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Thorndike, Lynn,
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Benjamin, Francis Seymour (1915- ))
Boyce, Gray Cowan
Columbia University
Holywood, John (1230 fl)
Johannes de Sacro Bosco, ca (1190-1256)
Kibre, Pearl (1903-)
Mediaeval Academy of America
Paetow, Louis John (1880-1928)
Rufinus (12..-13..))
Shotwell, James T. (1874-1965)
University of Chicago Press
陳, 廷?
Additional addenda et corrigenda to the revised edition of Lynn Thorndike and Pearl Kibre : a catalogue of incipits of mediaeval scientific writings in Latin, 1963
Albumasar in Sadan
Alchemical writings in Vatican Palatine ...
Alchemy during the first half of the sixteenth century ...
Alfodhol and Almadel once more
Another manuscript of Johannes Dacus, De gradibus formarum.
catalogue of incipits of mediaeval scientific writings in Latin, 1963:, A
Check-list of reproductions chiefly in the history of natural and occult science (revised and enlarged to 1947)
Check-list of rotographs in the history of natural and occult science ...
Concerning John Canonicus
Date of Peter of St. Omer's Revision of the New Quadrant of Profatius Judaeus.
Dates in intellectual history: the fourteenth century.
Fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
Further consideration of the Experimenta, Speculum astronomiae, and De secretis mulierum ascribed to Albertus Magnus.
Further incipits of mediaeval scientific writings in Latin ...
Galen: the man and his times
guide to the study of medieval history, A
Guillaume de Gandavo.
herbal of Rufinus, The
history of magic and experimental science, A : during the first 13-th centuries of our era.
history of magic and experimental science during the first thirteen centuries of our era, A
history of magic and experimental sciences, A
history of medieval Europe, The
hitherto unnoticed criticism of astrology ..., A
horoscope of Barbarossa's first-born ..., The
Incipits of mediaeval scientific writings in Latin, A catalogue of
lapidibus ..., De
Latin manuscripts of works by Rasis at the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris ...
latin translations of astrological works by Messahala., The
latin translations of the astrological tracts of Abraham Avenezra ..., The
Latin treatises on comets between 1238 and 1368 A. D.
Law advertising in medieval manuscripts ...
Liber de similitudinibus et exemplis (Ms. Berne 293, fols. 1r-75v) ...
Little known names of medical men in Vatican Palatine manuscripts
Manuscripts of the writings of Peter of Abano
Mediaeval interest in intellectual history
medical manuscript of the Fourteenth century ..., A
Medieval Europe, its development and civilisation
Medieval Europe, its development & civilization
Michael Scot
More copysts'final jingles ...
More dates for late medieval astronomy from some Vatican manuscripts ...
More light on Cecco d'Ascoli.
More manuscripts of Leonard of Bertipaglia and John de Tracia ...
More manuscripts of the Dragmaticon and Philosophia of William of Conches
More questions on the "Meteorologica" ...
Newness and craving for novelty in seventeenth-century science and medicine ...
Notes in some astronomical, astrological and mathematical manuscripts of the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris ...
Notes on medical texts in manuscripts at London and Oxford ...
Notes on some less familiar British astronomical and astrological manuscripts.
Notes upon some medieval astronomical, astrological and mathematical manuscripts at Florence, Milan, Bologna and Venice ...
Notes upon some medieval Latin astronomical, astrological and mathematical manuscripts at the Vatican.
Of the cylinder called the horologe of travelers.
Peter of Abano: a medieval scientist.
Peter of Abano and another commentary on the Problems of Aristotle
Peter of Limoges on the comet of 1299 ...
place of magic in the intellectual history of Europe, 1905., The
properties of things of nature adapted to sermones ..., The
Questiones Alani ...
Ramon Lull: de deo et creaturis
Science And Civilization
Science and thought in the fifteenth century : studies in the history of medicine and surgery natural and mathematical science philosophy and politics
Sekai bunkashi
short history of civilisation, A
short history of civilization., A
Sixteenth century
Some alchemical manuscripts at Bologna and Florence ...
Some later medieval latin medical mss. at Bern and Prag ...
Some little known astronomical and mathematical manuscripts.
Some medieval and renaissance manuscripts on physics ...
Some medieval medical manuscripts at the Vatican ...
Some medieval texts on colours ...
Some tracts on comets, 1456-1500.
Some Vatican manuscripts of pest tractates ...
Sphere of Sacrobosco and its commentators, The
study in the analysis of complex scientific manuscripts. Sloane 3457: an important alchemical manuscript., A
study of mathematics and astronomy in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries as illustrated by three manuscripts ..., The
summary catalogue of reproductions 296-383 of medieval manuscripts collected by Lynn Thorndike, A
Traditional medieval tracts concerning engraved astrological images.
Translations of Works of Galen from the greek by Niccolo da Reggio, c. 1308-1345
Translations of works of Galen from the Greek by Peter of Abano
true place of astrology in the history of science., The
true Roger Bacon, The
Two more alchemical manuscripts
Uncatalogued texts in ms. All Souls college 81, Oxford ...
University records and life in the middle ages
Vatican Latin manuscripts in the history of science and medicine.
virtutibus herbarum, De
Whatever was, was right.
Who wrote 'Quadrans vetus'
Includes vita
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University, 1905