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Horton, Johnny
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Musical sound recording
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Cash, Johnny (1932-2003)
Dean, Jimmy
Franklin Mint Records Society
Laine, Frankie (30.03.1913-06.02.2007)
Martin, Dean (1917-1995)
Owens, Buck (1929-2006)
Robbins, Marty
Scruggs, Earl (1924-2012)
Tucker, Tanya (1958-)
Tyler, Bonnie
Wynette, Tammy (1942-1998)
Young, Faron
16 biggest hits
archive collection of great country music, The
Battle of New Orleans
Best of country
Bummin' around
can't forget you, I
Candy kisses
Country and western classics
Country & [and] western collection
Country & [and] western superstars
Country meets rock 'n' roll
country music hall of fame., The
Country - The sixties
Don't take your guns to town
Dvorana country.
electrified donkey (2 min 21 s), The
essential Johnny Horton, 1956-1960 Honky Tonk man., The
Foggy mountain breakdown
Golden oldies
Gone but not forgotten
great country festival, The
Greatest country music recording of all time Country to pop, The
Greatest country music recordings of all time Country to-pop, The
Hall of fame.
Harvest of hits.
Honky-tonk blues
Honky-tonk hardwood floor (2 min 18 s)
Honky tonk man (2 min 11 s)
Honky tonk man the essential Johnny Horton ; 1956 - 1960
Hooray for that little difference (1 min 53 s)
I'll do it every time (2 min 21 s)
I'm a One-Woman Man
I'm my own grandpa
I've got five dollars and it's Saturday night
If you've got the money I've got the time
If you've got the money l've got the time
Johnny Horton, 1956-1960
Johnny Horton connection
Johnny Horton makes history
Johnny Horton on stage
Johnny Horton's greatest hits
Johnny Horton - The early years
Johnny Horton the singing American
Johnny Reb (2 min 18 s)
Just good ole boys
Let it be me (3 min 26 s)
Let's chase each other around the room (2 min 52 s)
Let's take the long way home (2 min 07 s)
Lone star beer and Bob wills music
Loose talk
Lost highway (2 min 33 s)
love you baby (3 min 01 s), I
Lover's rock (2 min 34 s)
mansion you stole (3 min 06 s), The
Marty Robbins/Johnny Horton
Misery loves company
Ole slew foot (2 min 19 s)
ones from the west, The
original outlaws, The
Pick me up on your way down
Pistol packin'Mama
Pop history
Release me
Rock'n'roll cowboys [Enregistrement sonore] : 200 original recordings
Rockabilly from the vaults of Abott Fabor Radio Records
Rockin' rollin' Horton.
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
San Antonio rose
She knows why (2 min 19 s)
Singing the blues
Sleepy-eyed John (2 min 40 s)
Slipping around
spectacular Johnny Horton, The
Take me like I am (2 min 33 s)
Ten little bottles
That'll flat git it.
That's what makes the juke box play
There's nobody home on the range anymore (2min 55 s)
There stand the glass
This is country and western music 24 golden hits
Top country hits
[Twenty] years Bear Family records 1975 - 1995, 20
unforgettable Johnny Horton, The
Wabash cannon ball
Waiting for the sun to shine (3 min 37 s)
Whistle bait! 25 rockabilly rave-ups
Whiter shade of pale (4 min), A
wild one (1 min 54 s), The
Wild side of live
Will the circle be unbroken
Wine me up
Wine, women and song
woman I need, The
Words (2 min 28 s)
Worried mind
You are so beautiful (3 min 39 s)
You don't move me baby anymore (1 min 45 s)
You make it easy (3 min 36 s)
You sing Johnny Horton
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16 Biggest Hits
America Remembers... Johnny Horton
American Originals
Battle of New Orleans, The
Country Legend
Don't Like I Did, I
Early Years, The
Honky Tonk Man: The Essential Johnny Horton 1956-1960
Johnny Horton 1956-1960
Johnny Horton Legend, The
Johnny Horton Makes History
Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits
North to Alaska
North to Alaska and Other Great Hits: The Early Album Collection
Rockin' Rollin' Johnny Horton
Singing American, The
Spectacular Johnny Horton, The