bürgermeistern und Raht der Stadt Dantzigk von George Fox [...]., An
devil was and is the old informer against the righteous., The
epistle by way of caution to shopkeepers, merchants, and factors, An
epistle general to them who are to the royal priesthood and chosen generation., An
epistle to Friends for them to read., An
epistle to the houshold of the seed of Abraham, and to every family in particular, to read and practice, An
essence of George Fox's Journal, The
Extracts from the writings of George Fox on the Sabbath day;
Fevv vvords to all such (whether Papists of Protestants) as observe dayes contrary to Christ and his apostles.
For the King, and both houses of Parliament, sitting at Westminster, and for every member thereof to read.
For the King and his council, these.
For the pope, cardinals and Jesuites, and all the rest of his family of papists : being a discovery of 74 errors which they walk in ... : also, here is 77 proofs taken out of the Scriptures, which proves the popes, cardinals, Jesuites and papists to be in the apostacy, from the apostles, and contrary to them in life, doctrine and practice : and also herein is shewed how that there is a recouery again out of their apostacy and from their error ... : likewise, here is a challenge to the pope, to give us some publick meeting in Germany, where the pope hath not the sole power, to try his principles, doctrine and practice : also some queries to the papists
From the journal of George Fox, 1672, 1673.
George Fox, a Christian mystic : texts that reveal his personality
George Fox an autobiography
George Fox and the children of the light
George Fox correspondence
George Fox's Journal
George Fox seine Botschaft, sein Wesen und sein Leben nach seinen eigenen Denkwürdigkeiten dargestellt
George Fox speaks for himself : texts that reveal his personality--many hitherto unpublished
giornale di George Fox., Il
Gospel truth demonstrated, in a collection of doctrinal books, given forth by that faithful minister of Jesus Christ, George Fox : containing principles essential to Christianity and salvation, held among the people called Quakers.
great mistery of the great whore unfolded: and antichrists kingdom revealed unto destruction, The
great mistery of the great whore unfolded: and antichrists kingdom revealed unto destrvction., The : In answer to many false doctrines and principles which Babylons merchants have traded with, being held forth by the professed ministers, and teachers, and professors in England, Ireland, and Scotland, taken under their owne hands ... Also an invasion upon the great city Babylon ...
great mystery of the great whore unfolded, The : and antichrists kingdom revealed unto destruction
High places
Instructions for right spelling, 1673
Instructions for right spelling, and plain directions for reading and writing true English : with several delightful things, very useful and necessary, both for young and old, to read and learn
Journal ["Journal"] de George Fox, 1624-1690, fondateur de la Société des amis (Quakers), récit historique de sa vie, de ses voyages, de ses souffrances et de ses expériences chrétiennes. Traduit de l'anglais par Mme Pierre Bovet et abrégé par Henry Van Etten... 2e édition
Journal of George Fox : being an historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences, and labour of love, in the work of the ministry, of that eminent and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, who departed this life, in great peace with the Lord, the 13th of the 11th month (old style), 1690.
journal of George Fox, The : being an historical account of his life, travels, sufferings, and Christian experiences
journal or historical account, A : of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences, and labour of love in the work of the ministry : of that ancient, eminent and faithful servant of Jesus Christ.
journal or historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experience, and labour of love, in the work of the ministry, of that ancient, eminent, and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox., A
journal, or historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, christian experiences and labour of love in the work of the ministry, of that ancient, eminent and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox, A
last will and testament of that impostor George Fox, the Quakers admired idol, written with his own hand, and is now lying in the prerogative-office, by doctors-commons, London: attested so to be, by G. Whitehead, S. Mead, and W. Ingram; as more largely is recited in my book, quakerism drooping, &c. p. 147. Printed 1703. And this will may serve for an answer to the Quakers grand query in their book a light shining out of darkness, &c. P. 116. Viz. Is not the Gospel of John as bad Greek as any Quakers English? I answer, No. Compare St. John's Gospel with this will, The
Last will of that impostor Geo. Fox
Narrative papers of George Fox, unpublished or uncollected.
Newes coming up out of the North, sounding towards the South ...
No more but my love : letters of George Fox, 1624-91
papier, in de wereldt uytgesonden, van de gene die verachtelijck Quakers genoemt zijn ..., Een
Passages from the life and writings of George Fox, taken from his Journal : with the desire on the part of the editor to give a fair representation of his character and religious views, and to lead the reader to seek a fuller acquaintance with them.
Passings from the life and writings of George Fox, taken from his journal.
Pensées de George Fox, fondateur de la Société des amis (Quakers) 1624-1690.
Plantation work, the work of this generation. Written in true-love to all such as are weightily inclined to transplant themselves and families to any of the English plantations in America ...
power of the Lord is over all", "The : the pastoral letters of George Fox
Scriptiunculae quaedam anglico-latinae, magistratibus de insula Maltensi ...
seasonable caveat against the prevalency of Quakerism., A
Selected epistles of George Fox
Selections from the epistles, &c. of George Fox.
sendbrief aen alle volkeren op der aerde; ende de onwetenheid van de geheele wereld ... Ende een bewijsinge dat het de oeffening van veele geweest is in stilzwijgentheid op God te wachten, om Sijn woord te hooren, ende Sijne stemme te kennen., Een
sentbrief aangaande het wáre vasten, bidden, en de wáre eere., Een
sermon preached at the meeting house of the people called Quakers, in Grace Church Street, London, by Thomas Story (some time recorder of Philadelphia,) September the twenty-fifth, 1737, together with corresponding extracts from those of Elias Hicks, that were delivered, in and near this city, in 1824. The same being arranged in a method, which exhibits, at one view, by juxta-position, the spirit and tenor of both. With an appendix containing the original sermon of George Fox., A
Several treatises worthy of every true Christians serious consideration
Severall papers: some of them given forth by George Fox ; others by James Nayler, ministers of the eternall Word of God
short journal and itinerary journals of George Fox, The : in commemoration of the tercentenary of his birth : now first published for Friends' historical association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Something concerning silent meetings.
Something in answer to a book called, Fiat lux being a discourse between a Papist and a Protestant, &c. who writes at the bottom of the title page, J.V.C., also something in answer to the Papists queries.
Something in answer to a letter (Which I have seen) Of John Leverat Governour of Boston, to William Coddington Governour of Rhode-Island, Dated, 1677.
Spiritualis neenon Divina salutatio, in qua omnes qui profitentur christianitatem ...
testimony concerning justification, and whom Christ justifies, and in what; as likewise concerned imputed-righteousness, and to what and to whom., A
This is to all officers and souldiers of the armies in England, Scotland, and Ireland; and to all magistrates, and them in authority in these nations, and the dominions thereunto appertaining for them to read.
To all the ignorant people, the word of the Lord, who are under the blind guides the priests.
To friends in Barbadoes, Virginia, Maryland, New-England, and els-where.
To the Protector and Parliament of England.
Truth's defence against the refined subtilty of the serpent held forth in divers answers to severall queries made by men (called ministers) in the North. Given forth by the light and power of God appearing in George Fox and Richard Hubberthorn
vision concerning the mischievous seperation among friends in old England., A
vvarning to the world that are groping in the dark, after sects, opinions, and notions, which are all with the Light condemned; and by the children of Light declared against., A
Wait in the light : the spirituality of George Fox : a selection of the writings of George Fox and early Friends
Warning to the world that are groping in the dark, after sects, opinions, and notions, which are all with the Light condemned; and by the children of Light declared against
wederlegginge van 't bericht van Heermans Jung. Die sijn selven noemt, euangelische prediker, tot Monnikedam:, Een : welcke hy heeft uytgegeven als een wederlegginge van een brief, welcke door William Ames tegens sijn dwalinge was geschreven. t'Samen met den geseyde brief van W.A. voor de oprechte ten toon gestelt, op dat de menschen het rechte onderscheyt mogen sien tusschen de waerheydt en de logens ...
woord voor den konink, Een : op dat hy mag sien wie die gene zijn die alle menschen eeren ...
works of George Fox, The
ジョージ・フオックス : 抜萃