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Ferrell, R. H.
Ferrell, Robert
Ferrell, Robert H.
Ferrell, Robert Hugh
ファレル, ロバート・H
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Cartographic material
Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Bemis, Samuel Flagg
ebrary, Inc
Facts on File, Inc
Handlin, Oscar
Hoff, Joan (1937-...)
Natkiel, Richard
Originally written as a dissertation for the degree of doctor of philosophy at Yale
Quint, Howard H.
Triplet, William S. (1900-)
Truman, Bess Wallace
Truman, Harry S. (1884-1972)
Wright, William M.
谷中, 寿子 (1946-)
America: a history of the people
America as a world power, 1872-1945.
America in a divided world, 1945-1972
America's deadliest battle : Meuse-Argonne, 1918
American diplomacy, a history.
American diplomacy in the great depression; Hoover-Stimson foreign policy, 1929-1933
american diplomacy: the twentieth century
American secretaries of state and their diplomacy., The
argonne days in world war i
Argonne days in World War one
Atlas of Amer. his., 1985:
Atlas of American history [cartographic material]
autobiography of harry s. truman, the
Banners in the air : the Eighth Ohio Volunteers and the Spanish-American War
Choosing Truman : the Democratic Convention of 1944
Christian A. Herter
Collapse at Meuse-Argonne : the failure of the Missouri-Kansas Division
colonel in the armored divisions, A : a memoir, 1941-1945
Conference of Scholars on the European Recovery Program, March 20-21, 1964, at the Harry S. Truman Library
Cordell Hull : 1933-44
Dean Rusk
Dear Bess : the letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959
decision to drop the atomic bomb: truman and the bomb, a documentary history, the
diary of James C. Hagerty, The : Eisenhower in mid-course, 1954-1955
Dictionary of American history.
dying president, The : Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944-1945
E. [Edward] R. Stettinius, Jr.
eisenhower diaries, the
F D R's quiet confidant : the autobiography of Frank C. Walker
FDR's quiet confidant : the autobiography of Frank C. Walker
Fighting soldier : the AEF in 1918
five days in october: the lost battalion of world war i
Foundations of American diplomacy, 1775-1872
Frank B. Kellogg, Henry L. Stimson
George C. Marshall
Grace Coolidge : an autobiography
Grace Coolidge : the people's lady in Silent Cal's White House
Harry S. Truman : a life
Harry S. Truman and the bomb : a documentary history
Harry S. Truman and the Cold War revisionists
Harry S. Truman and the modern American presidency.
Harry S. Truman : his life on the family farms
History of American diplomacy
Holding the line : the Third Tennessee Infantry, 1861-1864
Howaitohausu nikki senkyūhyaku shijūgo senkyūhyaku gojū
Ill-advised : presidential health and public trust
In the company of generals : the World War I diary of Pierpont L. Stackpole
In the Philippines and Okinawa a memoir, 1945-1948
Inside the Nixon administration : the secret diary of Arthur Burns, 1969-1974
John Foster Dulles
kansas city investigation: pendergast's downfall, 1938-1939, the
Kansas City investigation, The : Pendergast's downfall, 1938-1939
Kronika dějin 20. století
Meuse-Argonne diary : a division commander in World War I
Monterrey is ours! : the Mexican war letters of Lieutenant Dana, 1845-1847
Off the record : the private papers of Harry S. Truman
ordeal of world power, The : American diplomacy since 1900
Peace in their time ; the origins of the Kellog-Briand Pact
Peace in their time; the origins of the Kellogg-Briand pact
presidency of calvin coolidge, the
Presidential leadership : from Woodrow Wilson to Harry S. Truman
Presidents, diplomats, and other mortals : essays honoring Robert H. Ferrell
question of MacArthur's reputation, The : Côte de Châtillon, October 14-16, 1918
Reminiscences of Conrad S. Babcock : the old U.S. Army and the new, 1898-1918
soldier in World War I, A : the diary of Elmer W. Sherwood
strange deaths of President Harding, 1996:, The
super gospel, The
talkative president, The : the off-the-record press conferences of Calvin Coolidge
trench knives and mustard gas: with the 42nd rainbow division in france (c. a. brannen series, no. 6)
truman: a centenary remembrance, 1884-1972
Truman and Pendergast
Truman in the White House : the diary of Eben A. Ayers
Twentieth century, The : an almanac
united states in 1800, the
Unjustly dishonored : an African American division in World War I
woodrow wilson and world war i, 1917-1921 (new american nation series)
youth in the Meuse-Argonne, A : a memoir, 1917-1918
youth in the meuse-argonne: a memoir, 1917-1918, a
Zusetsu amerika rekishi chizu
ホワイトハウス日記1945-1950 : トルーマン大統領とともに
図說・アメリカ歴史地図 : 目で見るアメリカの500年
Originally written as a dissertation for the degree of doctor of philosophy at Yale