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Deloria, Jr. Vine
Deloria Jr, Vine Victor
Deloria Junior, Vine
Deloria, Vine
Deloria, Vine (Jr)
Deloria, Vine Victor
Deloria, Vine Victor (Jr)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Deloria, Barbara
Foehner, Kristen
Lytle, Clifford M. (1932-...)
Nabokov, Peter
Neihardt, John G.
Neihardt, John Gneisenau (1881-1973)
Richel, Barbara
Savary, Nathalie
Scinta, Samuel
Wildcat, Daniel R.
Wilkins, David E. (1954-)
Wilkins, David Eugene (1954-)
Aggressions of civilization, The : federal Indian policy since the 1880s
Alce Negro fala a história da vida de um homem-santo dos Sioux Oglala
American Indian policy in the twentieth century, c1985:
American Indians, American justice
Apologies to the Iroquois
Behind the trail of broken treaties an indian declaration of independence
better day for indians, a
Black Elk speaks : being the life story of a holy man of the Oglala Sioux
Brave are my people : Indian heroes not forgotten
brief history of the federal responsibility to the american indian, a
C.G. Jung and the Sioux traditions dreams, visions, nature and the primitive
Custer died for your sins ... 1969.
Custer died for your sins an Indian manifesto
Custer stierf voor jullie zonden : een Indiaans manifest
Destroying dogma : Vine Deloria, Jr. and his influence on American society
Documents of American Indian diplomacy treaties, agreements and conventions, 1775-1979
Dream seekers : Native American visionary traditions of the Great Plains
Evolution, creationism, and other modern myths : a critical inquiry
For this land writings on religion in America
Frank Waters : man and mystic
Genocide of the mind : new Native American writing
God is red : a native view of religion : the classic work updated
Indiaans manifest : het recht om Indiaan te zijn
indian affair, the
indian reorganization act congress and bills, The
Indian Reorganization Act, The : congresses and bills
Indians and the courts, c1983:
Indians of the Pacific Northwest : from the coming of the white man to the present day
legal universe, The : observations on the foundations of American law
metaphysics of modern existence, the
nations within: the past and future of american indian sovereignty, the
Native American testimony : a chronicle of Indian-white relations from prophecy to the present, 1492-1992
Native American testimony : a chronicle of Indian-white relations from prophecy to the present, 1492-2000
Native American testimony : an anthology of Indian and White relations ; first encounter to dispossession
Of utmost good faith.
Pardon aux Iroquois
Power and place Indian education in America
pretend indian: images of native americans in the movies, the
Reading and writing the Lakota language
red earth, white lies|red earth, white lies: native americans and the myth of scientific fact
red man in the new world drama: a politico-legal study with a pageantry of american indian history, the
reminiscences of vine v. deloria, yankton sioux tribe of south dakota 1970
right to know: a paper, the
Sagesse indienne d'hier et de demain
sender of words: essays in memory of john g. neihardt, a
Singing for a spirit : a portrait of the Dakota Sioux
Speaking of Indians
Spirit & reason : the Vine Deloria, Jr., reader
Tribes, treaties, and constitutional tribulations
We talk, you listen new tribes, new turf
Words of power : voices from Indian America
world we used to live in: remembering the powers of the medicine men, the