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Gintsburg, Eli
Ginzberg, Eli,
Ginzburg, Eli
גינצבורג, אלי
ギンズバーグ, エライ
ギンズバーク, エリ
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Anderson, James K.
Berg, Ivar E.
Berliner, Howard S. (1949-))
Columbia University
Conservation of Human Resources Project (Columbia University)
Dutka, Anna B.
Gardner, John William (1912-2002))
Herma, John L.
Jewish Publication Society of America
Noyelle, Thierry J.
Ostow, Miriam
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Spojené státy americké)
Stanback, Thomas M.
United States Operations Mission to Israel
Adam Smith and the founding of market economics
Agenda for American Jews
American democracy and the Negro
American medicine : the power shift
American worker in the twentieth century, The : a history through autobiographies
Arbeiterführer, Der
Breakdown and recovery
Career guidance : who needs it, who provides it, who can improve it
changing U.S. labor market, The
Cities in transition changing job structures in Atlanta, Denver, Buffalo, Phoenix, Colombus (Ohio), Nashville, Charlotte
Controlling social expenditures : the search for output measures
Corporate lib : women's challenge to management
Democratic values and the rights of management
development of human resources., The
Diversity in the workplace : human resources initiatives
Does job training work? : the clients speak out
economic transformation of American cities, The
Educated American women: life styles and self-portraits
Education and jobs : the great training robbery
Effecting chance in large organizations
Eli Ginzberg : the economist as a public intellectual
Executive talent : developing and keeping the best people
financing of biomedical research, The
From health dollars to health services : New York City, 1965-1985
Good jobs, bad jobs, no jobs
grass on the slag heaps: the story of the welsh miners
great society, The : lessons for the future
hard-to-employ, The : European programs
Health services research : key to health policy
house of Adam Smith, The
Human economy
Human resources and economic welfare : essays in honor of Eli Ginzberg
Human resources: the wealth of a nation.
ineffective soldier, The : lessons for management and the nation
Jobs for Americans
Keeper of the law : Louis Ginzberg
labor leader, an exploratory study, The
Lettres reçues de Eli Ginzberg et copie de lettres de Jean Gottmann
Life styles of educated women
limits of health reform, The : the search for realism
lost divisions, The
Manpower agenda for America : [essays]
Manpower and the growth of Producer services foreword by Eli Ginzberg
manpower connection, The : education and work
Manpower for development : perspectives on five continents
Manpower strategy for developing countries : lessons from Ethiopia
Manpower strategy for the metropolis
medical triangle, The : physicians, politicians, and the public
Men, money, and medicine
middle-class Negro in the white man's world, The
Nation's children, The
Negro challenge to the business community, The
Negro potential, The
New York Is very much alive : a manpower view
Occupational choice : an approach to a general theory
pluralistic economy, The
Pour une économie humaniste
quest for a mantional manpower policy framework, The : a special report of the National Commission for Manpower Policy ; [Eli Ginzberg, chairman]
Regionalization & health policy
Report on manpower utilization in Israel
Report to American Jews : on overseas relief, Palestine and refugees in the United States
Resizing for organizational effectiveness : a report of a workshop
road to reform, 1994:, The
road to reform, The : the future of health care in America
Second report on manpower utilization in Israel : report to the Government of Israel
skeptical economist, The
Story of the Welsh miners
Studies in the economics of the Bible
Talent and performance
Technology and employment : concepts and clarifications
Technology and social change
Tell me about your school interviews with elementary and high school students in Harlem, New York city
Tomorrow's hospital : a look to the twenty-first century
Trade and employment : a conference report
troublesome presence: american democracy and the negro, the
U.S. health care and the future supply of physicians
U.S. health care system a look to the 1990s, The
Understanding human resources : perspectives, people, and policy
Understanding the service economy employment, productivity, location
United States health care system
Urban health services : the case of New York
Values and ideals of American youth
Women and work in America
Women's changing roles at home and on the job : proceedings of a conference on the national longitudinal surveys of mature women
Work decisions in the 1980s
Yehude Ameriḳah, 1980:
Young people at risk : is prevention possible?
Published also without thesis note
"In part one, the attempt has been made to reconstruct and interpret the Wealth of nations"--Pref
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University