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Abbot Aelfric
Aelfric (abate di Eynsham)
Aelfric (Abbé d'Eynsham)
Aelfric (Abbot)
Aelfric (Abbot of Eynsham)
Aelfric (Egneshamii)
Aelfric (Eynshamensis)
Aelfric (Grammaticus)
Aelfric (Grammaticus, Abbot of Eynsham)
Aelfric (of Eynsham)
Aelfric (opat z Eynshamu)
Aelfric (The Grammarian, Abbot of Eynsham)
Aelfric (von Eynsham)
Aelfricus (Abbas)
Aelfricus (Abbot of Eynsham)
Aelfricus Cantuariensis (abate di Eynsham)
Aelfricus (Egneshamii)
Aelfricus (Egneshammensis)
Aelfricus (Eynshamensis)
Aelfricus (Grammaticus)
Aelfrik (Abbot of Eynsham)
Alfric (Abbot of Eynsham)
Alfricus (Abbot of Eynsham)
Alfricus (Grammaticus)
Alfricus (Monachus)
Älfrik (Abbot of Eynsham)
Älfrik (opat z Eynshamu)
Elfric (Abbot of Eynsham)
Elfrike (Abbot of Eynsham)
Elfrike (opat z Eynshamu)
Grammaticus (Abbot of Eynsham)
z Eynshamu, Aelfric (opat)
ca 955-ca 1012
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Clemoes, Peter
Crawford, Samuel John
Fehr, Bernhard (1876-1938)
Garmonsway, G.N.
Garmonsway, George Norman
Godden, Malcolm
Lisle, William (1579?-1637. [from old catalog])
Needham, Geoffrey Ivor
Pope, John Collins (1904- ))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Skeat, Walter William
Smith, Alexandra Hardwick (1943-)
Sweet, Henry
Zupitza, Julius (1844-1895)
Ælfric's Anglo-Saxon version of Alcuini Interrogationes Sigeuulfi presbyteri in Genesin.
Aelfric's colloquy
Ælfric's letter to the monks of Eynsham
Aelfric's Life of St. Cuthbert, Catholic homily II. X an edition with introduction, notes, translation, and glossary
Ælfric's Lives of the virgin spouses : with modern English parallel-text translations : Julian and Basilissa, Cecilia and Valerian and Chrysanthus and Daria
Ælfric's Old English homily "De doctrina apostolica"
Aelfrics Grammatik und Glossar Text und Varianten
Älfrik de vetere et novo testamento, Pentateuch, Iosua, Buch der Richter und Hiob
angelsächsischen Handschriften in den Pariser Bibliotheken, Die
Anglo-Saxon paschal homilies and prayers
auguriis, De
beiden fassungen des dem abte AElfric zugeschriebenen angelsächsischen traktats Über die siebenfältige gabe des Heiligen geistes, Die
Biblical quotations in old English prose writers
book of Ratramn
Catholic homilies. 1st series
Catholic homilies. 2nd series
Catholic homilies. Selections
Divers ancient monuments in the Saxon tongue : written seven hundred yeares agoe. Shewing that both in the Old and New Testament, the Lords Prayer, and the Creede, were then used in the mother tongue : and also, what opinion was then held of the sacrament of the body and blood of Christ. Published by William L'Isle of Wilburgham... Whereunto is added out of the homilies and epistles of Aelfricus a second edition of A testimony of antiquity... and A Sermon on the Paschall Lambe....
Early English homilies, from the twelfth century ms. Vesp. D. XIV ...
English Saxon homilies of Ælfric Arch-Bishop of Canterbury ... Now first printed and translated ... by Elizabeth Elstob.], [The
english-Saxon homily on the birth-day of St. Gregory: anciently used in the English-Saxon church. Giving an account of the conversion of the English from paganism to christianity. Translated into modern English, with notes, &c. By Eliz. Elstob, An
Exameron anglice; or, The Old English Hexameron.
Excerptiones de Prisciano
Fragment of Aelfric's grammar, Aelfric's glossary, and a poem on the soul and body, in the orthography of the 12th century : Discovered among the archives of Worcester Cathedral
Fragment of AElfric's translation of Æthelwold's De consuetudine monachorum and its relation to other mss.
Glossario Latino-Saxonica
Godcunde Lár and Theowdom : select monuments of the doctrine and worship of the Catholic Church in England before the Norman conquest, consisting of Aelfric's Paschal homily and extracts form his epistles ... in Anglosaxon and partly in Latin with Engl. transl
Gods wyrhtan; or, The labourers in the vineyard, a homily in Anglo-Saxon.
Grammaire" d'Aelfric traduction et commentaire linguistique, La "
hirtenbriefe Ælfrics in altenglischer und lateinischer fassung., Die
Homiliae Catholicae
Homiliën (fragment)
Homilies of Aelfric : a supplementary collection, being twenty-one full homilies of his middle and later career for the most part not previously edited ; with some shorter pieces mainly passages added to the second and third series
Life of Saint Basil the Great
Lives of saints
Natale Sancti Gregorii papae. Aelfric's Anglo-Saxon homily on the birthday of St. Gregory, and collateral extracts from King Alfred's version of Bede's Ecclesiastical history, and from the Saxon chronicle; with a full rendering into English, notes critical and explanatory, and an index of stems and forms.
Old English version of the Heptateuch, Aelfric's Treatise on the Old and New Testament, and his Preface to Genesis;, The
Passione di sant'Agata
Passiones sanctorum
Sancta Agatha., De
Saxon treatise, A
Sermo de sacrificio in die pascae.
Sermones Catholici
temporibus anni, De
testimonie of antiqvitie., A
Two Ælfric texts the twelve abuses and the vices and virtues an edition and translation of Ælfric's old English versions of De duodecim abusivis and De octo vitiis et de duodecim abusivis