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Pitman, Isaac
Pitman, Isaac (Sir)
Pitman, Issac
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[Rosenblum, Abraham], 1878. [from old catalog]
Musick, W[illiam] L. (1860- [from old catalog])
Pitman, Benn (1822-1910)
Reynolds, Arthur (1851- [from old catalog])
Richmond, G. W.
Rosenblum, Abraham (1878-1921)
Srinivasa Rao, Madakasira (1867-1924)
Swift, Jonathan (1667-1745)
Woodward, M. W. ([from old catalog])
700 common-word reading & dictation exercises: the 700 most frequently recurring shorthand outlines with specially selected derivatives, followed by reading and dictation exercises using only the outlines listed.
Advanced course in Isaac Pitman phonography
Aesop's fables in words of one syllable.
book of Psalms, The
Book of synonyms and antonyms
Brief course in Isaac Pitman shorthand;
Business man's guide
Commercial correspondence and commercial English...
Course in Isaac Pitman shorthand;
Curso de taquigrafía Pitman
Dictionary of commercial correspondence in English...
Dictionary of life assurance
English and shorthand dictionary
Exercises in phonography; designed to conduct the pupil to a practical acquaintance with the art.
Fonografia, ossia stenografia fonetica ; adattata alla lingua italiana da G. Francini
Forces phrase book
Intermediate course in Isaac Pitman phonography
Isaac Pitman's complete phonographic instructor ...
Isaac Pitman's short course in shorthand;
Isaac Pitman's shorthand instructor; an exposition of Isaac Pitman's system of phonography.
Isaac Pitman's Spanish shorthand : an adaptation of the author's system of phonography to the Spanish language.
Kanarese shorthand manual
Key to new course in Pitman's shorthand
Key to Pitman's shorthand writing exercises and examination tests; a series of graduated exercises on every rule in the system and adapted for use by the private student or in public classes.
Key to the phonographic teacher
Manual ... 1840. [from old catalog]
manual of phonography (being part I of Pitman's shorthand instructor), an exposition of Sir Isaac Pitman's system of phonography or phonetic shorthand., The
manual of phonography, or Writting by sound, A : a natural method of writting by sings that represent spoken sounds : adapted to the English language as a complete system of phonetic shorthand
Manual of Pitmanic shorthand;
Manual teórico práctico de fonografía o taquigrafía moderna ...
Miscellaneous readings in Isaac Pitman shorthand.
Modern course exercise and drill notebook ...
Modern course in Pitman's shorthand; a complete handbook, using the more frequently used and important words of the English language as the material for learning the rules of Pitman's shorthand.
phonographic and pronouncing vocabulary of the English language., A
phonographic instructor:, The
phonographic phrase book., The
phonographic reader, The : a course of reading in phonetic shorthand
phonographic reading-book, written in the third style., The
"Phonographic reporter" and "Phonographic phrase book." [from old catalog]
phonographic reporter;, The
phonographic teacher, The : a guide to a practical acquaintance with the art of phonography or phonetic shorthand
Pierce manual of Pitman shorthand
Pitman dictionary, 1974, The
Pitman's book of synonyms and antonyms.
Pitman's Business man's guide.
Pitman's Commercial correspondence and commercial English : a guide to composition for the commercial student and the business man.
Pitman's Dictionary of commercial correspondence in English, French, ...
Pitman's English and shorthand dictionary;
Pitman's five minute speed tests; a series of five minute speed tests marked for dictation at rates varying from 80 to 200 words per minute
Pitman's phonographic phrase book.
Pitman's practical French grammar and conversation for self-tuition, with copious vocabuaries and imitated prnunciation.
Pitman's reporter's assistant ...
Pitman's shorthand commercial course,.
Pitman's shorthand instructor : a complete exposition of sir Isaac Pitman's system of phonography
Pitman's Shorthand manual : (being part 1 of Pitman's shorthand instructor) : an exposition of Sir Isaac Pitman's system of phonography.
Pitman's Shorthand manual : (being part 1 of Pitman's shorthand instructor) : an exposition of Sir Isaac Pitman's system of shorthand.
Pitman's shorthand rapid course; a series of twenty simple lessons in Sir Isaac Pitman's system of phonography, with reading and writing exercises designed to assist the learner in the speedy acquisition of a knowledge of the system
Pitman se afrikaanse snelskrift met woordeyls; 'n hulpboekie vir Pitman se engelse stelsel en vir tweetalige snelskrif-skrywers
Pitmans's shorthand instructor; a complete exposition of Sir Isaac Pitman's system of phonography ...
Pitmans's shorthand rapid course;
Pitmans's shorthand writing exercises and examination tests;
Pitmans shorthand dictionary
plea for spelling reform. A series of tracts compiled from the Phonetic journal and other periodicals, recommending an enlarged alphabet and a reformed spelling of the English language ..., A
Printing and publishing : an adaption of Pitman's shorthand to the requirements of printing and publishing correspondence, together with specimens of the forms used, and a description of the duties of shorthand typists engaged in such business.
reporter's assistant; a key to the reading of the reporting style of phonography, The
reporter's book, or, phonography adapted to verbation reporting, The
reporter's companion: an adaptation of phonography, The
Revised rules for Isaac Pitman phonography
second book in phonetic reading, 1855:, The
Select poetry. Printed in the corresponding style of phonography or phonetic shorthand
Selections from American authors printed in the advanced style of Isaac Pitman's shorthand.
Selections no. 2, written in the reporting style of phonography.
Selections no. 3, written in the reporting style of phonography.
Shorter modern course in Pitman's shorthand (without exercises)
Shorthand dictionary, Pitman;
Shorthand manual
Shorthand pocket dictionary
Simplified phonetic shorthand; a complete self-instructor giving an American exposition of the Isaac Pitman system of phonography
Sir Isaac Pitman, his life and labors
Spanish shorthand
Stenografia italiana. Italian shorthand;
Stenographic sound-hand
stenographic word list, The
Supplementary exercises in Isaac Pitman shorthand ...
Tamil shorthand instructor.