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A. G
Freelove, William
Freloue, Wyllyam
G, A.
Gilbie, Anthonie
Gilby, Anthony
Gilby, Antoni
Gilby, Antony
Gylbie, Anthonie
approximately 1510-1585
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Language material
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Day, John (1522-1584)
Day, John (I, Londen)
Day, Richard (1552-1607?)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Grosseteste, Robert (1175?-1253)
Inglis, Hugh (Edinburgh)
Knox, John (1505-1572)
Matthews, John (16..-1715?)
Mierdman, Steven active (1551)
Sampson, Thomas (1517?-1589)
admonition to england and scotland, to call them to repentance, an
ansvver to the deuillish detection of Stephane Gardiner, bishoppe of Wynchester, An : published to the intent that such as be desirous of the truth should not be seduced by hys errours nor the blind & obstinate excused by ignorance
Answer to the devillish detection of Stephane Gardiner, bishoppe of Wynchester
appellation from the sentence pronounced by the bishops and clergy, the
Bible and Holy Scriptures conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament, The : translated according to the Ebrue and Greke...
Bible and Holy Scriptvres conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament., The
Commentaries of that diuine Iohn Caluine vpon the prophet Daniell
Commentaries of that divine John Calvin upon the prophet Daniel
commentaries of the divine, john calvin, upon the prophet daniel
commentarye upon the prophet Mycha, A
commentarye vpon the prophet Mycha., A
history of the reformation of religion within the realm of Scotland., The : ... Together with the life of the author, and several curious pieces wrote by him ...
Praelectiones in librum prophetiarum Danielis.
psalms of david truly opened and explained by theodore beza, the
Testament of the twelve patriarchs, the sons of Jacob. Translated out of Greek into Latin, by Robert Grosthead... and out of his copy into French and Dutch by others, and now Englished..., The
testaments of the twelue patriarches, the sons of Iacob, The
testaments of the twelve Patriarchs. -, The
To my louynge brethren that is troublyd abowt the popishe aparrell, 1566