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Jöreskog, K. G.
Joreskog, Karl
Jöreskog, Karl G.
Jöreskog, Karl Gustav
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Aish, Anne-Marie
Klovan, J. E.
Magidson, Jay
Marcus, Leslie F.
Reyment, R.A. (1926-)
Reyment, Richard A. (1926- ))
Reyment, Richard Arthur (1926-)
Sörbom, Dag
Stam, Leo
University of Wisconsin--Madison. Social Systems Research Institute
Wold, Herman O. A. (1908-)
Advances in factor analysis and structural equation models, 1984, c1979:
Analysis of covariance structures.
Analyzing psychological data by structural analysis of covariance matrices.
Applied factor analysis in the natural sciences
[[Biometrika]]: One Hundred Years
Causal models in the social sciences : the need for methodological research.
Causal models with latent variable especially for longitudinal data
econometric model for multivariate panel data., An
Estimation of a model with multiple indicators and multiple causes of a single latent variable
Estimation of the polyserial correlation from summary statistics.
FIENES : full information estimation of nonlinearly restricted econometric systems : a FORTRAN IV program.
Geological factor analysis
Geologičeskij faktornyj analiz
LISREL 7 : a guide to the program and applications
LISREL 8 : structural equation modeling with the SIMPLIS command language
Lisrel : A general computer program for estimating a linear struc- tural equation system...
LISREL : analysis of Linear Structural Relationships by the method of maximum likelihood : userʹs guide.
Lisrel V : analysis of linear structural relationships by maximum likelihood and least squares methods
LISREL VI : analysis of linear structural relationships by the method of maximum likelihood, instrumental variables, and least squares methods
New developments in LISREL : analysis of ordinal variables using polychoric correlations and weighted least squares.
panel model for political efficacy and responsiveness, A : an application of LISREL 7 with weighted least squares
Political efficacy : measurement and dimensionality
PRELIS 2 user's reference guide : a program for multivariate data screening and data summarization : a preprocessor for LISREL
Selectivity problems in quasi-experimental studies
Simultaneous analysis of longitudinal data from several cohorts
Some regression estimates useful in the measurement of change.
Statistical estimation in factor analysis, 1963.
Statistical estimation in factor analysis; a new technique and its foundation
Statistical models and methods for analysis of longitudinal data
Structural analysis of covariance and correlation matrices.
structural equation approach to the modeling of measurement errors in surveys, The : an assessment of measurement errors in the SRC traditional political efficacy items and their effects
Structural equation modeling: present and future : a Festschrift in honor of Karl Jöreskog
Structural equation models in the social sciences : specification, estimation and testing.
Systems under indirect observation : causality, structure, prediction
use of LISREL in sociological model building, The
use of structural equation models in evaluation research, The