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Penrose, Roland
Penrose, Roland Algerna
Penrose, Roland Algernon
Penrose, Roland Algernon (Sir)
Penrose, Roland (English poet and painter, 1900-1984)
Penrose, Roland (seras)
Penrose, Roland (Sir)
Penrose, Ronald Algernon
Penrose, Sir Roland
Roland Algernon Penrose
Roland Penrose
Ronald Algernon Penrose
Пенроуз, Роланд
פנרוז, רולנד
ペンローズ, ローランド
Creation class: 
Language material
Projected medium
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
Creation role: 
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Golding, John (1929-...)
Miller, Lee (1907-1977; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Miró, Joan (1893-1983)
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). Film Library
Nascimento, Cabral do (1897-1978)
penrose james doyle
Penrose, Antony (1947-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Picasso, Bablo Ruiz
Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
Takashina, Shūji (1932-)
Tàpies, Antoni (1923-2012)
Tate Gallery (Londyn)
Union générale cinématographique
Yaegashi, Haruki
八重樫, 春樹
高階, 秀爾 (1932-)
80 años de surrealismo : 1900-1981
Arts Council of Great Britain 1960. Picasso. [At the Tate Gallery. 6 July to 18 September. Catalogue by Roland Penrose.] 2nd edition, The
Capogrossi : [exposition] du 3 au 27 mai 1961
Catalan art from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries.
Catalogue of an exhib. of paintings, Nov. 22-Dec. 19, 1962 : Brook Street Gallery, London
catalogue of an exhibition of cubist and surrealist paintings, 1903-1938, The : from the collection of Mr and Mrs Roland Penrose
Copley : entertainment for men
Creación en el espacio de Joan Miró. Creation in space of Joan Miró. Création dans l'espace de Joan Miró. Die Raumschöpfungen von Joan Miró. Texto Sir Roland Penrose. Fotoscop Gomis-Prats
Création dans l'espace de Joan Miró
Creation in space of Joan Miró
Cubist and surrealist paintings, 1903-1938
eye of Picasso, The
Grands peintres...
Henry Moore... 1961, Musée Rodin
Henry Moore. Sculptures et dessins
Homage to Picasso on his 70 th birthday, drawings and Watercolours since 1893. [Roland Penrose. Drawings of Picasso. Paul Eluard. Picasso, bon maitre de la liberté.]
In the service of the people. "Au Service du peuple en armes", by Roland Penrose
In the service of the people (au service du peuples en armes)
Joan Miró
Kenneth Armitage
Language of the Wall Parisian Graffiti Exhibition, September 24 to October 25 1958, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, The
Man Ray : with 154 illustrations, 20 in colour
Martin Bradley, peintures et totems, avril 1966, Galerie Rive gauche... Paris... [Préface par Roland Penrose.]
Max Ernst's Celebes.
Mirar de reojo y el surrealismo My windows look sideways
Miro no shōgai to sakuhin
Miró. [Par Sir Roland Penrose.]
Miró théâtre de rêves
My windows look sideways
oeil de Picasso., L'
Pablo Picasso : Four themes
Picasso 1881-1973
Picasso à l'oeuvre ["Picasso at work"]. Une étude photographique intime par Edward Quinn. Introduction et commentaires par Roland Penrose. Adaptation française par Armel Guerne
Picasso : at the Tate gallery, London, 6 July to 18 September 1960
Picasso at work : an intimate photographic study
Picasso, bon maitre de la liberté
Picasso : catalogue of an exhibition at the Tate gallery, 6 July to 18 September 1960
Picasso & Co.
Picasso,his life and work.
Picasso : His life and world. Roland Penrose
Picasso, his live and work.
Picasso in retrospect
Picasso : Jeho život a dílo
Picasso : occio y trabajo : la intimidad del gran pintor fotografiada
Picasso: ocio y trabajo : la intimidad del gran pintor
Picasso's Picassos an exhibition from the Musée Picasso, Paris Hayward Gallery, London, 17 July-11 October 1981
Picasso : sculpture, ceramics, graphic work : at the Tate Gallery, 9 June-13 August 1967
Picasso, sculptures, par Roland Penrose
Picasso und seine Zeit
Picasso Werke u. Tage
Picasso : życie i twórczość
Pikaso : Sono shōgai to sakuhin
Poems from the catalan
Poésie et vérité 1942. Portrait de l'auteur par Man Ray. Poetry and truth 1942, translated by Roland Penrose and E. L. T. Mesens, Paul Eluard.
Portrait of Picasso
Quatre-vingts ans de surréalisme 1900-1981
Raumschöpfungen van Joan Miró
[Recueil. Cartes postales. Roland Penrose]
road is wider than long an image diary from the balkans july-august 1938 [livre d'artiste], The
road is wider than long, The : an image diary from the Balkans July-August 1938
Roland Penrose : pintures, dibuixos, collages i objectes, del 26 de febrer al 29 de març del 1981, Fundació Joan Miró ; Centro d'Estudis d'Art contemporani
Roland Penrose the friendly surrealist ; a memoir ; [on the occasion of the Exhibition Roland Penrose and Lee Miller, at the Dean Gallery, and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh (19 May - 9 September 2001)]
Scrap book, 1900-1981
sculpture of Picasso., The
Soviet art in exile
Tàpies, els anys 80
Text by Juan Larrea. Introduction by Alfred H. Barr, jr. Guernica. Pablo Picasso. [Translated by Alexander H. Krapp. La Victoire de Guernica, par Paul Eluard, translated by Roland Penrose.]
Troisième front, poèmes de guerre. Suivi de Pièces détachées. Illustré par l'auteur. Third front and detached pieces. Translated by Roland Penrose and the author, E. L. T. Mesens.
Unofficial art from the Soviet Union [to accompany an exhibition held in London at the Institute of contemporary arts in 1977]
Victoire de Guernica, La
Vie et l'oeuvre de Picasso ["Picasso, his life and work"], Roland Penrose. Traduit par Célia Bertin. La
Visiting Picasso : the notebooks and letters of Roland Penrose
Wonder and horror of the human head; an anthology.
ピカソ : その生涯と作品